June 5th, 2006

Izzy's Deli

I graduated on sunday ( yay for me!) and my family decided to go out for dinner after the ceremony. So we go to somewhere local because it would be easier on us. I usually love love love this restaurant but for some reason it was not up to par.

OH YEAH! Our server? Used to work with her. Used to, you may ask? why she was fired...FOR STEALING AND BEING NASTY TO CUSTOEMER! Right. So we have her and the whole time shes complaining about two seprate parties she has going on in the back, a 7 and a 9 top (plus us, anohter 7). Thats three tables. Get over it. If you are 'so awesome' at being a server (as she likes to brag), I am sure you could have that down with minimal problems.

- We order saganaki (flaming cheese) and I ask her to just wait for the alcohol to burn off on its own because 1) we like it crispy and 2) i dont like the taste of the lemon when they put it on there. I told her this. She waits for it to burn off, then squeezes the lemon on it.

- For seven people we got 4 pieces of microwaved pita. Supposed to be grilled. Not a big deal, we cut them in half and she realizes her mistake on the odd amount of pita. She says she will get us more. And she does. 10 minutes later. After we ate the cheese, plain, after we finished the first set of pita and the cheese was starting to get non-melty.

- Never got my water even after I asked for one multiple times. Dad never got a refill on soda even when asked.

- Didnt know what was in their salads or their dressings. Didnt bring dressings on the sides for mine and my sisters salad-- out right told us that it isnt possible because its all mixed in. However, you dont just POOF a salad and its dressings there already mixed in it. Im sure at some point the cook adds it to the salad mix, in fact, i am almost POSITIVE thats what happens. I dont like a lot of dressing because it takes away from the flavor of the veggies in it. My sister doesnt like alot because of the extra calories it adds.You can keep the dressings off, it wont kill the cook to do it and you can simply ask  if its possible instead of refusing.

- When asked about their desserts, she didnt know what was in any of the cakes, cheesecakes, pies or canolis. We asked for a dessert menu and never got one.

- Restaurant was out of ice cream and various types of cakes that we saw on the dessert menu that we had to get ourselves (not her fault though, its the restaurnts for being out, still bad service)

- Food not brought out at the same time. In fact,  full meals werent brought out at the same time. IE: dad ordred omlette bacon, hasbrowns and toast. In 2-3 minute incraments (sp?) he recieved each one seperatly.

- Accidently left my purse there because she was rushing us out the door immediatly after the check was paid for. I called when I got home and realized it. The purse, according to the host, was "non existant and no where near the restaurant". A lady called and dropped it off because she found my ID in it and heard the hostess say that on the phone. (All my money was there thank god).

-Just all around poo-poo service. Mom still tipped 15% on an $80 bill. I told her to leave a two dollar tip and a note that said to get out of customer service.

never going there again.