June 9th, 2006

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what's up with labcorp?

so, i'm applying to work for the department of corrections...Collapse )

note that my issue is the sign on the door saying that the tech would be back at 1:30 and she didn't show up until 2:15. is there anything i can do to keep this from happening to someone else?
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Elmo is sad

Anime convention purchasing woes

I volunteer for a very large anime convention that was just held two weeks ago. As part of the publications department, one of our responsibilities is writing and pushing out the daily con newsletter. Prior to the convention we had an arrangement set up with the Kinkos around the corner that we would hand in the four-page newsletter by 10 PM that night when they closed, and by 8 AM the next morning we would pick up our several thousand copies to distribute. Simple enough.

That evening rolls around and we email the copy directly to the Kinkos email address provided. Publications head calls in to verify that they recieved everything in order, speeks to the guy we'd arranged everything with prior who opens and checks over the files and tells us that everything looks good and things will be ready for tomorrow.

Two hours later (nearly midnight), he finds a voicemail message on his phone, which informs us that because we did not use Kinko's special little website form, they cannot open the files and thus they can not process the request until they are re-sent. Oh, and by the way, we're closing right this minute so there's no way we can print them tonight, but you can send them to us tomorrow if you want, bye! Needless to say, everyone was pretty pissed off, considering that the files already had been opened and verified, and that everything had been confirmed. Furthermore, we were now royally screwed because we had to have those newsletters for tomorrow. Fortunately, we found a 24-hour Kinkos a town away, and were able to rush print everything in time.

To top it off, the next morning the other Kinkos called and told us that our order was ready (WHAT THE FUCK?) We refused to pick it up or pay of course, so I'm not quite sure what they did with many thousands of convention chit chat. Recycled it hopefully.

Of course, this doesn't even involve the company we've had for four years who we hired to print 10,000 badges for us... who decided to do so this time without checking the equipment against a new, particular type of material they were printing the background on. So surprise surprise when the day before the convention we couldn't print the names and info on the pretty colored badges, and instead had to run out to buy ugly, plain white ones to stamp in yuck dot monochrome (and ruining the nice art that I'd spent many hours drawing too ;_;)

Seriously, you'd think that if you wanted the business of someone buying thousands of dollars worth of your product you might... I don't know... attempt to keep it.