June 10th, 2006

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My parents and grandparents were out today, and I had a coupon for this pizza place from my grocery receit, so I decided that it would be a good idea to order pizza for myself and my siblings.


I can understand them being slightly confused as to where my house was, since, as the guy who took my order said, they don't usually deliver in this area. I told him what major streets we were near, and he said that should be fine, but takes my number just in case.

A half an hour later, when I was told the pizza would be here, the delivery guy calls. Apparently he's lost. I tell him what major streets we are in between, and he thanks me and says he'll be there soon.

Twenty minutes pass. The delivery guy calls back, lost again. He tells me what street he's on, and, recognizing that he's about ten minutes from my house, I give him directions the best I can.

Twenty minutes later, still no pizza. I call the pizzeria back and ask them what's taking so long. I give the guy directions again, which he promises to relate to the delivery person. These directions are very clear: Drive down X Street towards Y Street, and my street is on the left. I even spelled out the street name multiple times through the whole thing. So while the initial confusion might have been partly my fault for not giving better directions to begin with, if the guy can't find my house by this time, he's either a complete moron or just not even trying.

Finally, an hour and a half after we ordered the damn thing, I am very hungry and very much not a happy camper. So I call the pizzeria back and tell them that I'll order pizza from someone that can actually find my house. Except that I don't, because the only reason I ordered pizza was that stupid coupon. But at least I know not to try ordering from them again.
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