July 13th, 2006


Update to Telemarketer scum

Update to tale of woe at http://community.livejournal.com/bad_service/841436.html

I have had a phone call from the FCC this morning (at 8am!).

They advised that there was very little they could do, as our phone number had been registered for less than 30 days, but this was as I expeceted.

Hopefully enough other people will log complaints with the FCC to have this company sorted out, once and for all, by the FCC.

Oh, well!
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An update from yesterday

Read the first part here.

I check my account this morning, and sure as shit there's a $90 Unavailable funds fee. I call up their hotline and ask what the deal is. I was transferred a bunch, and finally get to someone who explains the following:

I made purchases on the 11th of July totalling $x. However, also on the 11th, I deposited $100 in my account in the form of a check. The system sees that I made a deposit and is forced to use those funds INSTEAD of going to my overdraft account. Since the deposit is a check, it hadn't cleared in my account yet, so for the 3 purchases I made on July I'm charged a $30 fee in Unavailable funds.

She explains to me that the purchases would've gone to overdraft only if the system saw that I had no funds in my account. Since it saw I had funds, it had to use that.

So basically, I'm being punished for making a deposit. *sighs* She claims that the charges are valid. I claim then that the purpose of overdraft is useless, and threaten to close my account SIX times before she says "let me see what I can do," puts me on hold, and reverts $60 of the $90 back to my account.

I'm alright with that, because since my bank sucks, I know they charge $5 for each use of overdraft and the purchases would've sent me over my overdraft limit and that would've been another $15. I'll take my lumps for not balancing my checkbook.

That said, I think I'll be looking into getting an account with a credit union.

Some questions: My mom said that all credit unions are connected and that deposits can be made at any one. She said that she made a deposit at another credit union and they accepted it free of charge. However, they were both credit unions on Long Island, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Also, if I close my account of 5+ years, would that hurt my credit report? Am I better off keeping it open with a little money in there and finding a new bank?
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dear financial aid office:

i like to think that if your office paid a little more attention to the invoices they were printing out, my tuition might not have gone up $200/semester.

as it is, however, you have sent me three (count them, three) incorrect invoices for this coming semester. so far they're all incorrect or incomplete. my friends have received a similar number.

in the future please be advised of what's on the invoices (or what is missing, such as my workstudy award and my housing charge - how does THAT get left off?) before you pay $.39 or more each to send them to me. thanks so much.

with no love,

PS the letter you sent with #3, the latest invoice, was cute, though, because in huge letters at the beginning it said "We are SO sorry."
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Bad Service from my apartment complex

This is short and somewhat bewildering.

Our rent, as with most apartments, is due on the first of the month. No sweat, right? So I walk my check over there on Saturday the 1st, and put it in the hands of the apartment complex manager.

Today I recieved a letter informing me my rent is delinquient and I owe about $30 worth of late charges.


Morning needs to hurry up and get here so I can go give the apartment manager an earful. I turned in my rent on the 1st, there is no way in hell it's late. I am NOT paying those late fees. I'll pay late fees when it's honestly my fault, but that is certainly not the case here.