July 2nd, 2006


I've been in customer service since I was nine - back in 1974. I know how to make the customer right without losing my shirt, I know...no ... I REJOICE in being able to take a cranky pants cursing ratface of a customer and get that person to laugh with me within a few minutes. Hell - I know how to count change back correctly without the aid of little numbers on a screen.

So.... when I encounter BAD SERVICE ... my head usually blows off. Not always... I mean...

There's bad service when it's just one employee who simply hasn't woken up in LIFE yet....

There's bad service when the server is having a craptastic day....

There's bad service when the server just doesn't care or like the job and wants to go home....

But then.... There is corporate induced top to bottom, bottom to top suck moldy lemons sarcastic disrespectful give us your money and go away bad service....

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Feel free to share my story far and wide. Only when we hit them in the wallets will they change their attitudes.
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Thanks folks!

I was so upset....I can't tell you how much your support helps me feel better, and how your suggestions are going into immediate action.

I really and truly appreciate finding you kindred souls!

Hugs and kisses to ALL!

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I am not a negative person...

And I know this is off topic...so I'll keep it short.

But I really have to join my complaint against Best Buy's heinous customer service with the WONDERFUL service provided by Sony Customer Representative, Leni, in Florida.

THAT experience was wonderful.

Update to Bay Area Credit

This is an update to a post I made last week: http://community.livejournal.com/bad_service/819766.html

Today is one of the few days I get to sleep in past 5 a.m. (I have work at 6) so I usually turn the ringer off on the phone so no one wakes me up. We have call notes where people can leave a message if we miss the call. My dad checked the call notes this afternoon and sure enough, Bay Area Credit had called and left a message telling him to call back.

He did, and for the first time encountered a polite CSR who asked my dad some questions - What number was dad calling from, did he reside at a certain address, did he have a certain phone number. It turns out that the address they thought dad resided at was one he and my mother had lived at for a couple of years in the early 80s after they were married. They moved into the house we are currently at when I was born, so someone else was already living at the prior address in 1986 when they were saying my dad didn't pay a bill. It seems that either there is someone with my father's name or similar enough to it living at the old address now, or somehow they got address and phone numbers mixed up because when the CSR asked dad if he had a certain phone number, it was just like ours except off two digits at the end. I asked my father if they'd ever had that phone number, and he said no that when they moved he had our phone number transferred so the one two digits off has never been ours.

I want to thank everyone for the wonderful advice they gave me. :) My dad did look at the links and read up on the laws and how he could protect himself. Luckily, it looks like he won't have to send a letter telling them to cease the harassment. No letter explaining the debt has arrived here but I wonder if one was sent to the old address. Probably not. The CSR apologized for bothering my dad and said that he had entered the new information into the computer - so no bad service from that guy, just from his asshole coworkers that were so rude and aggressive they didn't even try to figure things out like he did. Hopefully since they now know that my dad doesn't live at the old address they'll stop calling because otherwise they *are* going to get a letter and he's going to file complaints because clearly they are harassing the wrong person for that old bill.