June 14th, 2006

This is me.

Pissed off about my ISP

Hi all!

Why pissed off, you might ask ? 

Well, NOOS is a major French ISP. Like many others, they offer cable services + TV + phone.  Boyfriend used to have only TV. Then he got cable with it, and a few days ago he decided to switch to a better formula that involves all three.

Thing is, a tech had to come to install it. First appointment was *now* and I was supposed to go to work. So Boyfriend called yesterday to cancel and move the appointment to Friday morning so that none of us would have to miss any work (it's less important for me, he started his new job yesterday and I don't want him to risk anything) .

The problem AND bad service ? The tech calls me today, saying he's on his way. I'm all WTF and he's as WTF as I am when I explain, but since it's not his fault, I tell him to come anyway. So I'm waiting for this poor WTF-ed tech, and I'll be super-late for work.

Thank GOD my manager, whom I called, told me it was better to come late than not come at all when I told her about my problem! Otherwise, there would have been major ass-kicking around.

Argh, TD I want to strangle you

So my boyfriend is currently buying a house. We currently live together, but because I am not a Canadian resident, I cannot go on the paperwork. Fine. I can deal with that.
What I can't deal with is TD Canada Trust's incompetency.
On Friday, the boyfriend transferred the bulk of his RRSP to his normal account. This is to be part of his deposit for the house, due the next week, this coming Friday. They told him it would take 48 hours, and somehow that amounted to it clearing today or tomorrow. It hadn't moved according to online banking, so he called them. They told him they could not discuss it over the phone, and he would have to go into a branch. So off he went.
The branch had CANCELLED the transfer, because the stock market took a plunge. The said plunge I believe took place Monday night. They told him he would have had a negative amount of $300 in his RRSP account, had they transferred it.
They had a strict sell order. They should honour it as far as I believe. Keep in mind, he was not even notified that said order was not going to be transferred. Our deposit is due on Friday. The transfer (as long as they freaking allow it through) now won't go through until Monday. As far as I know, the original amount meant to be transferred should be honoured, and not a lesser amount. And if by some law here that is not the case, then they shouldhave NOTIFIED him. A phone call wouldn't have killed them.
Now we're facing the possibility of being sued, thanks to TD.
I also leave out the fact that although my mother is giving us the rest of the deposit, she is not allowed to give it to us directly. Only a blood relative can give it to him. So that includes me, unless, as the bank suggested so helpfully, we go and get married. Just the reason I wanted to get married. Because the bank told us so. So now the money has to be transferred from my mother, to James' mother, who will then give it to James. And TD apparently takes twice as long for international transfers in than any other bank I have had experience with.