July 6th, 2006

Oh wow, talk about bad service from a judge!


Verdict Coming For "Penis Pump" Judge
Closing arguments today in exposure trial of ex-Oklahoma jurist

6/30 UPDATE: After five hours of deliberation, an Oklahoma jury last night convicted Donald Thompson of indecent exposure and recommended that the former judge serve a year in prison on each of four felony counts. His sentencing was scheduled for August 14.

JUNE 29--Closing arguments are scheduled today in the trial of the former Oklahoma judge charged with indecent exposure for using a penis pump (among other really gross acts) while on the bench. Donald Thompson, 59, is facing felony counts for his alleged lewd behavior while a Creek County District Court jurist (Thompson resigned from the bench in 2004). According to a yucky probable cause affidavit, a copy of which you'll find below, Thompson exposed himself during three separate 2003 cases (two of which were murder trials). For example, on May 13, while he was presiding over State v. Kurt Arnold Vomberg (who was accused of killing his girlfriend's 21-month-old daughter), Thompson loudly pumped himself up. Two court employees told investigators that they saw Thompson (pictured in the mug shot at right) attach the suction device to his penis, while five jurors reported hearing whooshing sounds, which they thought were coming from either a bicycle pump, blood pressure cuff, or an air cushion on the judge's chair. After a search of Thompson's former courtroom and chambers yielded items that tested positive for seminal fluid, investigators secured a search warrant to obtain a DNA sample from the ex-jurist. Thompson's demise was triggered by a complaint filed against him by the Oklahoma Attorney General, who sought to oust the jurist for a variety of illicit behavior. Along with using the penis pump, Thompson also allegedly shaved and oiled his private parts, according to accounts given to state investigators by court employees. If convicted of the indecent exposure counts, Thompson could face a maximum of 10 years in prison on each charge. (7 pages)

Ewww. How gross! Could you imagine how this guy is supposed to be upholding the law but instead is upholding something else. Now that's bad service.

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Follow-up to this post.

A supervisor from Planned Parenthood called and left a message on my answering machine. I called back and spoke with her. My letter to the regional office had been forwarded to the clinic she supervises.
She said that one of the practitioners had called in sick that day, but normally they make every effort to not cancel Depo shots since they are such fast appointments. Regardless, she agreed that it was unacceptable for them to not squeeze me in ASAP, and that it was against their normal policy to make me wait so long for a rescheduled appointment.
She thanked me for bringing the situation to my attention, and she was really surprised about how poorly it was handled. She also said she would be reviewing appointment scheduling policies with her staff to try preventing this from happening in the future.
I feel much better knowing that the way I was treated was probably a fluke, and I will continue to go to their clinic as I usually receive pretty decent service.
As a bonus, that whole situation allowed me to find out that their walk-in clinic that is a little out of town is actually pretty well run, and not too busy.
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Stupid Electric Company

Wednesday I left for classes around 9am and went straight to work afterwards. I got off at 4:20ish and went home. I live only five minutes away. When I got home my power was out. We had just received the bill for the past month and it was due on July 17th . . . so I was confused. I know the past month's bill was paid because my boyfriend was late meeting me for lunch one day because he went by to pay it instead of mailing it in. So - I assumed there was an outage in the neighborhood and called it in. The power had gone out early that morning - as my fridge was no longer even remotely cool and my house was hotter than the temp. outside.

I was on hold for 28 minutes and finally spoke with a rep. He told me that we owed them $55.55 from early March/April statements. I told him that I was confused - why were we not showing a past due balance on any of our bills? I could not find my statements and hung up with him. He told me that I could call back, follow the prompts and pay my bill over the phone. About ten minutes later I still couldn't find those stupid past statements, so I called the number again and followed the prompts for reconnection. I figured I would just pay the $55.55 - have my power turned back on - and sort it all out the next day.

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