July 5th, 2006

bad experiences, the french fry incident, bad service

WTFery at its finest

my girlfriend and i went up to greensboro to see her folks and to celebrate her birthday a little bit early. her dad and stepmother took her brother and us took us out to dinner at yon local japanese steakhouse (edit: which apparently was sappporo--i couldn't remember until people started asking where we went.)

cue the WTFery.

it all started with the drink orders. the soft drinks were all jacked up. her father ordered a diet coke--that's not what he got though. i think he ended up with dr. pepper or regular coke. the other two soft drinks were correct (both were regular cokes), at least for that moment in time. her brother and i both ordered beer, and got the beer that we requested.

on to the actual orders: from the hibachi/teppanyaki menu, i ordered sea scallops and shrimp. when the chef arrived to confirm the orders, somehow it was mixed up... he tried to tell me that i ordered the huge special/combo, which was shrimp, steak, chicken, and scallops. that was easily corrected. her father ordered the steak and shrimp with a request of "no mushrooms." guess what he got? that's right--mushrooms.

back to the drinks: the server came around to refill the soft drinks. the two regular cokes were refilled with some substance (which we later determined to be cherry coke). the diet was refilled with dr. pepper. finally, my girlfriend told the server that they both ordered regular coke, and she brought new glasses of regular coke.

all in all: i've never eaten there because i'm not from there. her family said that the service was worse than they're used to from that establishment. mixing up the drink orders and my food order is enough to convince me not to go back. (i blame her dad for not saying to the chef about holding the mushrooms. he told the server, but he should have said something when the chef confirmed our orders. they *are* cooking it right in front of us, yanno?)
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Oh, Golden Arches...

To Whom It May Concern:

I'm writing to inform you of an extremely frustrating incident at the McDonald's drive-through in Cedar Springs, Michigan (located at 4141 17 Mile Road, Cedar Springs, MI 49319).

Yesterday (July 4), my boyfriend and I stopped for an early dinner on our way home from a vacation (about 5:30 p.m.). We pulled into the drive-through lane, and gave our order (a number 2, plain, with a Coke, and a number 11 with a Coke).

However, we then proceeded to wait for nearly 8 minutes to pull up. We noticed that the car behind us ordered, and was then asked, about 3 minutes later, to order again. We paid and reached the second window, and the lady handed me a small bag and one drink. I took a quick look and saw on the receipt that the meal we were given was a Big Mac meal. I handed the bag back inside, informing the lady that this was not our order and repeating what we had paid for; a number 2, plain and a number 11, both with Cokes. The worker tried to argue with me, but I told her again that we had two meals, and she took the bag and drink back and turned away.

There was a good deal of confusion inside; the customers in the car ahead of us had to come inside to get their correct order as well, and the lady at the window was conferring with others making food. I told her again that we had a ten-piece nuggets meal, and a two-cheeseburgers meal, with the cheeseburgers plain and with Cokes.

After another short wait (3-4 minutes), the worker handed me back a single bag containing a ten-piece nugget carton and two cheeseburgers. I had to inform her that we had, in fact, ordered and paid for two meals with Cokes. We waited again while they gathered fries, and finally received all our food and our drinks. By now I was extremely frustrated, and I had to specifically request napkins as well, during which request I admit I became fairly rude and short with the window worker. When we pulled back on to the freeway, my boyfriend asked me why I ordered Diet Coke, which of course I hadn't, but that's what I was given.

I will probably never return to this McDonald's location since it is 3 hours from my home, but your staff there should be reminded of what practices constitute good service, and what is unacceptable. I have no problem with the fact that the order was initially incorrect--mix-ups happen, workers are human, and I can be patient with that.

However, at no time did any of the workers attempt to actually repeat to me what we had, in fact, ordered, and we never did received any apology or even consideration, only harried looks, grabbed bags, and window slams. It took us over 20 minutes to order, pay for our food, repeat ourselves until we got the correct food and leave, and we still did not get precisely what we wanted.

I have patronized various fast-food restaurants, including many McDonald's locations, and have never been so disappointed and frustrated by the level of service received. Please let your workers at this location know that their service was utterly unacceptable. Again, I understand that mistakes happen, but there is no reasonable excuse for the way we were treated, the inside staff's utter incompetence, or the wait we had to endure.

keel them alllllll

Frickin' substitute UPS driver.

Hiya. Been lurking for a while (and taking notes on which companies to avoid), but this is my first post here.

UPS just delivered a bed that we ordered. Said bed is in two long, flat, heavy boxes. There's no way in HELL I can maneuver even one of them. Each individual box has a yellow-and-black-striped sticker saying "70 pounds +" and the UPS logo repeatedly.

The UPS guy, not our usual one, brought them up and tried to leave them leaning in my open doorway after expressing happiness that I'm home.

I politely and smilingly asked for a little help maneuvering them -inside- the front door, simply a matter of scootching them a few feet without lifting.

He sulked and said "I dunno. I'm not supposed to be lifting anything over 75 pounds..."

I stared at him in astonishment -- he'd just lugged the two boxes up the walk without using the hand truck I could see in his van -- and said "You're fifty pounds ahead of me!" while motioning to my very noticeable bellyful of baby in my obvious maternity dress. (I'm not supposed to be lifting much over fifteen pounds, to be honest, but I do anyway.)

He grunted and very grudgingly helped me lever them the few feet against the wall just inside the door, then slunk off giving me unpleasant backwards looks the entire time.

Gee, I guess it's my fault that I dared to be pregnant and receiving a heavy shipment that he didn't want to use his hand truck for. (I was going to offer him the use of ours until I saw the one in his truck.)

What a nasty, nasty little man.

(As for why I needed help maneuvering them the few feet, both boxes are taller than me and I'd run the risk of them falling on me without someone to spot. Plus I was herding four cats away from the door. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered.)

ETA: I should elaborate -- when he delivered it, he propped the boxes in the open doorway on the hinge side, holding the door wide open -- it was physically impossible to close the door even a little without moving the boxes in or out. In was easier by that point, as they'd already been lifted up to floor level and going back down to the porch would have required a drop. I would have been perfectly happy if he'd just left them completely outside leaning against the house.
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Watership Down

Bad hosting experience

I'd had a domain hosting plan with iamyourhost for about two years last May. Extremely cheap hosting and excellent customer service... admittedly, it suffered a fair amount of downtime, but I didn't mind terriably. My main complaint was the fact that the maintainer had for some bizarre reason never gotten his email system to work properly (something that I've complained about multiple times). For instance, the way I would find out about hosting problems was that I would realize that my site had been down for three days and wasn't coming back online, journey over to the support forums, and read there that lo and behold we needed to change our nameservers. Stuff like that. Bizarrely enough, I would get re-subscription reminder emails, but never any advance warning on changes to the server.

Of course, this was all livable until last may when my site went down (again) and refused to come back up. After a few days of waiting, I did the old routine, went to the forums, and discovered that a while ago iamyourhost manager decided that the work load was too great for him, so he was downsizing and transfering some of the accounts to a new host who would offer a different (admittedly more expensive) set of plans (for clarification, he had decided this prior... it was posted on the forums after my website had gone offline). Great. Lovely. Whatever. Would have been good to know this beforehand, but eh. So we wait a few more days. And wait. And wait.

And come to discover that - oops - the new host isn't responding to iamyourhost's emails. And nobody's heard from him. And peoples' websites aren't coming back online. Several stranded webmasters attempt to contact this guy (myself included). He only replies to a few, and to those the only responses they get are instructions on how to sign up for his hosting plan, and a mention that he has their data, but he's not going to tell them how to retrieve it at the moment. Some of us are willing to sign up just to get our information back. However, we have no idea if this will work. Iamyourhost just shrugs his figurative shoulders and says that we can try.

Weeks of this goes on. The final conclusion - as far as we can tell - is that the mysterious new host was a random guy reccomended to iamyourhost by someone that he knew. He decided to let the new host have the responsibility of informing the customers about the switch... But when server A was "transfered," none (or most) of us never got an email (according to iamyour host this is our faults of course... our emails must have been wrong). And by "transfered" I mean all of our data was deleted unconditionally and without warning. Those of us who still had time left on the hosting plan that we had already paid for were out of luck, because server A had already been dumped - but if we wanted, we could go over and pay for new guy's more expensive hosting plan, hoping that maybe, maybe, maybe he'd backed up our data and would kindly give it back once we shoved some money at him (thus far, this hasn't happened). To top it off, iamyourhost's primary concern on the forums is the downsizing of his workload, the creation of new plans for the rest of the customers who he has kept, and all of the many "reasons" as to why this wasn't his fault. All of this rather than trying to actually help his former clients who are now dealing with a service terminated without warning, and are trying to recover all of that data that has been completely erased. (I myself had backups of some files... but it's a bit difficult to keep copies of a 2 gig website).

I am still pissed to hell about it. And I would offer the links to these conversations on the forums, but interestingly enough all of the threads concerning it have vanished. Ho hum. Bastards.
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(no subject)

Went to local swimming baths. Got changed, went into the pool, had a bit of the swim. Got out and sat on the side to adjust my goggles.

The attendant came over, and I figured he was going to tell me off for sitting on the side or something. No, he points at my leg.

Him: What's that?
Me: What's what?
Him: That thing on your leg.
Me: Oh! Scars...why?
Him: Are you sure?
Me: ...yes.
Him: Are you contagious? It looks odd.
Me: ...it's a scar. No, it's not contagious.
Him: Oh. [walks off]

Now, I have two scars on my calf. Both circular, both lumps with darker patches. Can understand they look ugly. But - am I being oversensitive, or was he being rude?

(no subject)

My mother and sister came back from vacation this afternoon, so the whole family went out to eat at our favorite diner. There are seven of us, so we are always patient and forgiving of little mix-ups, as serving large parties can be difficult, and we usually receive very good service. However, tonight just too many things went wrong.

First, my sister ordered a glass of milk. When she tasted it, it was very sour. All right, just a fluke, we decide; so she sends it back and gets a new one. The second one was just as bad. We flagged down the manager because he happened to be walking by and we know him from coming in so often, and told him that this is the second glass of sour milk she's gotten, and that he should probably check the rest of it to make sure it hasn't all gone bad. So he gets her another glass of milk, and tells her that it shouldn't be bad because the carton says it doesn't expire until the 11th.

Needless to say, it was pretty gross. So my sister gives up on the milk and asks for an orange soda instead. Five minutes later, the manager returns... with an orange juice.

The waiter also forgot two of our beverages and brought out my mother's hamburger 15 minutes after the rest (which she then had to send back because it wasn't well done), but the sour milk story was the kicker.


I'm trying to order a computer from Dell. A Dell Dimension E510 desktop, to be exact. My boyfriend and I decided to make a few changes to the base system model (upgraded the memory, hard drive, and monitor) and with the current offers (18% off the total price, free monitor upgrade, and free shipping) and his 4% student discount, were going to get the computer for under $750.00. Easy enough, right?


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