June 17th, 2006

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my sister and i went to an ihop a couple weeks ago, no big deal.

we get seated and told that someone would be with us in a few moments. okay, no big deal. it was about 7pm or so, not too busy but not dead either. no one came, and it was getting a bit of a line [we could see them from our table] eventually about half an hour later [we timed it] with STILL no service [no one even came to get our orders or anything] and even after trying to get the attention of a nearby waitress who was just wiping off a table [was merely going to ask her if she knew who was to be our waitperson for the evening] ... still nothing. the waitress ignored us [we were in a booth, she was at the table right next to us]. we just stood up and walked out. as we were walking out, we saw about 6-8 people just standing around, near the doors to the kitchen, not doing anything but talking. we warned the others in line about what happened, but no one else walked out.

we went to perkins instead, told them why the slightly sour faces, and got excellent service from them. [we normally get really good service from this perkins anyway but this was better than normal, maybe they were trying to make up for ihop?] ... excellent enough that they got a 6 dollar tip [the total was barely even 15 bucks lol]

does anyone think we would have been in the wrong [or, at worst i guess, posted about in customers_suck] for asking to see a manager about what happened at ihop?
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a question only

okay this is a question but it relates to possible bad service. either way i'm confused.

last time i used my credit card at Kmart, the girl actually asked for ID. made me quite happy since they never bother to otherwise. after i left the line, i asked the girl at the service desk for a manager so i would not forget to ask them to compliment her.

the manager accepted my comment, said they would pass on the compliment.....but then proceeds to tell me it's actually ILLEGAL for stores to ask for ID.

me: :completely baffled look: bwu-huh?? since when?
him: it's law--look it up. [goes into explanation about how the credit card companies and the merchants/stores have a contract of some kind]

this makes NO sense to me with the rampantness (is that a word? lol) of identity theft today, most of it involving stolen credit cards/cards issued in a stolen identity's name(s). is this law true in my state (i live in CA)? is this true at all? or was he just spouting B.S.? i hate to think of the cashier getting in trouble instead of getting complimented because this manager has this idea that checking ID is illegal.
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You're willing to lose a customer for $1.50?

My dad had to go return some computer cables today. When he bought them, the sales guy said that if there was a problem he could just return them, no problem. So, Dad goes home, tries them out, and they don't work. He went back and talked to the same guy who sold them, but was told he had to talk to the owner. The owner then said that, since the cables worked on the store computer, they would charge my dad a 10% re-stocking fee. The cables were $15, so for $1.50 they were willing to lose a customer. Dad returned the cables, paid the fee and has decided to never go back there. Now, this is a small store that doesn't get much business. The people who do buy from it spend thousands of dollars there. They really can't afford to lose a customer. I don't know of any other store that charges a re-stocking fee for returned merchandise. What if the customer just decides they don't like it, or it's the wrong type? Would they be willing to lose business for that too?
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Another.... wha? service post.

Ordered Swiss Chalet online. They must've rushed because it was 1 hour before closing their delivery service....

When I got my meal I checked the stuff inside and noticed the pie was coconut cream instead of lemon merangue.

I call up SC and explain the sitatuion, they apologize and offer to rush out the correct pie, I agree, and then they say, "ok!" and hang up.

I didn't give them my name, my phone number, my address, my order confirmation number... nothing.... So how the heck are they going to deliver the correct piece of pie? hahaa.

EDIT: Called back and apparently they just knew? They checked my order status and had the correction.