July 4th, 2006

John Cena

Domains are free

I bought a domain name last year, for a message board when they were all the rage. I used domainsarefree (Which are NOT free, they do charge) but the domain never "caught on" or registered. I kept emailing them with no reply. so I thought I would be clever and buy the name from Go Daddy, then email domainsarefree telling them they are stealing my money, it is not registered with them, etc.

Needless to say, they never e-mailed me back.

Two days ago, I check my emails, and I have been charged for a domain renewal. That is odd, as I logged into Go Daddy and turned automatic renewal off. Check who the email is from, and it's domainsarefree! So they renewed a domain that is currently registered somewhere else? WTF? Even allwhois.com states that Go Daddy owns it.

What can I do? I have emailed domainsarefree twice now, with no reply. I can't ring them, as they are in America, and I don't want to pay for the phone call to claim $8.99 back. But I want them to stop charging me and give me my money from the first time round, and this time!

My next bout of bad service is from a book company. I joined up because they had a great introductory offer. 99p for a book, and I had to buy x amount of books. Fine by me. So my book came, and I tried to pay. Automatic phone system, wouldn't accept my Visa Electron. Got angry letters from them, kept trying to pay. No, still doesn't like my card. Time passes, I try ringing again, now I am being charged £14.99 AND threatened with a court summons. Now...I don't have another card. They won't let me pay for it! And they tell me this NOW, not before I signed up. How can I get into contact with them? It is impossible to talk to someone through their phone number, and I can't find another one for them. Is it really bad_service that hey, I can't pay for my stuff, and hey, I am getting into debt trouble? They could have let me know before I signed up! I want to just send the book back, I have never read it yet, it is still in it's box!

Hellooooooooooooooo? Pick up the phone!

Not awful bad service but a little annoying.

I'm trying to find the best price on a TV dvd series. I phoned BestBuy and got the info I needed. I stopped at HMV during my lunch break and got the info I needed...the last place for me to compare the price? Wal*Mart *shudder*

I phoned the store located nearest to my house. I get the automated menu...select electronics and let the phone ring 20 times and I hang up.

I figured maybe they are busy...so I wait 20 minutes and try again. I let the phone ring 20 times and I hang up. I called another Wal*Mart and the clerk picked up after 3 rings and gave me the info I needed. WTF is wrong with my Wal*Mart? Everyone must be on a break. Anyway...BestBuy has the cheaper price...but I'm going to HMV....I'm not going to run all over hell to save one lousy buck....5 bucks maybe...but not one. lol

I am going to be a very sucky customer to these people

So apparently there is this website that sells your personal information for 49.95. They have your social security number, a background check, information on where you live, tons of shit. Its fucking ridiculous.

The website is www.zabasearch.com. Search for yourself and see if you are on there. If you are, send them an email and demand that they remove you from their list. If they don't, contact your state's attorney general's office.

This is just bullshit and no it isn't spam. I was on there along with my entire family and my hubby's family.

Fucking George W. making this shit legal. ARG!!
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understaffed and unorganized

There's considerable customers_suckage here too, but I was more pissed about the bad_service:

I got a coupon in the mail for Loehmann's, and realized yesterday that it was the last day to use it. It was a pretty sweet deal, too: $20 off any $50 purchase. There was also a huge sale where already-reduced merchandise (mostly clothing and accessories) was an additional 40% off. So I could theoretically get a few pieces of nice clothing for only $30. Why not?

After about an hour, I found something I liked, but it was $25. I really wanted the discount, though, so I kept looking but found nothing. At this point, I was watching my time because my husband was going to pick me up and take me to the vet to get my rabbits a checkup. So it was 4:15, and I was getting picked up at 5:00. I walked on over to the jewelry case, and I saw the most perfect silver and marcasite bracelet, handmade, totally me. And $25 after the discount. Sweet! But there was nobody at the jewelry counter. I was the only one standing there waiting to be helped, so I figured that it was probably slow for them that day and that I needed to ask them to help me out. I waited about 5 minutes, and after nobody showed up I politely asked an employee working the dressing rooms if she could page someone for me. She did. I went back to the jewelry counter. I waited 10 minutes this time, but nothing. I went to the woman again and she kindly paged for someone again. I wait another 10 minutes. By this time, a group of women were also standing at the counter, oohing and ahhing over some pearls, showing frustration that there wasn't anyone at the counter (they'd been there maybe 5 minutes). Then, an employee with a rack full of clothing walks by. I go forward to get his attention, but one of the women addresses him first:

"EXCUSE ME! Can we get some HELP here? We've been waiting forEVER."

The guy just walks on by without even looking. She yells,


He keeps walking for about 5 seconds, stops, runs over, and says, "It'll just be a minute."

And he's true to his word and back fairly soon. And automatically helps the woman who was addressing him. That was fine with me, given that she got his attention before I could. She spent no less than 10 minutes fondling the pearls, and store policy is that the employees can only show one piece at a time, so I had to wait. By this time, it's around 4:45, and I'm getting antsy, but I kept reassuring myself since I knew exactly what I wanted, it would be a quick transaction. The woman with the pearls wanted to pay but was informed by the employee that he couldn't take cash at that register (uh, ok.) and that he'd have to walk the necklace over to the cashier. The woman was ok with that, and said she'd be shopping for another 30 minutes, so if he could get the pearls to the cashier by then, it would be fine.

While the woman and the employee were working out this arrangement, another woman walked up to the jewelry counter and started looking around. The employee addressed me after he was done with the first woman, when the new woman starts rolling her eyes and saying that she thinks the service is terrible and that she needs to be helped immediately. I tell the employee that I had been there for no less than 30 minutes and that I'd paged for help twice, but then the woman started telling the guy how she just needed to see something real quick. Before I could protest, he went and helped her! It took about 10 minutes. 4:55. OK. So, instead of coming back to me, he went to another woman who had just showed up who was acting real huffy too. I guess because I wasn't being a total bitch to him, I didn't have priority. She spent another 5 minutes with her, and she wanted to pay cash, and they went through the whole "I can't handle cash" thing with her too.

And then, finally, he helped me. It took me no more than 30 seconds to inspect the bracelet, and I told him that I wanted to pay for it [with my credit card]. He said it was no problem, and started scanning my stuff. Then he asked for my Loehmann's card (like a rewards card), which I had ready and gave him too. He scanned that in, squinted at the screen for a minute, and asked what my name was. I told him. He said that I wasn't on the card. I could see the screen, and I saw my name. It's not a very hard name. M A R Y A M. When he finally realized that my name was on the card, a cashier walks up to him and says,

"There's a woman at my register who's saying something about a pearl necklace. You got that?"

So, without any apology or anything, he grabs the necklace and runs to the other side of the store to give the necklace to the woman. Why couldn't he have given it to the cashier that walked up to him? I checked my watch: 5:05. My husband called right then and told me he was parked outside and ready to go. I had no option, really. I could wait another 5,10,15 minutes for this guy to continuously mess up and, as a result, miss the vet appointment, or I could just go and pray that we could get to the vet on time. I looked around and saw that the employee was acually mingling near the registers, talking to someone, and at that moment I got so pissed that I was getting ready to storm out, and I said out loud, "This is just so shitty."

A woman who had been standing there for about 5 minutes said, "Seriously, I've been waiting here a while."

Yeah, really?
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