July 14th, 2006

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Inspired by the last post and my corresponding story here, I wanted to share the latest joys of my former apartment complex.

Now, my sister lived in this place in college, one of my friends lived there until she left for NYC, other friends moved in and out, to the point where we called it the commune. It was almost the cheapest rent in my college town, mostly because the buildings haven't been remodeled since the 60s, but they're pretty spacious and the grounds are nice, so we flocked there like the silly people we are.

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It's being evaluated for repair

It's been repaired

It' on it's way.

It's being evaluated for repair...

WtF, does anybody know where my goddamn phone is? It's been a month!
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This is my first time posting on here, so I thought I'd share a story about bad service from my bank.

I had a problem with one of my accounts which left me in debt to the bank. A guy called up and I sorted out a repayment plan with him.
Over the next month I was still getting texts every couple of days asking me to phone the bank. Whenever I did, I explained that I had set up a plan, which they then said 'oh yeah, it's on your account'. Finally the texts stopped.
However, about a week later I picked up some post from my old house (yeah, they can't even get my address right!). There was a letter from a solicitor on behlaf of the bank, threatening to take me to court. I phoned the bank immediately to find out what was going on. The woman I spoke to said that the original guy had written a note on the account saying he would implement the plan on the 3rd of the month, but he hadn't. There was no explanation why this hadn't been actioned. Anyway, she apologised lots, and re-set everything. I made sure she sent it to me in writing, and sure enough 2 days later, a letter came through confirming everything.

I suppose it was a happy ending, but still caused a lot of stress!
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Bad, Bad Service from Apartment Building

My apartment building has been dicking me around since the fourth or fifth month of us living there. Stupid Esquire Real Estate...

Incident #1: HUGE leak in our ceiling, turns a foot square patch brown, curtains are waterstained, etc. Problem is "fixed" after the building manager (not even a maintenance guy) ripped a small hole in the ceiling so it will dry out and not mold.

This hole stays there for the next seven months while the apartment manager ignores our repeated requests to patch it up.

Incident #2: New management company comes to check out the suites in our building because they are considering buying it. They give us 24 hour notice of viewing, everything is cool. We leave for work, both arriving home at about midnight. The door to our apartment? WAS WIDE OPEN! For approximately 7 hours, if you assume they showed up between two and five like the notice said. Nothing was stolen, thank god, but they got an earful from us about it.

Property is sold to Main Street Equity.

Incident #3: Good old Mr. Leak is back and better than ever. My carpet is soaked, and because it's falling right on the weirdly shaped pipes near the window, I can't even put a pan under it. My curtains on one side are almost completely covered in big oval waterstains. Sexy. So I call new management, and they send a maintenance guy the next morning. One point for new management. The maintenance guy ripped an even bigger hole in the ceiling and says the problem is not a pipe, as we suspected, but the foundation. So whenever it rains, the balcony above us pours water into our apartment. He doesn't actually fix this problem by say, going upstairs and repairing the foundation; five days later water is flowing onto the carpet AGAIN.

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An update to this... So I went to talk to the apartment manager this morning, and it turned out that just about EVERYONE got the late rent notices. It turns out that the manager collects everyone's checks and mails them out on the third, and they always get to the home office (on the other side of the state) before the 5th. It was because the 4th fell on a Tuesday and messed up mail that everyone's checks were late, and no one has to pay any fees.

I didn't even think about getting receipts for my payment, although now I'll definitely be sure to request them in the future. Thanks for the tips. n_n