June 11th, 2006

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carl's jr.

i've never had to write one of these, but this was just....rude.

i got off work at 11:45 tonight and on the way home we(my mom, my sisters, and i) wanted shakes. most places shut their shake machine's down early, but some don't. we thought we'd try carl's jr (since their shakes are AWESOME). Anyway, we get to the drive thru, they're open the drive thru light is on, wait a few minutes and no one answers. we say hello a few times and get no answers. so we drive up, lights are on inside, but we don't see anyone. but we note, yet another "DRIVE THRU OPEN" light shining in the window. On the way around the building we pass the playground where 4 employees are lounging around, some smoking, and one commenting, in spanish, about us, "fucking car".
they very well could have been on a break or the drive thru and restaurant was closed. But they left the drive thru lights on, indicting they were open. and being on company grounds talking like that about customers in earshot is just RUDE and uncalled for. it's not like we yelled at them all sitting out there. we didn't complain at all.

the worst part was, after we went to Weinersnitzel next door (and we got shakes, the girl was awesome!), on our way out we saw someone making an order at the drive thru of carls jr. It was still open and those people got their food.
it really makes me wonder why we didn't get served.
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Back off, woman

So, every once in a while I need to take a migraine painkiller NOW or there will be much with the head pain.

It happened today as I was pulling into the Family Dollar parking lot. I rush ahead while my mom follows. I grab a soda and get the pill down just in time.

Then we do some shopping. I see on one of the other coolers a sign indicating the store likes sodas to be pre-paid. Ooops. We'd get it on our way out and apologize. About ten minutes pass. (This is important). Then I needed to visit the facillities. I got the key, with no hassle.

While I was indisposed, an employee approached my mom. (Why wait so long?) The employee had learned about the soda thing and decided to babble on about the policy.

My mom apologizes and explains it was a medical need. No dice. The employee continues babbling that they like prepay. Well, I like not being in screaming agony, so screw you Family Dollar.

And don't hassle my mom when I'm the one who did it.
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Annoying service

I'm finishing the last few credits of my undergraduate education right now. I live on campus, and a meal plan is mandatory.

This sucks on many levels. For one, I have social anxiety disorder and I don't know anybody here right now. Being in public alone in certain situations is difficult for me, and one of those situations happens to be eating in public. I skip a lot of meals because of it. That's not their fault.

Also, the vegetarian options are... whatever side dishes are available for meat eaters and pasta. I wrote a letter to the dining director about that, since the diet is nutritionally insufficient for vegetarians and the meal plan (which cost more than $1000 for two months) is mandatory, but they didn't change shit. Pretty bad service if you ask me.

But that's not what made me write today. What has been annoying me lately is one of the employees. I make a point to always be polite to service people. Always. Even if I am in a situation that makes me anxious and I feel like I am going to puke, I try as hard as I can to say please and thank you to the people serving me.

The valadine workers have the most menial task ever. They sit down, usually read something, and swipe the ID of every person who comes in there. I make a point of saying thank you every time. Most of the students coming in do not. Generally, the person working appreciates this and says "You're welcome" or "Have a nice day" or something. One girl consistently responds by glaring at me. Thanks. If I have social anxiety so bad that if I pass someone on the street, I look down and in the opposite direction, yet I can say thank you to a person in service, you can certainly be polite back.

I don't know why it annoys me so much, but it does.
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The Unauthorized Roaming Saga Continues!

I just sent this email off to Sprint, after once again finding more of those fucking roaming charges on my bill. When I called customer service the first time, I got disconnected before I even spoke with a representative. The next time I called, I got some unintelligible idiot who hung up on me, and then called again and got yet another jackass who I could barely understand. After about 5 minutes of repeating the same shit I've told about 20 Sprint reps over and over again (the details of which should be in my customer file) I demanded his supervisor, who also had an extremely thick accent I could hardly comprehend. It's like they've outsourced their entire customer service staff to Incompetentania. Both people I talked to refused to even listen to me, and the supervisor even told me "We can't help you if you refuse to trust us." Why the fuck SHOULD I trust Sprint? They haven't been able to solve a problem that has been going on for THREE MONTHS! I hate them so very much right now. This time, for having to deal with their bullshit, they gave me a $10 credit. I think I should call them and complain more often, maybe they'll start paying ME to continue service with them.


I have a billing problem that has been recurring for the past three months, without any resolution. I have been receiving unauthorized roaming charges on my bill, when I have not left my coverage area, roaming call guard is enabled, and my phone is set to "Sprint Network Only". I have had to call Customer Service every month for the past three months to get these charges removed from my bill, and I am extremely frustrated by the apparent lack of interest in completely resolving this issue. My plan has been changed to one that provides unlimited roaming, but that still does not change the fact that these roaming calls are being made without my knowledge or permission, and I want to know what is being done to stop these calls from being made. I am ready to cancel my service with Sprint, because of the abysmal customer service I have received and the impression that nobody really wants to take ownership of this issue. I have contacted Network Fraud, Technical Support, and Customer Service, in the hope of finding someone who can tell me what is going on, but keep being transferred back and forth, and even hung up on by incompetent service reps. I am furious and want answers ASAP.
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Radisson Suckage

I've never had so much suckage in one week. But I think its because of my birthday; whenever it rolls around bad things happen.

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday. As a present, my boyfriend and I were splurging on a hotel suite that's running at a cheap price of $89 at our local Radisson. Granted we were throwing a party (not really a party, just a few friends over at the hotel room to have a few drinks) but we were never called on and there was a wedding reception that was VERY LOUD until 11 PM.

Around 5 AM we called it quits. And the couple of friends who we were chatting with left and we hit the sack. I fell asleep immediately, and when I woke up two hours later, the room reeked of vomit. It hadn't smelled before, so I smelled the sheets and was pissed off that it was the comforter (when it had been pulled up) that smelled of puke-- like it had never been washed after someone got sick.

...it was nearing 8 AM and I decided I'd rather go home and take a shower and crash there then stay in the hotel a minute longer. After packing up, I went to check out and talked to the Supervisor who happened to check me out. I informed her of the vomit smell and that it was unacceptable to have in a hotel, she looked at me like she could care less, and said, "Sorry. Oh and did you still want the hotel room charged on your Visa or did you want to pay cash?"

She handed me my receipt and told me, "I'll have a maid look into it." WTF? I wasn't staying another night! I was really upset about this, as it was supposed to be my mini-vacation and day of relaxing but the bed smelled like vomit-- enough to almost make me puke. I didn't say anything to her and just went home happy to be away from that horrible smell.

Sigh. Why me?

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the lady in front of me, an older woman, was checking out and complaining about her room that had something in there for a whole week, and the Supervisor gave her pretty much the same response she gave me. "We'll have the maids look into it."


So a few weeks ago, i decided to take my puppy to PetSmart to get her nails cut because she's just not outside enough to wear them down naturally, and its impossible for us to trim them at home because she's very difficult and doesnt like it.

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My mom went to a Wal-Mart in Laurinburg, North Carolina to pick up some film for a friend.  It was storming as she went in, and while she was in the store, the power went out.

They locked all the patrons in for two hours.  People were just wandering around in the dark bumping into each other, and my mom was really scared that someone would try to mug her or something.  They refused to open the doors for fear of shoplifters.

My mom had parked her car by the garden entrance of the Super Wal-Mart, but they wouldn't let her out that door when the lights came back on; she had to run through the rain and lightning all the way across the lot and by the time she got there, she was soaked.  My mom has a disability and she's not supposed to stand for more than an hour at a time on her right ankle, so what with the two hours wandering around (all the seats were taken that were available and my mom was too shy to ask someone to give one up) and running through the rain, by the time she got back her ankle was swollen up really badly and she could barely walk on it.

I insisted this must have been illegal, the equivilent of kidnapping, but everyone I know says it's just what happens when the power goes out like that.  Does anyone know?
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Mistake or bad service?

I just got back from a birthday dinner at TGIFriday's. It was the three of us and two of us were splitting the bill so my other friend didn't have to pay since its his birthday. We got excellent service, no complains whatsoever...till the bill came.

I was paying in cash and my friend was paying with her credit card, we both gave it to the server and told him half cash, half credit. No problem until he came back with the slip for her to sign and we notice that he charge the total amount to her credit card. We told the server that we give him cash and put the rest on her card. He thought it was a tip. A 27 tip on a 54 bill?

Was this an honest mistake or bad service? I have nothing against tipping and we did infact gave him a tip because we got great service. I just want to know if this is the norm in your area because I notice a lot of servers in my area are getting a bit more aggressive when it comes to tip such as not giving back change or assuming that like the one above is a tip and so on.