June 7th, 2006

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Dear Air Conditioner Guys:
Okay, I know that summer is coming, so you are probably buy. Yep, I know that.

But, LAST SATURDAY (the 27th of MAY) our air conditioner broke.
This wouldn't have been a really big problem except for the following reasons:

1)We bake bread all day. With no air conditioning, it's about 30 degrees (Celcius) in our store. All. Day. Long.
2) You didn't come out to fix the air conditioner until the following Friday (despite being called on Monday).

But then, you fixed it, hurray....

So, why then, is it broken again?!

We can't work like this! It makes all my little sandwhich artists tired, grumpy and even a bit sick! It's inhumane to leave us hanging like that! (gods know, if you did it to a dog people would just about kill you for it)

The machine was working for one day. You spent a whole day up on the roof putting in a brand new part. And I thank you for that, I really do.

But, seriously, what. the hell? It worked for one or two days and then stopped again. And, again, what's with the taking two days to even just call us back. Not fair. Or nice.

No more free sandwhiches for you!

Grumpy, over-heating, tired, sicky sandwhich artist from Hell.
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Amsouth Bank

I've been watching this community for awhile, and I just joined.  :)  I hope this will be the only time I post something here, but there probably won't be any such luck.  :-/

This happened around Christmas last year, when I was 18.  This is about Amsouth Bank (I think it's located just in the south-east).

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I don't know what that whole deal was about... I think it was mostly because I'm young.  Anyway, I just closed both of my accounts at Amsouth as a direct result of the above story.  I'm banking at Wachovia now, and the service there is GREAT.
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Papa Johns Suckage

I love my Papa Johns pizza, unfortunately I can NEVER say anything good about their service. Last time I ordered my order was wrong, and the driver yelled at me about signing a credit card slip (I had wanted to place my pizza inside real quick because I couldn't sign it AND hold the pizza), and I angrily let it go. Today I ordered again (and because talking to the people at the store hurts my brain so much I always order online). I was sent an email saying it would take 35 minutes.

Yeah! Pizza :D

Well an hour has rolled by since 2 PM when I ordered. It's now 3:13 PM so I called the store asking where my pizza is. First off I had to listen through their pizza spiel, and when I said I was wondering where my pizza was...

I was told rudely the guy was on his way. Okay, no apology? No discount? DUDE I would've understood if it needed an hour to make my pizza, but then why was I told 35 minutes? Don't give me attitude when I've been waiting HUNGRY for my food when you told me a certain time and I'm wondering where my food is DOUBLE that time.

*HUFF* Seriously if the tip wasn't already on my credit card I would so not tip the driver. >:( And I always tip really well. I'm so not eating Papa Johns anymore. I'm going back to Pizza Hut.

Not exactly "bad service" but someone explain to me... [aka stupid laws]

Ok, explain to me why is it that someone who came into this country illegally isn't considered a felon despite breaking federal law BUT playing online poker is a FELONY!?


Seriously, my state has made online gambling (betting, poker, keno, etc) illegal. Oh sure, it's "always" been illegal but it was a misdemeanor before but NOW it's a felony. -_- [story link]

  1. Illegal immigrants = not even a misdemeanor despite breaking federal law on immigration.

  2. Online gambling = felony.

Makes you wonder if this could be considered online gambling. ;) Yea, yea, I know it's not.

So what are computer stores to do if we end up with a customer whose computer has a browser history of illegal gambling sites and we stumble upon it while repairing the computer? What are we supposed to do? Call the cops and report the person for violating the law on online gambling? What happens if we don't report it? Would we, the computer store owners, be held responsible for not reporting it? Yes, if it was child porn then the computer store would be required to contact the cops but online gambling? ::rolleyes::

Seriously, how the hell are they going to enforce this law? Have the hundreds or thousands of ISP companies report on who is going to those websites? Have those ISPs block every online gambling site? It's stupid.

I'm amazed. Online gamling = felony, coming in the US illegally = not even a misdemeanor.