June 13th, 2006


GameStop Sux!

Sunday, my boyfriend and I went to the GameStop on 34th street to pick up the new Nintendo DS Lite. He wanted to buy two (one for me as a birthday present and one for him). When we got there, he stood on line while I browsed around the store. When he got to the cash register, he asked for two DS Lites. I saw him pointing at me and decided to see what all the fuss was about. Turns out me and Mel were considered a "group" and they would only sell us ONE DS Lite. Pissed off, Mel said that we were not a "group" and that we would pay individually; he would pay in cash and I would pay by credit card. They refused and said "she cannot have one. We will only sell you one." He argued with them a little more until we finally just left. I was shocked. I didn't know what to say and now that I've dwelled over it, I think I want to write a letter of discrimination to the corporate offices of GameStop.

Anyone want to help me out with this one?
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