June 23rd, 2006


Delta Airlines

Hi *waves*, I'm new to the community, but I've been lurking for the last month or so, reading all the stories (got directed here from Customers_suck).

So for my introduction, I choose...Delta Airlines. Now, I know "airline" is pretty much synonomous with "bad service", and this isn't even the worst incident I've had with them, but it's certainly sucky.

Background info: Heading to Ecuador with the family, but since I live in OH (college) and my parents and sister live in Tn, I flew seperately into Atlanta, and then we flew on together to Quito. My knee is relatively screwy, as I hugged a tree on skis a few years ago, and never really got it fixed. Between that, a slight case of claustrophobia, and a couple of instances of people trying to share the space that I spent my money on, I always make sure I have an aisle seat.

I arrive in Atlanta, meet up with the parents, and since we have a few minutes, hurry off to get food while my dad goes to the gate. When I show up with my food, he mentions that they called my name at the counter. Apparently the people sitting next to me are a split family trying to get seats together. Dad talked to them and told them that even though it *looked* like I was alone, I was with my family, and no, I was not willing to move (especially since the move was to a window seat).

Slight bad service here: Delta airlines, Atlanta airport, the agent was not fluent in English. Apparently, there was a fair amount of back and forth before the agent understood, but he assured my dad that I would not be moved.

We board, and lo and behold, there is someone in my seat. Happy Happy joy joy.

Me: Excuse me sir, you're in my seat.
Him: gibber gibber, *gesture* *gesture*.

Great, he doesn't speak english, I don't speak spanish. (90% of the trip involved an english-speaking tour, so I only learned the bare basics)

I wave down a flight attendant. She comes over, I tell her he's in my seat, he tells her something.
FA: He wants to sit with his family.
Me: I want to sit with MY family!
FA: He was told that he could sit here, because you're a single. His seat's back there (two rows back, window seat). You can sit there.
Me: No, no he can't. I'm with my family, whom I haven't seen in two months. I want to sit there. That's my seat.
FA: Oh, well you two work it out.

Work it out? How, pray tell, are we going to 'work it out', with a fairly substantial language barrier? I ended up squished against a window for six hours, next to a woman who would not leave me alone. Though I had the priviledge, about halfway through the flight (I was standing in the aisle, talking to my family, seatbelt light was off), same FA came up to tell me that I needed to stop standing in the aisle, so I said "I'm sorry, but I haven't seen my parents in two months. Perhaps if you'd been more helpful in the beginning, I wouldn't have to stand in the aisle to talk to them."

I understand that the guy wanted to sit next to his family, but really, that's why you book tickets together, or change it online, or ask multiple people. You don't just take someone's seat!

(no subject)

Is anyone else as turned off by Best Buy's new policy of asking for magazine subscriptions at the time of checkout? I just want to go in, buy my stuff and GO. It really holds up the lines and the poor cashiers have to ask EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER if they want it. I asked the last cashier that asked me and he said they get in trouble if they don't get a certain number of magazines each day. WTF?! These cashiers are not salespeople! They're not getting commission for this. This just really ticks me off.

A Biggie Bad Attitude

Yes, I did hear the news story before going to Wendy's for lunch. Biggie is now medium. I have been going to the same Wendy's for years because it is next to work. Last week after the size change I went in and ordered the usual, a sandwich and a medium drink by force of habit. I thought the price was a bit high, but I figured it was because I ordered a new frescata sandwich for the first time. When I was handed the drink I was surprised at first at how large it was. I hadn't eaten anything all day and was admittedly a bit spacey. I said I didn't want a drink that large I wanted a medium. Her reaction is what got my attention. She was clearly annoyed when she said, 'this is a medium'. I then remembered the menu change and between being annoyed at her attitude and the menu change I decided to ask for a correction.

It may be a small matter but, I don't drink much soda and a biggie is just too big (and 84 more calories according to there web site nutritional information, that still has a ‘small’ listed as a medium). Not to mention I was annoyed at the menu change because it was confusing and I didn't want to reward them for that by giving them extra money, be it a small amount. So, when I told her my confusion and asked, politely, for a correction she practically threw the 'small' soda in my face and then pretended I wasn't there. When she didn't even offer to correct the price I was really getting annoyed. When I tried to ask for the change she didn't respond and finally another worker, I believe a supervisor, came over and gave me my quarter. She was not very polite about it either. When I said 'Thank you very much, I appreciate it' in my attempt to calm matters, she pretended like she didn't hear me and didn't say a thing. At that point I wanted to throw my drink at the both of them. I can understand getting annoyed with the food starved spacey customer, but at least have some patience right after the menu change. I can’t say I expect great service at a fast food restaurant, but I don’t expect someone to be that down right rude. Especially since I have eaten there at least 3 times a week for the last 4 years (and haven’t been back since).

Thanks for letting me vent!
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Update on valey theft

Firstly, thank you so much for all the helpful comments to my original post.  There was some great advice and stuff I will be taking into consideration for the next time we use a service.

So, I checked the car when my girlfriend got home and sure enough, the faceplate was nowhere to be found.  She called the number on the keytag today and spoke to a woman who said nothing of that description had been handed in (well duh, if it was stolen it's not gonna be handed in, is it?) and she'd call us if it was.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot we can do.  We might drive over there tomorrow and talk with the guys, but frankly I'm not sure if it'll just be a waste of time and gas.  We should probably just chalk this one up to experience and be WAY more cautious when dealing with valets in the future. :/
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