June 27th, 2006

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Ok, yesterday I had my final paediatric nursing exam. I had not had much to eat before hand, so afterwards I was understandablyy ravenous. I caught a bus from Uni and went to the local McDonald's and ordered a coke and an egg and cheese McMuffin.

Now, I don't eat pork, ham or bacon at all. It's not for religious reasons so much, or at all, but simply because I hate the taste and because I love pigs and don't want to slaughter them.

I ordered my Muffin at about 10:20 and was prepared for a wait, simply because they have to make it fresh for me. No sweat. Normally it only takes about 2 minutes. 2 minutes pass. No Muffin. 5 minutes. No Muffin. The serving girl looks at me apologetically and asks the prep people where my muffin is. 5 minutes they say.

Meanwhile, other people are ordering McMuffins and receieving them, fresh ones too. 7 minutes. One of the prep girls comes out and starts dancing and chatting to the serving girls. Another staff member comes to work, goes up the back and starts talking and laughing.

10 minutes. I ask where my Muffin is. The serving girl turns around and asks the prep people. The girl who was dancing before suddenly yells 'oh! The McMuffin!'. Finally, 12 minutes later my breakfast is ready. Not happy. They complimented me with a free hashbrown, which was nice but I didn't really want one in the 1st place.

I paid $4.50 for a fastfood breakfast and had to wait 12 minutes. Bad service? Just a little.

Edit: I should mention, that I am Australian and all figures are in Aus dollars (obviously)
Absolute chaos

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We went to Walmart to get the oil changed in our car a few days ago, a half an hour before closing time. We didn't realize they closed so soon so we asked them if they still had time for us. They said they did, took our information and then our car, as per usual.

We went ahead and chatted with my mom, who works in jewely and we did our shopping. Blah blah blah. I guess we didn't realize how long we took because it was after auto closing when we finally made it back there to pick up our car, and there was no one around. We had my mom page a mananger back there so we could get our car and leave.

But oh! The manager coudln't find our car keys. Or the paper work for our car. Or anybody who worked in the auto department. We didn't know if our oil got changed, if our keys were locked in the car or if our car doors were left unlocked. So the manager immediately started freaking out and telling us we would get a free oil change for our troubles, blah blah blah.

An hour later they found our car keys. The girl in sporting goods had them, along with the paperwork showing that our oil has been changed. She rang us up and our total came to a little over twenty dollars. "The manager who helped us said that we would get a free oil change for our trouble." So she paged the manager who said that and she said no, that was only if we had to go in the next day for an oil change if it didn't get done.

So apparently the thirty minutes the next day waiting for an oil change was worth more than the hour we spent waiting for them to find our car keys. I was so fucking pissed off when I left there. Not to mention we had to walk the entire way around the Super Walmart in the rain to pick up our car because "ZOMG IF I LET YOU OUT THE AUTO DOORS, THE ALARM WILL GO OFF!!!!11one"

And people wonder why I hate Walmart so much. Oh and for the record-- the car doors were left unlocked the entire time.

Dear the Very Sad Mickey D's on Barrett Parkway in Kennesaw, GA,

"Please tell the driver in the other lane to drive around," is not an acceptable closing. I'm sorry this is the lunch rush. I'm sorry you're apparently so short-staffed that you can't spare someone for five minutes to hang a sign on your second, non-working drive-thru speaker that says, 'Hey - we're a really crappy McDonald's. Drive around, this speaker doesn't work.'

I'm sorry the driver in the second line is hanging out of her big silver minivan--oh, I'm sorry, I meant Porsche SUV--and honking angrily, because God knows it would take common sense to pull around after five minutes pass. I'm sorry I drive an older car with a stuck passenger window, so that I can't easily lean over and holler, 'Hey, Lady! You paid too much for your minivan!'

No, I will not be getting out of my car and telling the woman in the silver minivan to drive around. I waved her on--it was a good wave, a big, arms-motioning wave, but it did not deter her. She frightened me, I did not want to engage her in conversation, and anyway, screw you, McDonalds. It is not my job to get out of my car in the drive-thru and talk to your pissed-off customers.

Just give me my McRipOff Southern-style Chicken Sandwich, I'll pay you, I'll say please and thank you - that's the extent of our relationship. Want to pay me a consultancy fee? Then we can talk. Here's a tip for free: the two-lane thing? One bad idea.

Your ad campaigns are racist,


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I'm not sure if this is bad service so if not tell me and I'll delete it.

The other day my boyfriend and I were at the mall walking, passing by the many stores. We were in conversation not really paying attention to anybody or anything when suddenly I noticed there was a guy loudly talking to us, his voice quickly fading as we passed him. Apparently, some type of charity had set up a little kiosk and the people running it were shouting to people who walked by, asking them to donate. The guy who was trying to get our attention was really rude and said, "Oh yeah, keep walking! You don't even stop to listen to what I say, you just keep going even if it's for CHARITY."

Firstly, I didn't even know this guy was talking to us because we were walking fast and in conversation. Secondly, how does that charity expect people to donate to them when they shout at people who are walking by? Sometimes people are in a hurry... or just don't want to be hassled by rude charity workers asking for donations. For the record, I don't have any problems with charity.. but if I want to donate to one I would like to pick which one I donate to, and not be shouted at by it's volunteers.