June 30th, 2006

magic proff


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Dear Watkins,
Night after night you are the -last- truck to show, we can call the pick up at 9 am, 5pm dosn't mater you always are the last truck in wasy after close. We can wine, ask nice, bitch dosn't matter. You are loseing shipments due to your suck.

- You are always late, and never show up when you say. It is 6:40, you said you'd be here no later then 5.
- You never abide to your contract. If we seal you it means 1 pallet or 20 we pay for a FULL load, since we ship computer parts and other 'we don't want this to get stolen' Seals are DEMANDED by Dell. You break them the next place that gets it has every right to REFUSE the load. Every freaking time, you break the damn seal and trash the load.

Remember how you used to get 5-10 trucks a dat form us? Well half of that is not trucked by Landstar, why? They leave the seals on, they are polite (and you are always snarky). The places getting the load went from complants of trashed loads ever load (even when we had pictures that the stuff left here shrink wraped and placed in a way unless they moved it, or the truck rolled there is no way the damage they show us could have been done) to no complains at all.

We tell Landstart to be here at 3:30, we find them parked and waiting at 6 AM, and happy to wait until 3:30 when we can load them (before that more orders may drop).

I know the people that run this place are cheap, and that is why we have you still trucking (you get what you pay for) but take the god damned hint when you go form 5 - 10 loads to 1-2 IF you are lucky that you are doing something wrong.

Due to sucky co-workers I'm the one that gets to wait, I'm here an hour later then I should be and I'm pissed, my Sup is pissed, SHIPPING is threatning to behad you when you DO arrive, and I'm ready to supply the sword for them to do it. We CLOSE when UPS shows up, they where here at 5:30, and never later then 6 (when everyone else leaves if we've not kicked them out already) it's an HOUR later and we are once again plotting to kill you.

Get your ass here, before I march down there and tell Shipping to unload that trailer, and go home. I CAN do that because they can't stay here if I leave. I may not have a job next week but YOU are between me and a 4 day weekend. Not something that comes around a lot.


- Security

UPS driver

We have a different UPS driver this week and I am hoping it's just because our regular guy is on vacation. We love him. He's awesome.

Anyway, I order a dvd from Amazon and my boyfriend was home when the pacakage delivered. He was holding the front door open while signing for the package, and when he was done, instead of handing him the package, the driver threw it past him into our hallway. My boyfriend asked why he did that, but the driver just said sorry and didn't explain. My boyfriend was pissed because what kind of person throws your package past you instead of handing it to you. Bleh. I was glad that my dvds were fine. Hope this guy isn't our new permenant delivery guy.