June 26th, 2006

Dear Utility company

A few years ago, my senile, freak-lady landlord tried to throw me out of my rental. [honest to god she tried to evict me for dating because she didn't like men.]
When the law told her she couldn't do that [She called the police and tried to have them throw me out. They laughed in her face.], she had the power cut so I wouldn't use any more of "her" power. [even though I was paying the full utility bill myself, it was still in her name].
So I came to the utility and asked you to turn it back on in my name and explained that I would only be in the place for one more week.

The nice lady at the help window explained what I had to do, including the need for a full deposit to turn the power on in my name [standard procedure] and what I would have to do to get the balance of my deposit sent back to me.

Thank you for turning the power on that day, in spite of the crazy lady putting a lock on the utility box. Thank you for cutting it off and telling her she wasn't allowed to do that because the utility owns the box.

Unfortunately for me, I moved out of the area after that last week so I wasn't around to harass you in person when my deposit money wasn't forthcoming.
Unfortunately for me, someone at the utility was a complete and total cocksucker and sent my remaining money to the miserable crone who illegaly threw me out of my former rental.

Then when I called to find out why my money hadn't been sent to my forwarding address which I had been assured would be no problem, you tried to pretend you had no idea what I was talking about. Not only did you SUPPOSEDLY have no forwarding address for me but you now claimed that there had been no power switching at the rental address at all.
When I finally did get someone on the phone who was willing to actually discuss the issue, I was told that the OWNER of the property had made claims to the money and so it was given to her.

1. Let's see the legal paperwork that says this bitch has any right to my cash.
2. Why the fuck was my money sent to my FORMER address which was clearly listed as the property I would be vacating? That's why the power was due to be shut off you clueless fucks.
3. I KNOW that you either deleted, altered or ignored the existing record of the shut off in order to allow the bitch to avoid another reactiviation fee. That's real sweet.

I KNOW why the old bitch got my cash. Because you redneck yokels are all related to each other and she came in bitching about me to someone she knew who just 'fixed' things for her by handing her my fucking money.
I did not owe her one red fucking cent and had I WANTED to I could have stayed in the rental and sued the dentures off the old bitch for breaking a legal lease, having the power turned off, theft etc.

You owe me. I needed that cash desperately at the time and could still use right now.
Here's hoping the karma fairy kicks each and every one of you ignorant fucks in your proverbial nutsack.
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Bad service, but not personal

There is an Exxon station near where I work. It has 8 double sided pumps, so can service 16 people at any given time. In the past this station has had problems with running out of gas imediately after rush hour, but they got that portion of poor planning under control and now have their schedule so that they have gas 90% of the time I pass them.

2 weeks ago I went for a fill-up, pulled up to a pump, saw a little hand written sign saying that the card reader was busted. I thought nothing about it and moved on with my life.

Today, I was on my motorcycle, there were only 2 pumps there open so I went to the first one, which happened to be the same pump. I didn't notice the sign due to the wind flapping it upside down, I did when I got off the bike though.

The pump in front and to my right was open so I pushed the bike over there and it had a sign that said the PIN pad was busted. So, I figured since the PIN (all caps) pad was busted I would just use a credit card as opposed to the debit which would require a PIN. Nope... the side btutons were busted also.

I see it pop up the question of debit / credit, try canceling, someone inside sees me and cancels the thing, I wave, they wave. I assume that's my wave of - go ahead, fuel and come in and pay... nope... that was the wave of "that one's broken, you gotta pay before you pump gas."

*sigh* - so I look at the line, which is out of the door at this point, and I see another pump open up. I push the bike over to this one, it works except the pump is insanely slow...

So, all in all, not directed bad service, just poor service due to them not repairing their pumps or shutting down the ones that are inoperable.

It would take one little yellow bag on the pump that says "Out of Service" to prevent people from attempting to use the 2 busted pumps, or a little sign that says "prepay inside only", but as I filled up my tank I watched 2 people pull into the first one, realize it was inoperable with a card, and move on. My tank being 2 gallons and that taking 1 minute or so, I'd have to say they're causing about 20 people an hour to waste their time.
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(no subject)

Am I out of line for thinking that I should get reimbursed for shipping? Here's the emails that I sent to the company, along with their responses.

My first email: I purchased a Taylor scale in September 2005. I've had no
problems with it and I really think it's a great product. However,
yesterday the scale was indicating that the battery was low, so I took
out the battery and purchased new ones. When I went to put the new
batteries in, I found that the little silver part that hold the
batteries in had fallen off. Is there a way to replace this part? If
not, is there a way to rig it so that the battery stays in place? I
model number 7006 1605 v2525. I still have the metal piece that broke
off. Can I super glue it back on?

Their first response: Sorry, you are having problems with your Taylor Lithium Scale Model
7006. The people of Taylor Precision Products take great pride in
producing quality products. Taylor Model 7006 has a life time warranty.
Please remove the new battery, return the scale to Taylor. Taylor does
not require a receipt or the original box. Please enclose a brief note
with your name, return address, explanation of problem. Kindly put the
note inside a box with the scale, return to the following;

Taylor Precision Products
2220 Entrada del Sol
Las Cruces, NM 88001
Attn: Mari Cruz - Scale Repair Dept.

Once your scale is received it will be replaced with a new Taylor Model
7006. Taylor than will mail the new scale back to the consumer. Turn
around time of two to three weeks. I hope this information proves to be
helpful to you.

My second email: Wouldn't it be expensive for me to send out the scale? It's going to cost at least $10 to send it out, since it's pretty heavy. I only paid about $20 for the scale. I'm just wondering if it would be easier and cheaper to just send a new one to me or a reimbursement check.

Their second email:The warranty that comes with the scale states that the scale can be returned to Taylor prepaid. Taylor will replace the scale with a new scale at no charge, Taylor than will mail the scale back to the consumer. 

My third email: OK, so how do I send out the scale prepaid? 

Their third email: Prepaid means you are responsible for shipping the scale to Taylor. The cheapest way possible no need to insure.

My fourth email: Am I getting reimbursed for the shipping?

Their fourth email: No, it’s your responsible to get the scale to Taylor. Taylor than will replace the scale with a “New Scale” at no charge, Taylor than will mail the new scale back to the consumer. 

My fifth and final email: I don't think I'm going to bother. I'll just go and buy a new scale that I can use right now instead of paying for the shipping.

They have not responded. Am I being unreasonable? I was confused when they said "prepaid" because to my knowledge, prepaid would mean that they would send me some sort of envelope or packing sticker and I'd send it to them. *scratches head* So confused.


Not the worst service ever, but annoying on a hot day.

So this past weekend was the Gay Pride Weekend in St. Louis. Yesterday was the busier day (read: bigger crowds) because of the parade. This left a little bit to be desired with the food vendors.

I don't know how the food vendors particularly work at Pride. Some are obviously local restaurants that have set up a booth. Others are non-descript and only have labels for the type of food they're selling. For the non-descript ones, they may or may not be volunteers (I would assume the local restaurant vendors are paying the people who are working their booths). I went to one that was selling hot dogs, bratwurst, and a couple other types of sausages on a bun, along with pretzels, soda and a couple other things. I wanted 2 bratwurst. Turns out they were out of every sausage-type thing except for the regular small hot dogs. Sure whatever. It was about 3 in the afternoon so it's reasonable that they'd be out of things. Disappointing, but not unreasonable. I got 2 hot dogs and 2 pretzels for my girlfriend and me.

Later is when things got much more annoying. At a different vendor (one of the ones that had no restaurant name, just the types of food) I decided to try a fried Twinkie (read: diabetic coma on a stick). I got in line and waited. And waited and waited and waited some more. Thankfully all I wanted was a Twinkie because they were out of several things as well. It was the waiting that was the annoying part. I understand Pride Fest is a large event. There's a lot of people to serve. But I waited in line for 45 minutes (for a damned fried Twinkie that was good but ended up not being worth the wait) and only two or three people were served during that timeframe. I would've switched lines, but by the time I got frustrated enough to do so, I was the "next in line."

I really think this particular vendor (one of the largest in the food area) was staffed by volunteers because if the woman serving my line was an employee for a professional restaurant or caterer, I can't imagine how she would keep her job. She forgot people's orders and had to repeatedly ask them for their orders. She forgot some of the order for the guys in front of me and almost accused them of paying for less than what they did. Over the space of a minute, she forgot whether or not I had paid and what I ordered. It was obvious when I got up there why her line was moving so slow.

Compound all this with the fact that there was no shade in this area. This left me in the blistering sun for 45 minutes with no respite except for when a light breeze occasionally blew through and a couple random moments when clouds covered the sun. Thankfully I had plenty of sunblock because I burn easily.

So yeah, it wasn't the worst service ever, especially if the booth was manned by volunteers, but it was certainly annoying. Just wanted to vent about it.
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Charged you how much?

Dear Local Staples:

$400.00 and a whole week to press a single key back into a laptop keyboard???
You didn't even have to get a part, she brought you the key that had come loose!
No wonder your former customer was pissed when I informed her the entire unit isn't worth that, and a complete replacement keyboard would have cost her $15.00 plus tax.

She told me she was going back for a refund and if she doesn't get it she's calling a lawyer.

Your current "tech", the guy our shop wouldn't hire for lack of qualifications, really shouldn't bad mouth our tech shop to your customers because eventually it will come back and bite you in the ass.
Whoops. Guess it just did.
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Sorry We Missed You!

Lately we have been having trouble with out internet dropping our connection, so my boyfriend calls up Cox last friday. Explains the situation Cox tells him they will send a technician to check it out between the hours of 1-3 pm on monday.
So I wait around all day with his little sister waiting for the cable guy to show up. The time frame comes and goes still nothing, no calls, no knocks on the door, we are both in the living room on my computer. 
So around 4:30 Boyfriend's little sister has to leave for dance practice she opens the door and lo and behold we have a "Sorry we missed you" slip handing on the door.
Mind you we expected the Cox guy to be late since they always are what we didn't expect was for them to show up not even knock or call and just leave a notice on the door and leave.