June 8th, 2006

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Knology woes

I stayed home Monday morning to wait on the cable guy. We have a friend staying with us for a month, so we're moving my computer to the sunroom, and needed a cable run back there.

These guys show up in a POS white minivan with a black door. No company markings. Not working really well, because they opened the hood and left it that way the entire time they were there... guess it was overheating. Blue jeans and dirty white t-shirts was the company uniform of the day.

I explained we were moving the cable modem back to the sunroom, and needed a new cable there.

Before they started, we had a run to the cable box in the living room, which connected to the cable modem via a splitter, and a run to the master bedroom TV. There were various other cables run in the house, but these were the only ones in use.

So they ran the cable, checked the computer, turned down my offer of a soda, and left.

When she got home, we went to watch TV in the living room, and we get... nothing. Nada. We can pull up the cable box menus, but there's no cable. I feel like an asshole for not checking it before they left.

So I go out back with a flashlight, cut the zip-tie they closed the box with, and check it out. Main cable coming in... split to two cable runs - one marked modem, and one marked master bedroom. They had disconnected the living room.

Normally, this wouldn't be a problem. I'd just grab a splitter out of my toolbox, and fix it myself.

The fuckers had _CUT_ all of the other cables. They had coiled everything up, zip-tied it together for neatness, and then cut off all the unused cables, leaving about a foot of slack.

So my wife gets on the phone with Knology, and after 15 minutes on the phone, when she gets an agent, explains the situation, and requests someone to come back out on Saturday and fix they're mistake. Agent refuses - states that the next Saturday opening they have is 6 weeks out... the only other openings they have are during the week. My wife argues that since this is their technicians mistake, we shouldn't have to lose another day of work for them to fix it. The agent adamantly refuses to make any concessions. My wife finally takes a time slot on Thursday morning.

Tuesday night I went to Radioshack, spent $15 on RJ-6 connectors & a set of cable strippers, and took 10 minutes to fix the damn thing myself.

I hate myself for saying this, but the temptation to go back to Brighthouse is getting stronger.

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Late Payments

Do you know what REALLY pisses me off?

When I do my part to my credit card company and loan companies and send in my payment not only ON TIME but in most cases 2 weeks early.

Then they dick around with the payment and do not process it until AFTER the due date and then when I call them and ask them NICELY to take off the late charges because I SENT IT IN ON TIME. Their answer is "well if you paid online this wouldn't happen and you'd be garanteed blah blah blah" that's bullshit. I don't like using the internet for paying bills because my dad's identity and credit got stolen that way. And then they won't take off the late fees. Utter BASTARDS!!!!

Please note as well- when I ask them to take off the fees, I start out VERY NICE becaause I too work in customer service. It takes all I have to keep my temper when dealing with these people.

"no hassle card" my ASS