June 12th, 2006

I don't know...

Whether it's customerssuck or bad_Service but I guess it's both? Anyways.

Background: I work in a luggage store in a mall. We have lots of competition, from small and large businesses alike. One of them is Laco Sac. Now I'm okay with business and I know this brings dirty games, lying to customers, etc. I don't do any of that but I'm weird so anyway.

While I am not at work I'm checking out their crap. Our crap and their crap is slightly different, so sometimes I'll go check it out. I was in there a couple of weeks ago trying to find myself a summery purse, but no success. I thanked the asian lady and left. Note: her i don't have a problem with at all.

Now, today really shocked me. I was threatened by another lady who told me she'd break my legs! There were no customers in the store at that time, so only my coworker heard.

But this isn't right. She came into MY STORE and threatened ME when I've been sending her business and tried to be polite. I was just standing there going: "You're KIDDING. You're KIDDING." I didn't say anything that would be considered bad.

I was so furious that I told my coworker not to move, and I went to Guest Services. Turns out I can't lodge a complaint, because it would look like the management is taking my side, but the lady there understood what i was getting at. Then I got home and I contacted the Competition Bureau via an online complaint.

Enough ranting for today, thanks for listening.

EDIT! Hi, all. I went above Customer's Service heads and management not only took me very seriously, they sent a nice, tall security guy to take my report. He told me to go to the cops if I wanted to, but I said I only wanted the mall to do something about it, for now. And I was promised they will, and of course if she does it again I WILL go to the cops. Even though Toronto is a HUGE city, and they have enough shit to deal with.
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Dear Military Housing Agency that is a civilian run company.

So a water main broke on last Thursday. Shit happens, I know and it sucks. However doing scheduled maintence on other water mains on Friday without warning the affected residents on the base and leaving us with no water is just plain fucked up. I mean really how hard is it to print off a "The water will be shut off tomorrow," photocopy it and get the Garrison Society Ward Reps.(our version of town council) to hand it out. Apparantly its reaaaaally fucking hard. Also having your employees treat us like we are nothing more than trash when we inquire about said water loss makes me dislike you more and more.

Thanks no water for 10 hours and a really pissed off, stinky husband.

No love.

P.S: Quit raising rent. Its not the key to keeping military families on base like you say it does. Its driving them away. Morons.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that its Canadian Military I'm talking about.

Progressive Auto

A few weeks ago whilst waiting at a stop light a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe smashed into the back of my 2001 Kia Rio.  No problem... No one was hurt I took her insurance information and went on my merry little way.  I called Progressive, her insurance provider, and set up a time to drop my car off at their service station and pick up my rental car.  Here's where the suck comes in...

They were nice when I dropped my car off and they told me that someone would contact me later to give me updates on the status of my car.  They called me that night 10 minutes after they had closed and left me a message that told me that my car was a total loss and that my adjuster would call me the next day to arrange things.  

Next day... No one calls... 
Day after... No one calls... I finally call him and ask what is going on.  He gives me some miserable excuse about not having all the information.  He tells me I can go pick up my car (which is good because I missed it) and that he would call me by the end of the week...

That was Wednesday 6/7... He has yet to call me back.

I pick up my car... and it looks worse than it did when I dropped it off.  AND as the guy at the station is pulling the Crash Wrap off he breaks the latch on my trunk.  So I had to duck tape my trunk shut in order to drive home.

I guess this really doesn't suck a whole lot but it is very frustrating not knowing what is going on with my claim and that they seem to not want to call me back. 

My first post.

I was a T-Mobile customer for nearly three years. I purchased a $300 cellphone from them, when I set up my account. Later on, my ex-boyfriend added a phone ($100) and we joined their "Family Network", paying $70/month for 400 anytime minutes, unlimited nights and weekends. I was always extremely satisfied with my service, advising friends and family to join their contracts.

In December of 2005, we came to the conclusion that our cellphones were starting to get no use. We barely would use 50 minutes a month and his cellphone only ever came in handy when he was at the grocery store by himself and I needed tampons at home. I had just lost my job and things were getting a bit tight, so we decided to cancel our service, as we were done with our contract. We had also decided that, after three years, we weren't working real well as a couple, to just be best friends (this information comes in handy later).

I called about a week later and spoke to a male representative who kept trying to talk me into other plans. I persevered, telling him I just wanted it canceled. Both he and I were transferred to a couple of other departments and with some of the protocols, he wasn't very familiar; he had just started his job. It took three hours for him to tell me that my cellphones would be turned off in a couple of days and I finally hung up.

Cut to two days later, he starts calling me on my still working cellphone, leaving me messages telling me about other plans, how was my weekend, why did my boyfriend and I break up again, do I watch The Simpsons, and -- oh -- he might've made a mistake with my cancellation but it should be fine. Okay, well, I didn't think anything of it until I received my (supposedly) last bill.

It was for $200.

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