June 21st, 2006

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Verizon woes

After various fiascos involving AOL, I convinced my technophobe father to make the switch to DSL. He made me do all the research and set everything up.

After consulting him, we went with Verizon DSL. I spoke to an especially nice and kind woman on the phone and she explained everything, answered every inane question my father told me to ask her, and even explained how a wireless modem would work. So we signed up with them. She assured us that we had service in the area and installing everything would be quick, painless and idiot-proof.

This was May 31.

We got a UPS on June 3rd or so, with everything we'd need to set it up. A modem, a install disc, cords, you name it. There was also a "welcome" letter that stated our service would be turned on by six pm on the 9th of June. I was giddy.

At six pm exactly, on the 9th, we recieve a call from Verizon. It's a computer message, stating that since our service wasn't avaliable yet we wouldn't have DSL until the 19th! I was annoyed, to say the least, and pressed the combo of numbers and waited ten minutes on hold to talk to a tech person why this was.

The tech person was mean and gruff, starting out the call by "My name is Joe, what do you want?". I was taken aback and asked to know why we didn't have service yet, since we were told it was avaliable. He said a "coil" needed to be installed at HQ to get the connection working. I asked why this hadn't been done while we waited until the 9th. I figured that gap of time was there for them to do whatever they had to do to get everything up and working. He spoke down to me like a child, told me there was a coil that had to be installed and that it would "take as long as it's gonna take". Gee, thanks. He refused to tell me anymore than that and ended the call. I was left angry, but confident we'd have DSL by the 19th.

On the 18th, we got another call from a machine saying that service wasn't avaliable and we'd have to wait until the 29th! My father was furious, woke me up screaming at me and had me calling Verizon to ask why.

Again, I was given a run-around by a woman on the phone who refused to even EXPLAIN why it was taking so long. How could it take a MONTH to get this up and working?! She refused to answer and basically tried to get me off the line as fast as she could, talking in a bored monotone and taking long pauses to answer. I mentioned the coil thing, and she said she had no information regaurding that, so now I think the first guy was lying about it.

I call again yesterday, my father still insanely angry and yelling about things. This service woman was nicer, said she was sorry and connected me to the billing department, who could look up the status of the service. I couldn't understand the woman I was connected to in Billing, but I made out that she had no idea about the coil, no idea why it would take a month to fix whatever needed to be fixed or installed, and said that our service was "processing" and it must mean that they're working on it.

I begged her if she knew if we'd have DSL by JULY. She said she had no idea.

I'm so ANGRY! Why would it take a MONTH TO DO THIS?! Why can't I get a bloody straight answer or know what the HELL is going on? This has been a whole month of frustration. I'm going to call them tomorrow and keep pressing them about this. I've never been mean on the phone with them, but I'm starting to get really fed up.

Part of me is kicking myself that we didn't get cable internet from Comcast, even though it would cost more and have less features and no wireless.

I think this is pretty bad service from Verizon!
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Sign seen in the window of the Kinko's/FedEx near work:

Get it and Go
Self-Pay Service

Excuse me, but if you do it all yourself, and you use their self-pay, how exactly is that service? Doesn't "Service" indicate that someone is, you know, SERVING you?

Edited to Add:

Ok, so I'm just really grumpy this morning. I don't hate self-checkouts, or self-serve, or self-pay - my issue was that they're touting this as "Service!" (with the capitol S), without actually serving you. Like you doing it all yourself, without them actually lifting a finger, is somehow a feature that you should be really excited about.

I actually dig the self-checkout at the grocery store, but they're not trying to tell me how much better off I am that I can look up and enter the codes for my bananas myself.