July 12th, 2006


Bad service in Nevada from Telemarketer scum

For all you legitimate telemarketers out there, this kind of company is responsible for all the abuse you get at the hands of the people you telephone.

I got a phone call yesterday at about 1750 from


which merely identified itself as being from "Las Vegas, NV". It was an automated telespam for satellite TV - annoying in itself, as we have another 28 days before our FCC Do Not Call registration happens.

Additional annoyance - there was no option to press to be removed from the calling list, only an option to speak to a CSR. By this time I am triply annoyed - telespammed, automated telespam, no opt-out option. So I press the speak to CSR button.

I will admit I was annoyed and possibly unnecessarily forceful - I hate spam, I hate telespam, I will NEVER - *NEVER* - buy a product that is spammed to me. But this is when the CSR turned an annoyance into anger.

Instead of doing what a legitimate company would do - "sorry, will add you to our do not call list" - he proceeded to be abusive, mocking, sarcastic, imitate a hold queue, speak in falsetto, and so forth.

I am sure there are legitimate telemarketers. I am sure some of them read this list. If so, please try to find out who this company is and get them kicked into touch. Google reveals a lot of people having had the same problem with this company, and having the same problem I am in trying to identify them.

Anyone else's Google-fu able to reveal the company behind 702-430-4444? (When I called 702-430-4000 I got "Alamo Plaza, so I am assuming this is one of those hosted office suite type places.)

For the legitimate telemarketers out there, I repeat - this company is, to me, no better than the people who email "v1@gr@" ads, and are responsible for me pledging to NEVER buy ANY product or service advertised by telespam, so they have cost you my business, plus the business of anyone whom I will talk about my experiences with.
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HSBC make pumpkin want smash!

First of a series, I assure you ...

Before I graduated college and came home for the summer, I went to my branch HSBC and told them to change my addresses on all of my accounts to my home address (parents house). They gave me a sheet to fill out and I ticked off to change my checking, savings AND overdraft account to my home address. Thinking all was well and dandy, I didn't think about it after that.

That was in May.

So I'm always the first to admit that I don't balance my checkbook adequately. Maybe I'm lazy, maybe I refuse to admit that I live paycheck to paycheck. Either way, I have overdraft for just such a mistake. Today I check my checking account and I'm overdrawn $59. Whoops! I take a peek at my overdraft to make sure I've got enough credit to cover the overdrawn-ness, and I notice that while I do have enough credit, it says no funds are available.

Blink, blink.

I call the bank and they inform me that they put a hold on my account because my statements were being returned to them. Apparently, in order to get YOU to call THEM about the problem, they just go ahead and stick a hold on your account and don't allow any more pending charges. (It surely allowed payment, though, from a transfer from my savings account!) The woman takes the hold off after I verify/supply the address [after informing her that I changed it back in May] and she increases my credit line for some reason.

I call the checking account customer service number, and I ask her if I can have that negative number transferred over to my overdraft. She explained, vaguely, about Overdraft Fees (which I believe is only $5) and Insufficient Funds Fee (which is $30), and that I had $90 pending on my account, but she couldn't see for what and that I could call back tomorrow and find out what it was.

I have a feeling that $90 is an Insufficient Funds Fee x3 because the credit company didn't change my address.

Tomorrow, I get to call them and tell them to shove that $90 up their ass and that I'm switching to Washington Mutual.

The bad service wasn't the people I spoke to or anything, they were all nice I suppose, but I can't believe this crap. I live paycheck to paycheck over the summer (Gods bless student loan refunds) and this shit will NOT fly.
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definetly not bad service, just kinda strange and i wondered if this happens to anyone else

i am 20 years old, i own my car and have had my own car insurance since i was 16... my insurance is "like a good neighbor"

my insurance agent calls me on my birthday to say happy birthday... he also called my mother on her birthday to do the same... she isnt on my policy nor does she have insurance with that company....

does anyone else have their car insurance agent call randomly?

Bank suckiness

This is my first bad service entry and hopefully my last.

My husband and I have our checking and savings accounts through Old National Bank. We chose that bank because they had one in the town that my husband used to work in and they have one in the town that he works in now. Usually we don't have a problem..that was until last month at least.

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Is it ever possible to have good service from pharmacies anymore? (okay, I'm sure it is... but I'm not finding any lately.)

I had MAJOR problems with Walgreens a couple of years ago, so I NEVER go there anymore.
So for now I'm going to Safeway. They're usually nice, but lately they've been screwing up a lot. A couple of examples.

My mom had pneumonia a few months ago, and was put on a heavy duty anti-biotic. They didn't TELL us that they were short pills, and so she took what she thought was a full dose, and it wasn't. So she got sicker. This dumb lady they hired kind of recently is causing all this bad service. She didn't inform us when we picked up the pills that they were short some and would have more for us later. And no note on the bag or anything.

Then Monday I dropped off a prescription for some toothpaste. (Strange, I know, but true.) And the SAME stupid lady takes the script, verifies all the information, and I pick up my stuff in about 30 minutes. I had phoned in some refills too, so that day I picked up 3 bags of pills/stuff.

Yes, I didn't check then and there, and I will from now on. But I get home and my toothpaste is NOT there, and a refill for some cough syrup that I never requested is. What the hell??

Lessons learned of course. Check what you have before you walk out of the store... but then ALSO count all the pills when you get home anyways. I'm sure I've seen some Dateline or something where they short you on large doses of pills, and people never really know it.
I wish they would fire that lady.
And I also wish I could find a nice pharmacy that really goes out of their way for good customer service.