July 3rd, 2006

Lesson learned from amusingly bad service

Bad service, but of the amusing since there was no harm done sort.

My old car decided it had had enough of this cruel world, and demonstrated this by boiling its transmission.

Car is scrapped... was very very old and would have cost more to fix car than it was worth.

So, I am carless.

I have a 45 minute commute, which is tricky with no car and no bus. Housemate helps occassionally, but retail bows to no one's schedule, so there are still times housemate won't be able to drive me. In a weird "good things from bad" sort of way, my father loses his ability to drive, freeing up one of my parent's cars. A cute little pink Suzuki Sidekick (94). Part of deal is I will handle the upcoming oil change, registration renewal, and inspection whilst driving the rollerskate. Fair enough.

Take rollerskate to Sears in between work and parent's to get oil changed and windshield wipers replaced. Give information, told it'll be an hour. Wander around the mall, find a pet store, play with cute golden retriever puppy, get a pretzel, wander back. Ask for car.

"We didn't do the oil change."

"Oh, that's ok... do you have any idea how much longer it'll be?"

"No, I mean we can't change the oil."

"Excuse me?"

"We don't know how to open your hood. -brightly- But we did change the windshield wipers!"

"You... don't know how to open the hood?"

"Nope, can't find the release latch."

"Would you like me to show you?"

"Sure, but it's too late to do the change now."

So, we wander out to the garage, and I show them the hood release latch (to be fair, it's in an odd spot... it's actually in the glove compartment), pay for my wipers, and go.

Next garage, the first question I ask is "Do you know how to pop the hood on a 94 Suzuki Sidekick?"

Garage looks at me like I've grown an extra head, but says yes. They get the oil changed, and car is much happier. Amusing point, this was another Sears garage (closer to where I work).

OK, now, I can understand that a) the hood release was in a weird spot and b) even if they knew it was in the glove compartment, they may be reluctant to open it. However, if you work with cars for a living, and part of the daily routine for that work involves opening hoods, it would be a logical assumption that they would know how to at least FIND OUT how to pop the hood (or page me, which they said they didn't). If they found out it was in the glove compartment, the option exists for them to have me sign off that it's ok for them to open the glove compartment. I wasn't upset with them, just very amused and made sure to follow up on that for any other oil changes with that car.
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Yesterday I was buying some clothes at a department store with my husband and the lady who checked me out was extremely talkative. That part wasn't bad service, but it was a bit annoying and awkward because she kept rambling on and asking me way too many questions about my own life. It was also annoying when she made a comment about my husband having me trained when I said no to the credit card offer (I said no because I don't want to have a million credit cards, not because my husband has me on a leash). It started to get into bad service when she got done ringing up the clothes but just kept rambling. There wasn't a display to see my total, and I wasn't sure if she'd actually totaled my order yet, but she kept rambling for quite a while without telling me my total or asking me how I wanted to pay. Eventually I interrupted her and asked if I could swipe my card yet. She said yes, and I asked for my total. So I run my credit card through while she's still rambling on and on and then she gets the receipt and puts it on the counter. Then she runs into the spiel about going online to fill out a survey, which is alright with me since I know they've got to tell me about those things. The kicker? She says, "So go online and tell them the great service you received from me today" (she really did emphasis it like that). I don't think so. It wasn't terrible service, but she was so busy chatting my leg off instead of checking me out that it certainly wasn't great service. Usually when an employee tells me about a survey, they politely ask me to go do it but they don't nearly demand that I say that I had great service.

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I'm new to bad_service, but I have TWO issues...

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My boyfriend and I are always on the lookout for good CS because we both work it [hes a waiter and I'm at Target supervising the registers] and if we see it we definitely comment. Like if we ring up Telstra or the electricity company and the person helps us ojt a lot, we ask for their supervisor and give them a raving review. I don't like to think that only bad comments are given!


I think this is more the fault of the US Postal Service, because Amazon has been quite helpful.

I ordered a gift for a friend on 16 June, to be delivered to her home in Tennessee by 27 June. Was emailed on 21 June, told that the package was then being shipped. And then we waited. The tracking info copied from the website:

Jun 30, 2006 09:52:00 AM ATLANTA GA US In transit
Jun 24, 2006 12:51:00 PM GREENSBORO NC US In transit
Jun 22, 2006 12:50:00 PM PHILADELPHIA PA US In transit
Jun 21, 2006 --- US Carrier notified to pick up package

We boggled at the several days it apparently sat in North Carolina, then boggled some more at ending up in Atlanta. At which point, I emailed Amazon to ask what was going on. They wrote back, saying it looked like the package was lost (how it's lost if they can still track it, I do not know) and they would rush another copy, free of charge. Okay, good. Disappointing we couldn't get it there when we wanted, but at least she'll get it eventually.

Amazon emailed me this morning to say that the replacement package had shipped. For laughs, I checked the tracking info on the original - it's back in North Carolina. W.T.F.
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I just want a sandwich. Please.

Again, with the disclaimer of "not really bad service, but more like WTF service."

Second disclaimer: It very well may have been the case that this girl was quite new, but for the love of Wendell, please listen to what's being ordered. And we were quite polite up until the last three minutes of the transaction. I hate EBs.

My husband and I were driving from Edmonton to Vancouver last night and decided to stop at the Tim Hortons in Kamloops, B.C. for a quick dinner of a sandwich and a bowl of soup each. They have combo meals available in which you get your sandwich, a bowl of soup and a medium coffee or a can of soda. The word "can" is important.

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not quite bad service... but annoying to say the least
i ebay quite a bit. i love it....

recently, i put a bid on a pair of DKNY  (PROMINENTLY MARKED as LADIES size 9) jeans.

All through the description, it said Ladies. Not misses, not juniors. LADIES
so i bid away and was delighted I won, since the type of jeans run about 50 bucks or more for a pair.

Well, i get the jeans, and go to put them on, and they didnt fit. (I wear a ladies 8)

I message the seller, and ask about it... and in TINY print at the top of the description, it says "juniors size 9"

never mind the fact that throughout the rest of the description in words as big as
THIS it says Ladies size 9

needless to say, i was upset, disappointed, and frustrated

when i questioned the seller about this, she went on a ramble about how women's jeans are even sized, and juniors are odd... (which is wrong..  because i have bought several pairs of size 10 juniors pants)

the seller then offered to send me HER pictures from the jeans, so I could resell them.....

i still left positive feedback for the seller, since the PRODUCT was good..... and she doesnt even leave anything for me....

*sigh*   people irritate me sometimes....
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My hair is on fire!

Bad service waitress / Good service hostess.

My friend and I decided by the flip of a coin which restaurant to attend. Whether we would go upstairs or stay on the bottom floor. Bottom floor won, and so we went in.

We were seated by the hostess, we ordered drinks and food from the waitress. The place was not crowded at all. There was maybe a total of 4 tables (possibly 3?) that the waitress was serving. The food wasn't brought out by the waitress, but hey - sometimes things get hectic and runners bring stuff like that out... but what bothered me is she never came by to check on us, or ask us how we were doing. I had ordered a coffee, she knew this because not only did she take our order but she brought the drinks out too. Surely for $2.49 I should get offered a refill, correct?

Well the waitress did such a good job of avoiding us she only visited the other three tables. Might I note that we were the youngest (20s) out of the four tables? Also the only table without a male seated at it? >_>; Regardless, after several attempts at flagging down the waitress I ended up having to flag the hostess down on her way back from seating a group of people. I asked her if refills on coffee were free (I wasn't sure because coffee wasn't even listed on the menu... so it didn't say whether or not it had free refills). She said she wasn't sure but she'd check it out.

I was expecting her to go and ask and maybe notify the server that I wanted coffee. She went above and beyond our expectation and brought the coffee herself as well as making a second trip to get some cream. She was also the only person we could flag down to request separate cheques. After we got our cheques delivered the server decided to appear and offer a coffee refill. After the meals had been finished for ten minutes now, after the bill was infront of us. A little too late to save your tip there lady.

My friend and I weren't impressed and left .75 on a $30 something bill totaled and gave $5 to the hostess. She at first attempted to refuse the tip but I said, no, we want you to keep it because you gave us the best service during our entire visit. She apologized for the bad service and I said, no don't apologize, it's not your fault. You went above and beyond your duties as a hostess. You're awesome. That's why you deserve the tip and not the waitress.
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The BK King needs to stop smiling

My friend and I walk into a Burger King in Miami, FL looking for a quick bite to eat before going to the movies. It's raining outside and around 6 PM on a Sunday, so the place is pretty empty. While Patti orders a salad and I order a Whopper Jr. value meal, several more customers walk in and get in line-- a group of four teenage boys and a middle-aged woman. My friend receives her order instantaneously. Collapse )
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Ok, Im upset

Edited a tad because I sound overly cranky

We went into a restaurant-a friend and I. I ate, she did not. This was a cheap little buffet thats actually pretty good.

Firstly, we have done this before-came just the two of us and only one ate or brought a small group and one/some people did not eat. Its a huge place and never busy. Its never been a problem before. I go all the time to this place and have really loved it in the past.

At the end of the meal, they charge us for two buffets. \
We go explain that she has not eaten a single bite and just came to chat with me. Mind you, I didnt even let her eat off my plate during the time period-I swear on all that is holy that she did not eat.

They get really pissy. The waitress swears she say my friend eat a plate. I dont know HOW she could have gotten confused-we were one of like, two tables, I ate about three plates, she cleared those three single plates and stood around looking at us because they were so dead. Its not like she had a bunch of tables or was busy...and she only cleared three plates the entire (very short) time we were there.
But the managers get all smug and pissy like they just caught us stealing and lying.
Hell no-she didnt eat a thing...she never even moved from her place. The waitress still swears that she directly watched my friend eat. Which is a flatout direct lie.
We basically say she ate nothing and there is no way we are paying because their waitress is mistaken. (yes, I was still polite enough to say mistaken). They get really angry and say that if we arent eating then just not to come and **lectures on a bit**
Basically, they asked us not to return.

Its the first time ever that I left absolutely no tip-and damn, it felt good.

I hate confrontation-especially when I am being accused of being a liar and a thief :(

And like we would need to steal a freaking 5 dollar dinner anyways.

And these were the same people (two people involved) who I had seen a million times before in which we had pretty much been model customers-I mean, its not like we were strange faces or troublemakers who never tip and steal or something.

I will find myself a new cheap lunch place and tell all of my friends to never go back again (even though I am realistic and I know that wont hurt them or anything, but it might make me feel better!)
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Know what I've noticed?
I've noticed that more and more companies are printing out statements or bills, and then sitting on them to mail them. I get statements or bills a lot of the time now that were printed up to 2 weeks* ago, mailed 1 week ago, and only now reaching me. Sometimes they might have a time limit in there too, like "If you don't respond in 10 days..."


But here is a true story, I got a bill that was printed out June 24, 2006, I looked on the envelope and it was finally mailed June 28... and then the Post Office, didn't even get it to me until TODAY, July 3, 2006.
What's up with the post office taking forever too? Grrr. (It was mailed locally and you usually can get mail locally within one day or two.)

But my whole point is, I really think that businesses sit on printed statements to perhaps leave you little time to deal with whatever they are sending to you. Hoping to get some interest or defaults or something. >:(

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This is my first post to this community, it is more of a question than anything else. I am a regular at a Second Cup near my house. I always order the same thing every single morning. However, I am ALWAYS charged a different amount sometimes $4.19, sometimes $4.23 and sometimes $4.77 now I don't mind paying for my drink (obviously), but is it right for them to always be charging me different amounts? I finally brought it up today to one of the barista's and she replied "well, obviously not everyone is charging you the correct price." Well no kidding!! thanks genius. This would be like me going to Mc Donald's everyday and them charging me a different price for the same size fries. Anyway, I go to this place everyday and I don't want to make a big deal out of it, but isn't this kinda ridiculous? Any suggestions as to what I should say, or should I just leave it be?
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