June 24th, 2006


I just dont get it

I went into a store today-a clothing store. We shopped for about 30 minutes before buying and going to leave...but no keys. I had them with me when I entered the store. Logically, they could only be in two places-the dressing room or shoes. Why? I carry my keys in my hands at all times and only set them down if I have a place to set them (like, a dressing room bench or next to a shoe)
I searched everywhere in the shoes and the dressing room. I asked at customer service and the dressing room multiple times (over the course of a long time period of course)
The employees acted so bizarre-firstly, they were extremely short and rude. Beyond that, they all seemed to try to make me think they werent in the store. Two of them flat out said that "No, you didnt leave them here, you dropped them in the parking lot"
1. No I didnt
2. How would YOU know that?!
I left a door unlocked on accident so we knew they werent in my vehicle. And we scoured the parking lot just to appease them and nothing there.
I fine combed all the store areas I had come close to again and then we left to give some more time for someone hopefully to find the keys. The employees all seemed adamant that there was no way the keys were in the store.
We left and went back about 20 minutes later and magically my keys were found-"A customer found them somewhere in the store"
I just dont get why they were so rude right away and blatantly acting like Im stupid because "No they arent in the store, you dropped them outside"
Which was untrue, so what did they have to gain by saying so? Were they trying to get rid of me? Sorry, but I had no other way to get home, and literally, they HAD to be in the store-I was polite and unintrusive in my looking around (like I didnt tear the shoe section apart or anything)
My friend thinks its fishy that we examined every area they could be as well as went to customer service, yet they magically showed up right before they closed.
I dont really have a theory on that, but I hate that they snapped at me and rolled their eyes when I politely asked if anyone had turned in any keys, as well as acted like I was a dumbass for thinking I left them in the store.

I am happy my keys are safe now :)

Edit-I feel like I should be adjusting what I said-firstly, I know I sound naggy, but really, it was over an extended time period, and only to customers service and the dressing room attendant (asking permission to go back in and look) and I knew they were in the store. ANd even if they did think I lost them somewhere else, which Im sure they get, I dont think the rudeness was justified, or the blatant sighs of "you dropped them in the parking lot" (as if they watched me do it even though it didnt happen **eyebrow** )

Edit AGAIN-Apparently I am blaming the employees and store for losing my keys. NO. I know its my fault for losing them. I know its a bad habit to hold your keys. I accept responsibility for that. My complaint is the rude service as well as bizarre insistence IMMEDIATELY that I had dropped them in the parking lot and they couldnt possibly be in the store. Once again, I am not shrieking that the employees caused me to lose my keys and I fail to see how thats in my original post at all in the first place.
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Here is some rather bad service if I say so myself.

I'm with 3 for my mobile (this is important not just an advert), I managed by some bizzare twist of the laws of physics to crack the LCD screens on my phone, so I rang three who happily said they'd collect my phone that day from my work as they don't have an in-shop repair service. Ace I thought.

I called them back at about 4:30 asking where the courrier was and they gave me the number for Farceline, I rang them up and the reasonably nice woman on the other end in her best Southend-on-Sea accent said "the driver said your place is closed". I replied "Well the gates are open until at least 8-9 and seeing as I can see the main gates from here and about 7 lorries queued up to get in to the site it's safe to say everybody is still here and that we're still open for business", so she said "well I try and get you another for tonight (it being 4:40 now and my ass is out that door at 5) if not then Monday morning".

What shit, I'm paying for their service through my repairs and because the driver can't be arsed I've now been delayed a repair/replacement for a further 3 days when they would have got back to me today with a quote and my phone back on Tuesday, instead it looks like it'll be more like friday next week assuming the driver can get off his fat ass and deliver it, otherwise it's another monday morning job. I'd LOVE to just say "HEY MY EMPLOYER IS CLOSED I SHANT GO TO WORK TODAY" without stepping foot near my work, but I can't as I'd get the sack and yet he just gets away with it to annoy me again.

Bad service in the mental health system

First of all let me state that I know why I got this bad service--it's because I'm a disabled woman on a fixed income who receives both Medicare and Medicaid. I don't have a lot of money to throw at my problem, and I get what I pay for. Still, even when this is taken into consideration, I got bad service--to the point where I'm weighing filing a legal complaint.

Background info--I am disabled due to major depression and schizotypal disorder (a mild form of schizophrenia). Most of the time my meds work fine, but my body adapts very rapidly to medication. So I often need the meds either increased or changed.

First episode of bad service--I told my psychiatric nurse practitioner I was hearing voices and in a constant dark mood. She told me to quit making stuff up to get a reaction and accused me of not taking my medication. I told her I was, but I'd built up a tolerance and needed the medication incresed. She said that didn't happen and said I was fine and needed to work it out with my therapist. Predictably, I got worse, to the point where I told them I was setting garbage on fire and attempting to blow it up (made sense at the time). Therapist told me to use coping skills, but offered no suggestions. Five days after they told me I was fine, one of my friends took me to the hospital, where I was quickly admitted. First thing they did? Increased the medication. I told the psychiatrist "If you people had done your job on Tuesday, I wouldn't be here now."

Second, ongoing episode of bad service:
5/30/06--Told treatment team I was having difficulty telling fact from fiction and was talking to myself. Psychiatrist notified.
6/1/06--Psychiatrist does not call me back, but psychologist calls me to tell me what he said and suggests coping skills, again offering no suggestions. Meanwhile, 3 friends with strong backgrounds in psychology offer to take me to the hospital.
6/8/06--Told treatment team "I'm paranoid and homicidal", gave plan on who to kill and how. Told to take a hot bath and listen to music.
6/15/06--Psychologist states "You've been having symptoms for three weeks." NP tells me to seek treatment elsewhere.
6/16/06--Enter my mother. She tells treatment team in no uncertain words that I am suffering symptoms and that I need treatment. Treatment team listens to her and agress to discuss the issue.
6/24/06--Still waiting for said treatment and still suffering symptoms.

What do I have to do or say to get the treatment I need? Scary thing is, before I became disabled I was a reporter, and I covered a story exactly like this--the guy ended up killing somebody.

It's one thing to put my life in danger. It's another thing entirely to put someone else's life in danger.

Any advice?

Why I hate my apartment building

The people who own my apartment building are driving me absolutely nuts. They are converting the apartments into condos, so understandably, they are making a few changes. One of these changes is resealing the parking lot. Ok, it's a nuisance, but whatever, I can deal with parking really far away for one night. It was supposed to be done last Tuesday. But then it rained for a half hour Tuesday morning.

The next day, we got a note saying that the resealing has been rescheduled for Friday due to weather, so we have to move our cars out of the parking lot by 7AM Friday morning. I could understand that, even though they probably could have done it on Tuesday if they really wanted to because it didn't rain very long or very hard and it dried up very quickly. Friday came, and it was perfect out. An absolutely gorgeous day. 72 degrees out with not a cloud in the sky. I get home from work on Friday and the parking lot still hasn't been done! We got another note saying once again due to bad weather, we need to find somewhere else to park our cars on Monday. I am getting so irritated. I'm sick of having to walk a mile to my car because they can't get their act together.

This isn't the only dumb thing they've been doing lately. The person next door to us moved out, so they've been renevating her apartment for the last week and a half. I get woken up at 8 in the morning every morning to "THUNK THUNK THUNK, EEEEEEEEERRRR, EEEEEEEERR" and I'm getting really tired of it. They also keep coming in our apartment to fix things and keep breaking things while they're at it.

They came in to replace the thermomitor for our central air and managed to break the airconditioning on the hottest weekend of the year yet. It was 95 and humid. Of course they did this on a Friday night so it didn't get fixed until the tuesday after that. Then they were using our power outlet to recharge things, AKA stealing electricity from us since we have to pay for it, and they blew all our circuits.

Then there was the morning I woke up and wandered out to the bathroom while wearing only a t-shirt only to be confronted by 4 Polish guys who didn't speak English. Apparentl they were replacing our water tank or something. Of which they failed to inform us. I also walked in on them showing our apartment to prespective buyers. They didn't tell us they were coming in our apartment to do this.

I am just so tired of living here. These people need help on managing an apartment.
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This is on behalf of a friend of mine.

Let's call her Sally.  Sally has a really cool heating pad type thing...  basically it's full of liquid, with a metal tab inside.  You click the metal tab, and it causes a reaction which heats and hardens the liquid.   And it stays solid even after it cools, until you boil it, at which point it is liquid again, and will stay that way until you need it.  She got it at an *adult* toy party, even though its really just a heating pad, it is shaped like a heart... that and it's name are the only thing *adult* about it.

On to the bad (or creepy) service.

Recently Sally has been having a stiff neck each evening, so she would boil it and leave it out each morning, ready for when she got home.  She lives in an apartment complex, and for some reason their maintenance people needed to come in and do some work...  When she left for work, the heart pad was on the kitchen counter, boiled and ready to go.  When Sally got home?  It was in the living room, solid as a rock.

Meaning someone (it would seem the maintenance people) must have used it...  probably in the living room.

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