June 3rd, 2006

Lily Haloween

(no subject)

Not really bad_service... but kind of odd.

I worked in fast food for a good [and bad] year of my life. Now, we occasionally ran out of product but very quickly got more of whatever we needed.

The other night the boyfriend and I pull into the Taco Bell drive thru which is slightly full. As soon as we get to the speaker I hear, "Hi. Thanks for choosing Taco Bell. I have to tell you right now that we have no more meat or beans... so uh... if you want a taco or whatever it has to be chicken or steak. Order when you're ready." This is about 15, 20 minutes to close.

I can understand that you can run out of meat and beans. Especially so soon to close. But it's like... you should probably have back ups. Especially if those are two key ingredients... I worked for Del Taco [yeah, cool]. The only time we ran out of stuff was when someone forgot to cook it early enough. Maybe that's the case. Again, I'm not calling it bad_service. Just odd to run out of those key things.

And I could cross post this to customers_suck because I heard some lady yell, "OH OK... I just want a bean burrito then!"... righhhht.