July 8th, 2006

  • slnash

Stupid Electric Company Update

This is what happened after my problems with the Stupid Electric Company.

I went in with my guy, waited for about 10 minutes and was brought into the back to speak with a rep. She was a VERY nice and helpful older lady. She showed us a billing error that occured in between April and May. They seemed to have "made a mistake somehow". We paid March in full. We THOUGHT we paid April in full. We paid May in full. And we just now had to pay June in full - even though it wasn't due until 7/17. In April, an INCOMPLETE bill was sent to us. It was somehow printed wrong (?!) and was missing $55.55. The rep pulled up another bill that was supposedly sent to us showing that we owed them the extra $55.55 (to which my guy and I both basically said that if we'd ever seen that damn paper, the bill would have been paid).

My guy told her that he didn't mind paying the $55 if we really owed it, but the way in which THEIR mistake was handled was pure crap (he worded it a bit more gracefully). She basically told us no problem and refunded $95 dollars (the $30 reconnect fee, the $10 CC charge for paying the bill, and the "mistaken" $55).

I also asked her if a supervisor was really NOT avaliable at night - to which she replied that she honestly had no idea what those "crazy night-time workers" do. She also wrote down my complaint about one agent (who hung up on me after telling me no super. was avaliable and did not connect me with another rep after I asked) and a compliment about another (who gave me information for going to the police station). She also pulled out another piece of paper to write a report about the system not recognizing that we owed this past balance. She said she would personally hand the refund information to "Tony" when he got back from lunch.

Hopefully this has been resolved. I will have to wait and see when we get teh next bill to see if we've been properly credited. (I was not going to push for a refund right then and there because she had been so polite and extrememly helpful and quite honestly went above and beyond in refunding the $55 that we evidently really did owe.) At the end of the conversation she made a point to apologize for the troubles we had and made sure we finally had our power back on.

While I am satisfied with the customer service that I received on Friday from this lady, I am still skeptical and will wait for our next bill before writing a letter of "thanks" to her.

Thank you guys for your previous responses. I looked into everything and found out that I would have to complain locally . . . . the electric/water/sewers/trash/etc . . . is all under the City of Tallahassee jurisdiction and yes, they have a monopoly where I live. If you move to Florida's capital, stay on the outskirts of town and use Talquin Electric instead.

(I should post about the time they disconnected my power from the outside box, after telling us we needed to get it fixed, tied them to a tree limb above my car in the driveway . . . . . and then never came back.)

Wright City, MO McDonald's

Yesterday, while driving from Evansville, IN to Topeka, KS (made it in 9.5 hours), we stopped in Wright City, MO for some food, and a potty break.
The McDonald's inside was just awful. The one who took my fiance's order didn't give him drink cups until he had to ask for them. The kid (couldn't be more than 17) was more interested in what was on the plasma tv sitting in front of the registers (on the wall).
The registers had to be banged to get them to work. It took 20 minutes for our food to come out (quarter pounder, ranch bacon grilled chicken, and 2 chicken nugget happy meals. We asked for here, and got it all in to-go crap bags (though the ones after us who ordered to go got for here packaging O.o). The management there didn't even seem to know what the hell they were doing.

So, if you're driving through MO, skip Wright City, and go for Warrenton or Wentzville. We've done both of those, and those seem to have their acts together.