June 16th, 2006

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being nice during bad service really pays off :)

This is an example of bad service that was changed into really really amazing service. If it doesn't belong here, let me know.

Yesterday I took my car (I drive a 2001 Saturn SL1) to the dealership to get the oil changed. About 45 minutes into the change, they come out and tell me my serpentine belt has to be replaced because it is rotted through. I ok that and they tell me it'll be another 20 minutes. 30 minutes roll by and the head mechanic comes out and says that they scratched my car. I'm not really that mad about it because i've done more damage to my car than what they did (3 paint chips on my rear bumper). I say its not a problem and they tell me that it'll be done soon. Another 45 minutes later and they tell me my car is done. I'm a little pissed at the fact that they took over 2 hours to do this, and I had to be somewhere. However, they ended up not charging me for the entire visit because I was so nice to them about scratching my car. This means I got 2 hours worth of labor ($180), an oil change ($30), and the belt ($70), plus an entire cleaning of the car (inside and out. I was a little embarrassed because I didn't clean out the inside of my car all the way and now there's a huge pile of crap in my backseat) for free.

This really taught me not to get pissed off at bad service, because in the end, you could get really really amazing service.
My hair is on fire!

Not the worst service ever...

Weirdest thing happened at Wendy's through the drive-thru.

Ordered a #4 extra pickles. With root beer.

She said $5.74.

Went to window and the girl asked, "Big bacon combo and strips combo?"
Me: No, just big bacon combo. No strips combo.
Her: Just big bacon combo, no strips combo?
Me: Yes, no strips.
Her: No strips?! *takes money and closes window*
Me: *worries if she gave her the wrong change now... although $5.74 for two combos sounds low*
Her: *gives correct change and shouts into the headphones as I'm driving away,* Big bacon combo with root beer no strips combo!!
Me: .... *goes to second window*
Next Girl: Big bacon combo with root beer? No strips combo?
Me: Yes, that's right.
Her: Ok. *gives me food and drink*
Me: *drives away confused as to what the confusion was... and how it happened if I was quoted $5.74*

I get home, take a few bites and wonder why my burger's top half is going in two directions. I thought, oh maybe they made it in a hurry and some of the toppings are sliding off... no... the top half of the bun was ripped in half.

.... I know this can happen by accident... especially with warm bread but don't you think they should've changed it before wrapping it up? It makes me think the worse.... :/
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Dear Multiple Creepy Men who work at kiosks at my local mall:

1- Mr. Cell Phone Salesman- After I speed up my pace to quickly pass your stand, avoid any and all eye contact, do NOT call out to me "MISS! MISS!" and chase after me. I will continue to ignore you and play deaf. and in my mind picture beating you over the head with my competetors cell phone. My fly is NOT open therefore there is no reason for you to be so persistant I talk to you.

2- Mr. Hand Cream *squirt squirt* man- I do NOT want to try your product. No not just once. Leave me alone. If I ignore you the first time I pass, and then the second time I walk by, do NOT grab my arm and plead your products success. I WILL grab your arm and shove you away. I may be 5'4, but Im a firefighter. I passed the physical test. I lift fat patients all day on my stretcher. I have grown some upper body strength. Dont look shocked when your ass flies back into your little cart. You wanted to play the grabby game and you lost.

3- Mr. Survey Taker- Im very well aware of my breast size. If you stare, gaulk and run into some little old lady, I hope she beats you with her purse.

No Love-
Girl who found new reasons to avoid the mall.