June 15th, 2006

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ARRGH... starting this over from scratch, I guess. Seeing as mine was erased. *cries*

X-posted to bad_service (because our Wendy's never has ANYTHING. I'm serious. Don't ask me why, I'm just your friendly-- yet exhausted-- 4-8 front register wench who was supposed to be off 15 minutes ago. And yes, that IS my mother making angry hand gestures from inside her car. Don't ask, plzkthx) and customers_suck (because this lady is a huffy h0. Haha, huffy h0.)

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Why do people (and deer... O_O But you'd have to read my personal journal for that one) feel the need to ruin my day? Erkkk.
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Problem with doctor

Background info: I have just had surgery on my neck to remove an infected cyst that burst. It's taken 4 years to get this done, which is why the cyst burst in the first place. I stayed in hospital one night and was sent home the next day with a drain in my neck that I had to empty twice through the night. I was told to come back the next morning to have the drain removed. The problems started when I got a phone call at 9:10am.

Lady on phone (LOP): Did you know you had an appointment at 8:30 this morning?
Me: No, I have an appointment at 10.
LOP: I have you scheduled for 8:30 with Dr. X.
Me: The paper I was given says 10:00 with Dr. Y at area 5 in SSB.
LOP: Well, that's wrong. You were supposed to be at area 5 in HSB at 8:30. Dr. X won't be in at 10.

She eventually told me to come in right away and she would page the doctor when I got there. The entire time she talked to me like it was my fault the nurses printed the wrong appointment.

So, I get to the doctor. It's not my surgeon, as I expected, by some other doctor I had met briefly. All is going well until he goes to remove the drain.

Dad: Before you take that out, can you change your gloves? I just noticed that you touched the door handle and coughed onto the back of your hand.
Dr: Oh, it's not a sterile procedure.
Dad: What?!
Dr: Yes, none of this is sterilized.
Dad: Well, that's why there are so many hospital infections.
Dr: Are you some sort of expert on this?
Dad: I'm an informed patient.
Dr: Well, since there's no open wound we don't need to sterilize anything.
Dad: There's a HOLE in her neck! I'd call that an open wound

The doctor never did change his gloves. I had a HOLE in my neck and he didn't see a need to sterilize anything? Then, he put the gauze on with bare hands. The good news is that I think every thing's okay. I changed the gauze last night and nothing looked infected. But still. If the patient asks you to change gloves, it's probably a good idea (and easier) to just do it.

EDIT: I now have an infection. Luckily the doctor I went to who told me (really nice guy at a walk-in clinic) said that it isn't anything too serious. I just have to wash the cut with rubbing alcohol and change the dressing everyday and take some antibiotics.

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I love Vermont. Really, I do.

For the past week the air has been full of lovely white, fluff from some sort of magical, fluff-producing plants that have caused my neighborhood to look like a wonderland. I have barely been able to resist the urge to frolic through the drifts of snow-like pollen.

However, there are downsides.

Perhaps I was spoiled by growing up next to Boston, but I was always able to receive phenomenal health care. There were dozens of hospitals available to me, including specialists for every known condition. That was particularly helpful to me, because I am the QUEEN of having weird health issues that require specialists. Aren't I just so special.

In Boston, I was always able to get an appointment with a specialist in a timely manner. And there was always more than one specialist available to me for each condition, so I could shop around if I didn't care for the doctor. I had plenty of options, and felt like I was really in control of my health care.

Vermont is an entirely different story. This year has been particularly frustrating, since I have had a couple of new issues pop up. First I started having problems sleeping, namely because I developed the nasty habit of sleepwalking. While I never left my apartment, I would wake up exhausted after a night of rearranging my apartment in my sleep.

I went to my PCP first, and she referred me to a sleep specialist. It took three weeks for them to even tell me when I could be seen, and that initial evaluation was two months away. It took another month and a half before they had an opening for an overnight sleep study, and another few weeks for my follow-up appointment. The end result was that from the time I initially approached my primary doctor about my sleep issues, and when I was given treatment for my problem was almost 5 months.

Luckily my new medication is working quite well, so it had a happy ending. But apparently that was fast service compared to my next health hurdle.

I am a phone representative, so I talk all day at work. For the past few months I have noticed my jaw was becoming sore and stiff at the end of the day, and was downright painful by the end of the week. I was able to get an appointment with my primary doc pretty quickly (I have no complaints about her), and she diagnosed me with TMJD at my appointment today. Basically that is a jaw disorder that can cause all sorts of fun symptoms, including the pain and stiffness I was experiencing. She gave me the name of a TMJD specialist.

As soon as I got home I gave his office a call. They were very pleasant and helpful, and scheduled me for their next new patient appointment -- in NOVEMBER. And apparently at that initial appointment I will probably only be seen by the nurse, and depending on their evaluation come back in to meet with the actual doctor.

So I called my dentist to see if they had any insights, and they said that there was another TMJD specialist I could try. I call up her office, only to find they don't accept my insurance. Lovely.

So in the meantime I am left to pass the time by frolicking in the magical fluff that floats around me, and try to ignore the clicking sounds emitted by my jaw.

I love Vermont. Really, I do.

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A couple lovely stories for my first post in this community.

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ETA: I forgot to mention in my second story that we'd finished our drinks and needed refills by the time she brought us our food, and we never got them. Period. We were there for over an hour and only got one glass each because the waitress never came out to check on us inbetween bringing us the wrong food, and even when she did see our glasses were empty, she never brought refills.
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So... we all know that it sucks when you get your car towed for being parked where it isn't supposed to. But here is a nice warning to the residents of Orange County, California.

If you get towed by the tow truck company PPI Guys, make sure you ask what exactly you are being charged for.

The city of Fullerton, California DOES NOT HAVE A CITY FEE as of a few months ago. If they charge you for this now, fight it. The only 2 cities that do have these fees now are Costa Mesa and Anaheim. (it's around $25 I believe, and you will have to pay for it if you get towed in these 2 cities)


It is not legal (or moral business practice, imo) for the tow company to charge YOU for the pictures that THEY took if someone wants proof of why the car was towed. This company has the balls to charge people $20 for 2 pictures they took to cover their asses.

(The backstory on this is my boyfriend works for a company that follows all of the laws in regards to private property impounds... and this afternoon, himself and his company found themselves helping out someone who PPI Guys is trying to screw out of money with false charges. This couple already had their car towed by my boyfriend's company, and it came to around $170. PPI Guys is trying to charge them closer to $260 for the exact same tow. I understand that the pricing might vary from company to company, but what they are doing is illegal.)

You have got to be joking me....

Dear UPS:

As you guys are blissfully unaware, 5 months ago I moved across the country to start a new life. Seeing as how I was forced to make this journey via the wonderful people at United Airlines, I was unable to pack more than a few essential items apart from my clothing.

Moving ahead to last week, I had my father box up most of my old possessions that I really wanted: Books, trophies, high school football helmet, diploma, etc etc etc. I told him my new address. He repeated it back to me. I told him one more time and he read it back to me for clarification purposes. He told me it went out in the mail last week and your lovely delivery guy would present me with my gift of stuff I already own no later than Tuesday, June 13th.

Today is offically the 15th and still no package.

So! I call my father back home and inform him of the odd delay in the arrival of that which is already mine. He gives me the tracking number and I proceed to call your customer service line to find out what the delay is all about.

Oh...the address was wrong? Shocker there, people make mistakes. Do what? Oh so you sent a postcard to the address on the box...the incorrect address...to inform me of the error and that I could come pick it up from your storage area downtown.


Did you at least call my father at the number he provided at the time he posted the package? Oh you didn't? You were just going to rely on the postcard that was going to the NONEXISTANT ADDRESS? Wow...

This just boggles my mind...the sheer level of stupidity has floored me. They...they sent a card...to a non-existant address. To inform me that the address was wrong.

Apparently, they have been doing this for many years....

I mean...what in the blue fuck?

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All right...last year we were behind on our morgage, because my husband had been out of work for a GOOD while. We did our best, but we could obviously only do so much. So when they threatened forclosure, I got in touch with the loan resolution department of our morgage company and worked out an arrangement with a very helpful representive. Let's call her A. The payment plan called for three months of a fixed payment, that would catch us up to current in Janurary.

Fast forward to Feburary. I make our first regular payment. ON TIME!! We had extra in the account from the payment plan, so it was lower than usual. I dance at the thought of a payment on time. We were well on our way to being ALL caught up with ALL our bills.

March's payment comes along. I make the payment. Yay two in a row!!

April's payment. They inform me that I am paying for March. Buh? Why? Turns out that Feburary's payment got returned for insufficent funds. In March. That's important. Sorta.


So we go and check the end of day's balance for every day that they had it before they apparently returned it. From Feburary to March 22, there was MORE than sufficent funds.

May comes, and we get a letter stating that they are selling our morgage to a different company. Well, it happens. I decide to wait until June to try and straighten things out. (all while trying to make payments mind you). In June, I discover that they didn't sell our morgage, they changed the NAME of their company. So I was still dealing with the same people. So I contact A again.

This time she's not so helpful. She won't let me explain that the payment in Feburary that put us behind was actually made, and it was a mistake on their part. She goes off for me going off the payment plan. I hadn't. But she says she can work soemthing out, but it will be IT. THe last time.

So I get a letter that states we have to make a large payment by the 26th, then 500 dollar payments for six months to catch up. Well, seeing as our payment is less than 400, that didn't exactly add up. Then I see that she's charged us for legal fees, rejected check fees, and other things. All for a mistake that is MOSTLY their fault.

So we go to the bank and get all the statements, the day by day of our account for Feburary, and discover in the process that THEIR bank never presented the payment to ours. So it couldn't have been rejected for insufficent funds like they SAID it was. We get a letter stating it. Now we call the company, speak to some helpful representives, but are informed since I made the deal (that I haven't signed) with A, we have to speak to her. Husband calls her today. She is beligerant. Husband is forceful, but patient, and explains over and over again that we have the statements, that it's an error on their company's part, and at the highth of it she asks to speak to me.


She then goes off on me for not informing her and that my husband is being beliegerant to her, and that it's being recorded, and I never said the check wasn't presented when I talked to her ( I didn't know at the time) and I try to tell her that I TRIED to explain at the time, but she hadn't wanted to listen, and she KEEPS interupting me and telling me I'm wrong. I can't get two words in edgewise, and finally seeing my desperation my husband takes the phone and speaks loudly to her (not good customer but the way she was blessing me out it was somewhat warrented) It ends with my husband saying I would LOVE to speak to your manager, and that yes, we will fax what they requested tomorrow.

I contacted her because she had been so helpful before. I'm really regretting it now. Yes there was some bad customer stuff, but she was saying things that were flat out wrong, like we'd been behind in Feburary (we weren't) and other things that I can't really remember, because phone confrontations about money really shake me. She basically browbeat me into accepting the agreement in the first place, then when she was pointed out that several things were incorrect and we wanted them corrected she got beligerant. Now my husband can be forceful, and he CAN be a dick, but he worked in customer service for a good portion of his life, and he can deal with people when something's wrong (regular relations, let's not get into that)

I'm just so frustrated, and still shaken. I don't like being yelled at. In person I can handle alot, but over the phone, when I'm not entirely CERTAIN of ALL the facts (numbers really do a number on me due to a learning disability) I tend to get confused easily. Which was why my husband was handling it.

Guh...so faxing tomorrow...we'll see what happens.
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I just got my car inspected at a texico, and they told me that all of my rear break lights were burnt out. I knew one had a problem, but I thought it was electrical because it would occasionally work. After 15 minutes, they were all done, had replaced all the bulbs, and started ringing me up.

They rung me up for four bulbs, three being $2.50 and one being $5. Is that right? Does each light have two bulbs?
They also charged $45 for labor. I didn't realize this until I got home and my father laughed at me, but that man makes $180 an hour. Sweet. Except for me.

Being a major chain, does texico have standardized prices for petty work like changing bulbs? And was I really just screwed as badly as I think?

Edit: I just realized, an inspection takes about 15 minutes, so he must have spent about two minutes on the bulbs. He makes $1,350 an hour. Damn, I want to work there!