July 11th, 2006

me and ayden

Senior bus passes

So, my mom had to take my Grandma to go and get the senior bus pass for her. This was supposed to be a simple trip, drive up to the building, park, escort Grandma in, let her get the pass, bring her back home. Instead, they found that the one building in the city where you can get these passes is on a street that has no parking. So, they drive back to the train station and take the C-train in. But, the nearest station is 3 block away. So, the take the train back to the car and drive back to the building. Mom drops Grandma off and goes and parks in the nearest parkade (4 blocks away, 9 floors, no elevator) and walks back to the building. Now, this is the day when all the senior passes expire, so there is a huge line. In fact, it goes outside, around the building. This huge line is entirely seniors and there are no benches and no shade. Many people eventually gave up and left when the heat got to be too much. Grandma and Mom stuck it out and got her pass, but left with Grandma shaking, dehydrated and stuck in bed for 2 days after because of the pain.

We've written a letter to the city complaining about this. This place used to be on an easily accessible street, with lots of parking and an indoor waiting area with chairs. Why they moved it, I have no idea. But it was obviously a bad decision.

The First Post

Wow. I actually have been pissed off enough to make a post here!

Well, maybe not pissed off, but definitely offended.

Now, for lunch, I generally go to Wendy's down the street. It's cheap and I can pick out some healthy choices. (I generally just get the side salad, which holds me over until I get home for some real food.)
Anyway, occasionally, I get the yogurt. The yogurt CLEARLY marked as coming with granola. Yes, granola adds like a bajillion calories, but that's not the point.

So, today... today I decide I want a Kid's Meal with a Turkey & Cheese sandwich. You also have the choice of selecting yougart WITH granola, mandarin oranges or kid's size fries. I chose yougart WITH granola.
In fact, not only does the menu clearly state WITH granola, the sign advertising Kid's Meals has it pictured!
So, I order and wait. When I get my meal, I look inside to make sure everything's there. Which it is... except the granola. Now, I would overlook it, except I clearly stated I wanted it with granola as I was craving some today.
This Wendy's messes orders so much, they have a line for it. (Which I suppose should teach me to just walk a little further to McDonald's where their parfaits have less calories and no fat compared to just "lo-fat".)
Anyway, I wait in this line and the manager asks me what I want. I politely inform him I wanted granola with my yougart, and that I had not received any.
Now, if I was the employee dealing with this issue, I would smile, apologize for the mix up and hand over the god damn granola packet. Simple, yes? Especailly because it's so easy to forget sauce packets or what have you.
He then checks my order and tells me I did not order granola, just yougart. I inform him that I did infact request granola SINCE it's supposed to come with it, as stated on the menu.
He then informs me that I'm wrong and it costs 39 cents extra! I tell him that I'm willing to pay the extra money, and ask why it says on the menu AND picture it goes with granola.
To which he argues that yogurt isn't even an option as a side! To which I try to explain that I did not get a combo meal, but a KID'S MEAL.
He finally hands over the damn granola for free, but god damn. I don't understand why he had to give me an argument for something ON THE MENU. I could understand if I was asking for two toppings for those make-your-own-frosty things... and 39 cents for a pack of granola? (I don't even understand why it costs extra, it's not like tons of people order yougart!)

Does anyone have the coorporate address for Wendy's? I know it doesn't seem a big deal, but I would like them to stop false advertising a product coming with something when it in fact does not!