June 20th, 2006

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Westin Hotel Suckage

I just got back from Anthrocon in Pittsburgh. The Westin Convention Center was lovely, and I was staying at the Westin Hotel attached to it. It's supposed to be a higher end hotel, but they gave me much levels of lower-end SUCK. And not just me, but a LOT of people.

So I reserve a room for me and two other roomates for five nights. I was watching an event show when the boyfriend of one of my roomates finds me and pulls me out to say there is a problem with the room and we've been locked out. I have to leave the show to go to the lobby and find out what the problem is.

I'll just sum it up for you:

1.) They were charging our room NIGHTLY instead of putting a block on the necessary funds in the beginning or at the end like most normal hotels do. I was never notified of this billing policy, the clerk wouldn't give me a straight answer as to why they were doing it that way (I don't think she knew either), and from what I can tell from other people, they didn't do this with anybody else.

2.) My debit card was declined. There is nothing wrong with it, and I had plenty of money in the bank. This was a technology issue on the hotels end. I don't see why this is my problem or it should have been made my problem.

3.) They said I can pay with a check for the rest of the stay. So I cut them a check. The clerk tries to run it through repeatedly, then has to call their verification company. For some bizarre reason that was never explained to the clerk or to me, the verification company would not do this. Again, not my problem or my banks problem.

4.) I finally had to be escorted by hotel security to our locked room and get cash. Thank god I was in the Dealer's Room and working this convention so I HAD that much cash or it would have been impossible for me to pay. And I was told in no uncertain terms that if I didn't fork over the cash, we were going to get kicked out. This is just plain SHIT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

5.) Minor quibble, they somehow reduced my five night reservation to four, but they fixed that without a fuss.

I don't get upset over technology problems. It happens. I've been in retail, I know stuff breaks down and it's inconvenient, but it doesn't bother me. I don't take it out on the clerks and they usually don't take it out on me either. What HARKS ME OFF about all this is the absolute shitty way this hotel treated us. It was humiliating being escorted by security to get into my own room, treated like I was going to skip, when they KNEW they were having technology issues, and yet they chose to take it out on me.

On top of this, they did this to a LOT of other people. I lost money at my table because of this. Seriously. The hotel kept double charging people for rooms, locking off so much money people couldn't access their funds, applying phantom charges, and generally stiffed a bunch of attendees because of their stupidity. So nobody could buy stuff that they wanted and I lost business.

I wouldn't recommend anybody stay at the Westin Hotel in Pittsburgh. I'm going to find another hotel nearby next year.


ADDENDUM: Okaaaay, looks like I need to clarify. I'm not blaming them because of their broken technology. I'm not blaming them because they couldn't get the money and needed to ensure they did so. I'm blaming them because THEY ACTED LIKE ASSHOLES about getting it resolved. They KNEW their technology wasn't working. There were people in front of us who were trying to resolve the exact same issue. Had the hotel bothered to explain the problem, apologized for the inconvenience, explained how I could have helped them out, or owned up to it at all, I would have understood. Instead, I was left standing there forever why they hummed and stared at their stupid computer screen and just kept repeating "we can't verify your card/check." I had to keep prodding them till they told me what it was I could do about it or even if there was anything I could about it. I offered to call my bank and they just kind of made a humming noise at me. There was no excuse for handling it the way they did. Capice?


I'm not sure if this was bad service or not so I though I would ask this group. My two cats have been shedding very badly this year so my boyfriend and I have decided to have them shaved. I took them to a pet store in the area that does grooming as well. When I took my girls in at 7 am I was told that since they were short haired cats I would be charged $30 and if they were "difficult" they would tack on an extra charge. I said that was fine and signed the paperwork wrote down my phone number and asked when they would be ready to go. The groomer said they should be done in no more than two hours.
After no call at eleven I call them no answer. I called 15 minutes later and still it just rang and rang and rang. At noon with still no call I drove down there because I needed to be in San Francisco in two hours. When I got there I asked if they were ready and the groomer said they had been ready for a couple hours and were wondering when I was going to bother to show up. I told them I was under the impression they were going to call and the woman said that I didn't leave my number on the paperwork (um bull crap, if I didn't why can' I look at it).
I apologized and they handed me the bill. They had charged me for grooming two long hair cats, which is almost $15 more than the short hair and then insisted that before they were shaved they were in fact long haired and how was I going to prove it now, and charged me an extra $20 because they were "difficult". This turned my $30 into a little over $50 each. I'm pretty annoyed.
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i have boobs, so how can i know hardware?

I went to Home Depot the other day to find small quick links (special connector for the end of chains). I search the display, which is a MESS, which empty hooks and unlabeled pegs, stuff thrown all over the shelf, etc. All I find is one single huge quick link.

I try to catch the idea of an older male employee, who has interrupted another younger employee to lecture the customer on what he thinks is required for the deck installation, which is contrary to the directions given by the manufacturer.

When the lecture is done, the older employee looks right at me, and I said very clearly "I need some assistance, please." He turned on his heel and walked away.

Seeing no other employees in the area, I follow and catch up with him.

Me: Excuse me, but I am looking for a specific size of quick link, and I don't see it over there, but I notice much of the display is empty. Could you please check to see if you hvae this size in stock?

Him: Well, all the quick links are over there. *gestures at wall, turns back to me*

Me: *deep breath, moves back in front of him* Sir, I looked over there, but it looks like there might be missing stock. Could you check on a particular size for me?

Him: There are over eleven thousands items here, and I don't know them all! Just go check!

Me: Sir, I.did.check. However, I know you can check the store inventory on that computer right there, and I that is what I am asking you to do, since it looks like your floor stock is low.

Him: Why don't you come back later with a guy, so you know what you really need?

Me: *stares speechless*

Yeah, that whole exchange put me in a lovely mood. Now I am contemplating taking my poi in and wrapping them around his neck just so he can be really sure about what I need.

EDIT: I have not complained as of yet, but I am writing a formal letter now. I was too angry after the incident to speak to a manager - I would have came across as an incoherent swearing monkey instead of a decent customer.
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Another sexist ASS

I needed a fan motor and fan for the AC on my car. I drive an older Mercedes so it was a part that I couldn't just walk into say AutoZone and purchase.

My son called the import car parts place and asked about the price of the part and they quoted him a price in the $225.00 range.

When I went in to order and pay for the part they informed me that price was just for the motor, that I had to buy the fan at the same time because they were "factory milled" to work together and that if they weren't purchased together then it would never be balanced. So the 2 parts together would be $350. Never mind that they had quoted my son the lower price for BOTH parts. When I questioned them, they claimed that part was in high demand and that they sold many of them and that of course they didn't remember talking to anyone specific about it. (Yea, right. I am sure that they sell dozens of special order Mercedes AC fan motors every day)

I turned around and walked out. The next day I returned with my son and stayed in his truck while he went in to order the part. It was less than $250. including tax for him.

Recourse? None. Because they can always claim that they gave him a "professional discount" because he is a certified mechanic... but they did not ask him for identification or certification, neither when he called nor when he went into the store.

Bottom line. There are some places that take advantage of women.
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Fushigi Yuugi - Hotohori

Dunno if this is bad service or not

I wake up this morning realizing I'm outta smokes. I figure I can just deal as I've only recently moved to my new appartment and don't have a key. All of my roommates are gone to their respective work days, so if I lock up I can't get back in, but if I leave it unlocked risk my crap disappearing. So I settle myself in to wait.

Around 3:30 I give up my wait and decide to walk to the local store, it's about a half mile away. No big, I put on my MP3 player and jam on down. I get there all sweaty and icky, and a little dehydrated feeling. I grab my bottle of drink and pull out my ID all ready to tell him what kind of smokey treats I want. Then I see a sign that says "We ID, No Broken ID, No Expired ID, No Out of State ID".


I thought ID's that were issued by a state couldn't be refused by another state.

So I don't even try, and the man has a limite grasp of english, I just buy my drink and call it a day.

But to add insult to injury he overcharges me for my drink. I point out out that he charged me 1.05 for my 89c Drink. He starts explaing to me some complicated math involving taxes, which are only 7%, so making my drink roughly 96c if I'm not mistaken. Again I gave up and just left to trek back home in the heat smokeless and annoyed.

But Hawaiian Roller Coaster came on my MP3 player so that cheered me up.
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bloody computer

Bad Service at Kaiser

I'm a Kaiser baby. I was born at a Kaiser hospital, I've had their coverage most of my life, and in general, I'm satisfied with how they have taken care of me and my family throughout many injuries, surgeries, illnesses, and fatal diseases. But, what's going on right now with my poor mom is royally pissing me off...

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Cow Tse-Tongue

Someone must have been baked.

This is a story of good service severely hampered by bad service. Bear with me.
My parents, on top of all the other insanity in our lives lately, are moving into a new condo. Mom had a wonderful time picking out her new appliances, including a fridge, microwave, and stove. The first two have arrived in one piece. The stove has kicked off a truly irritating saga.
The stove turned up on time, and my dad was there to meet the deliverymen. The box was unloaded and moved into the kitchen for unpacking. After the top of the box was off, the installers turned their attention to the connection while dad watched. Something about the stove caught his eye. He blinked a few times, but nope, still something wrong. Finally he realized that the top part of the stove, which houses the burner indicators and the timer and such, was bent at a 45 degree angle. He pointed this out to the delivery men, who were rather incredulous given that the box was totally intact. Regardless, they apologized profusely and took the stove away, promising prompt replacement. No bad service here.
Fast forward two weeks. Again, my dad meets the delivery people, again the stove is taken from the apparently pristine box. This time the damage to the stove was even worse. The appalled delivery men again make profuse apologies. Again, no bad service here.
At this point my parents are rather more than frustrated by the situation, so dad heads into the Maytag store to ask whatinell is going on. Two deliveries, two intact boxes, two stoves damaged beyond use. The only solutions we could come up with were that the stoves had been damaged and then re-boxed, or that they were damaged prior to packing and hushed up.
Turns out we're probably right. The salesman explained that Maytag just bought out Whirlpool, and that there are a lot of disgruntled workers(understandably so, having your job yanked out from under you sucks). It is in fact possible that a factory worker/group of workers damaged the stoves deliberately in retaliation. Therein lies the bad service. Not to mention, now that the company is aware of this problem, these folks will most certainly loose their jobs when identified, as opposed to possibly losing them in the merger.

Not bad, just head shaking in disbelief...

Ok, I'm pretty new, I've been reading over some of the entries and I finally have a story to tell.

So I get out of my Physical Therapy session for my almost fully healed ankle and I'm on my way to my nephew's baseball game. I had lunch at like 12 and its now 6, so I decide to grab some Wendy's before I go to the game. So I go in and the girl greets me, I ask if they take credit cards, cuz I know not all of them do and I'm short on cash. She very cheerfully says they do, great! So I order one of the new Frescata combos with a baked potato with extra sour cream. Ok first of all i'm giving her instructions and rattling off my order at a decent pace and she asks me to slow down, no prob first week probably. So she gets my order and asks one of the other ppl about somehting before she tells me the total. The total is $6.05 a little high but I don't really think much of it since I don't go there all that often and didn't pay much attention to the prices on the sign. So she gets my drink and heads over gets an order of fries, I'm a little puzzled and I wait and she brings over the fries and starts to place them in my bag.

Me: No I ordered a baked potato with extra sour cream not fries
New Girl: Oh these come with it!
Me: No I ordered the baked potato as my side instead of the fries.
New Girl: Ooooh ok

So she gets my baked potato a thing of butter and a packet of sour cream.

Me: I asked for extra sour cream.
New Girl: Oh we have a new policy we can only give 2 things out with a baked potato.
Me: ok, I would rather have an extra sour cream instead of butter then.
New Girl: Ooooh ok!

So apparently this girl new of this new supposed policy, but not of the Chain-wide Wendy's commercials that said customers can pick any side (salad, fries, baked potato, chili etc.), I just had to laugh a lil when I left.