June 4th, 2006

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Newspaper delivery

This is nothing near as bad as most stories I read here, but it is getting to be a nuisance that they just can't get it right.

I live on the fourth floor of an apartment and get my newspaper delivered every day. Mon-Sat there are no problems at all. We receive our newspapers every day at the proper time (i.e. before 7am) and if there have been technical problems so the newspapers cannot be printed for some reason or another, we get a note instead, telling us why and that we'll get the paper comp'ed.

Perfect service, and I don't have a single bad word to say about the Mon-Sat delivery guy/girl.

Unfortunately I cannot say the same thing about the Sunday delivery guy AT ALL. 9 times out of 10 we don't receive our Sunday newspaper at all. The 10th time it's left outside on the mat, instead of pushed through the mailslot into our appartment - which means that if it rains, the newspaper is totally ruined.

I called 8 Sundays in a row to complain (politely - I read customers_suck as well ;) ) and we got the newspaper comp'ed. Finally, the delivery guy seemed to have gotten the message (he gets a fine every time he mis-delivers a paper), and for about a month, we'd receive it properly.

Only a month though... about a month ago, he started leaving them outside the door again and for the last two Sundays he's taken it a step futher... instead of bothering to go 'all the way up' to the fourth floor, he's started just throwing the newspapers at the bottom of the stairs - in fact hiding them under the stairs, so I only discovered them because I could see a corner sticking out.

I am NOT impressed! Bad_service from the delivery guy, and while I have no real complaints with the customer service (they're always super friendly and polite when I talk to them), I find it annoying that the delivery guy's boss can't get him to do his job.

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Seriously, UPS what is so difficult about ringing the goddamn doorbell? I wait around all day on Friday for them to show up so I can have some furniture and a mattress since I had missed them the day before and the note stated theyd be back between 2:00-5:00. At 5:00 p.m. I can't wait any longer and leave for work, and there is one of their notes on the mailbox. I call the number and it tells me they "tried" to deliver at 3:20- WHILE I WAS HOME. At that time I had been getting ready for work in my room, which just happens to be right next to the front door. Atleast the woman who I spoke to on the phone was nice and said she put a note in the system for them to call within the hour they will be delivering on Monday, and for them to make sure they ring the doorbell.
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Not bad, just kind of WTF

We just got back from Meijer. We were over in the pharmacy section and they had a condom display with a sale sign for the condoms on top. Directly next to the sign was another sign that read 'don't forget film and batteries'. A few feet away was another condom display, a sale sign, and right next to that sign was a sign that read 'don't forget a disposable camera or film'.

Admittedly I laughed, but I couldn't help wondering who the genius was who set the signs up like that.
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Boston Pizza

It was my birthday on June 1st. My dad's girlfriend and I went for a pedicure together, which was great. After the spa, she decided to take me to Boston Pizza. Not my favourite restaurant, but my Dad and Emma (my 3 1/2 year old daughter) met us there. The food was decent, but the service was the worst I've had in a long time. Ridiculously bad service. The waitress should not have a job. At the end, after we had paid our bill, she brings over a doggy bag and tells me that she forgot to give me the birthday brownie that you get for free on your birthday. Oh, by the way, there is also a little container of vanilla ice cream in there. Keep in mind that we were already getting up to leave and it is freaking hot outside. I look in the bag. The brownie looks great. The ice cream is already melted in its little container, which appears to have been dropped. The container is all dented and dirty on one side. So we left the ice cream container on the table. She fucked up our orders completely. How can you fuck up one kids grilled cheese, one appetizer and a pizza to share? Duh - umb. Since she fucked up the pizza, Emma was left waiting for her grilled cheese. She brought our pizza, with no olives, to the wrong table and came out to see if we would just take the one with olives. She was rude, asked why we didn't want olives and why we couldn't just pick them off. If we weren't allergic, we should just take the one with olives and pick them off, right? Come on. I hate olives. I didn't want one with freaking olives. Then she says that they are making a new one without and it will be another 15 minutes. It would have been fine if she had just come out and told us that there was a mistake, but she was really rude about us not wanting olives. While we were waiting for them to make a new pizza, I asked if Emma could at least have her grilled cheese. Sure, she could have it, its been ready for a long time. It was so ready that it was cold when she got it. Emma didn't mind and ate it anyway, but I was pissed. My dad's beer was flat. My ginger ale was flat. Ugh. She was pissed off when we asked for new ones and just brought out water. I guess there was something wrong with whatever makes the drinks carbonated, so she asked if we wanted wine. I'm 8 months pregnant - do I look like I want wine? Won't be going there again...ever. I think I said that the last time we got stuck going there, about a year ago. That time I ordered a strawberry margarita, which came to me as a regular lime margarita with a small shot of strawberry syrop floating in it. The waitress argued with me that is was, in fact, a strawberry margarita. What? Anyway, this time the pizza was good when we finally got it, but that doesn't make up for shitty service. My dad paid for dinner - I hope he didn't give her much of a tip, if any. Where are those restaurant comment cards when you need one? I sent a comment about the whole experience on the comments section of their website. That was Friday. I'll see if I hear anything from them. What are they going to do? Give me a free meal? That won't make me want to go back to be subjected to crap service like that again. I should have asked to speak to a manager, but I was tired. I had my daughter with me and am 8 months pregnant. I really didn't feel like a confrontation.
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I wish I didn't love the tacos at Los Gringos Rapidos so much, as every time I visit the place the conversation with the person behind the counter goes something like this:

Me: "Hi, I'd like two carnitas tacos please, with rice and beans, for here."
Them: "and what kind of meat would you like in those?"
Me: "um, carnitas please."
Them: "how many would you like?"
Me: "two"
Them: "would you like rice and beans with that?"
Me: sigh, "yes please."
Them: "would you like that for here or to take out?"

Not really bad but annoying.