July 9th, 2006


More CrackDonalds fun.

The service itself wasn't necessarily bad aside from having to wait until AFTER we were givin our food to get our drink cups, but the opening conversation with my ohsolovely teeny-bopper server bares mentioning.


Me: I try to make things so simple.
McDonald's Moron: Uh heee! Hiiiiiii!!! *waeve@*
MBF: My bf who played only a minor role in this intelligencefest.

So my boyfriend walks up and orders his complicated meal involving two double cheeses, a fish sandwich, and mis-matched coke/fry sizes. Then my turn arrives.

MM: Alright! *big smile!* Will there be anything else?
Me: Yes, please. I'll have a number 3 value meal, make the fries a large.
MM: Uh hehehe! The meal or the sandwich :)????
Me: ........................................ (I actually stared at her with the look of 'Did you really just ask me that question?' before answering.)
Me: ............The meal. Please.
MM: OH HEHEEHE!!! OK! *sandwiches up my life*
MBF: Did she really just...?
Me: Just don't...it's going to be hard enough getting that out of my mind as it is.

The place was clean, the food was decent by McDonalds standards...but...how air-headed does one have to be to carry on the giggly aspect of that conversation?

She should be flipping fries rather than actually talking to people...unless they fear an unfortunate grease accident accompanied by a giggle-infested exclamation of "Ooops, I did it again".

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