June 6th, 2006


So I'm driving on Manning Ave in Reedley, CA, heading home, when I see a burning van on the side of the road! I didn't see any people or bodies around, nor did I see any sign of a nearby fire truck or ambulance, so I called 911. 911 transferred me to the Sherrif's department. The Sheriff's department transfered me to the fire department. The fire department gave me another number to call...and when I hung up from the fire department, I couldn't remember the number.

So I hope someone else called and was successful in reporting the fire, since no one really wanted to talk to me.
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Banking question

I have a question for you guys. I bank at NBT bank in New York. Last Thursday I deposited a check and it cleared yesterday. My bank puts in debits before it puts in credits. So, the charges that hit my account were put in first, and then the check was entered last. Because of them doing it that way, I went negative 1.48. The next thing to hit my account of the cleared check, on the same day, putting me back into the positive. So, they hit my account with not only one NSF fee, but two (doesn't make sense).

So, my question here is, should I have been hit with a NSF fee when the check cleared the same day as the charges?

P.S. I am not longer depositing checks, I am going to cash then deposit *lol*.