June 2nd, 2006


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I could seriously smack the s**t out of Lowes right now.

I went to purchase a washer there tonight. After waiting for a sales associate, I go about buying the appliance and find out that there are several catches to their "free red carpet next day delivery for appliances over $299". First of all the delivery isn't free. You have to pay for it and then send in a rebate. That I could deal with. But then I find out that delivery is backed up until next Wednesday...Not Acceptable! I'm going to pay full price, pay for delivery up front, and they aren't going to be there until 6 days later? Arrrgh! I worked up a serious head of steam and headed to customer service. I pressed the issue about next day delivery. The cs person make a quick call to the manager. No good.
I told them that if I was going to have to wait, I wanted a discount. Another whispered call, and I had a 10% discount. Better but not good. So she rang the sale through, I produced my VISA debit card, and the card was declined! Twice! I got the heck out of dodge. My SO suggested that we try Home Depot. So we did. Not only was the machine less expensive, but they have a smaller delivery charge! I will have saved about $40.00 even after the "discount"!

Phew. So after fun at Denny's we came back with our fingers crossed that our computers would work. They did. :0). So I spent the rest of the evening paying bills online, ordering our train tickets to DC, and doing this...lol.

One week until "Sordid Lives"!

Two weeks until "Mame" in DC at the Kennedy Center!

Hopefully things will go much smoother this weekend even though we will have to go to the laundromat yet again. That is an experience I do not miss...
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bad night at quizno's

ok, so here's the deal. i work for a computer question/answer line (like a tech support) for my college. i try and be a very people friendly person, even to the rudest customer (and i've had some bad ones)

anyhow, i was in Quizno's last night getting dinner, and I was APALLED at the way the woman treated me! I know sometimes you can have a really pissy customer who will make your day a living hell, but I was trying to make a very simple request.

info: My boyfriend and I were going to share a sandwich. I had attempted (several times) to ask her for a second plate, so I wouldn't have to lean over a napkin to eat

her response(very snappy and rude, since i was saying PLEASE as I started)

"I don't come to your work and tell you how to do your job!!"

I was blown away by this. I mean, all I was trying to do was get an extra plate. I was so temtped to be rude to her in turn and say something along the lines of "well, in my line of work, I don't cut people off when they politely try to ask me something!" but I didnt. I wasnt going to be that way

However, my best friend's dad, who happens to treat me like his own, was the one buying the subs for us. i told him after we left there what she said, and explained that that was why I had been using a napkin instead of a plate (he asked) his statement made me laugh/cringe "Well, if I had heard that, I would have told her never mind, that we didnt want the food, and walk out. Let them dock her pay for the wasted food."

made me glad he didnt hear, since I wouldn't have wanted to give her reason to be even worse to the next customer....

(first posted in customerssuck, cause i didnt know about here)
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Communication problems, anyone?

When I moved out to live on my own I wished to have telephone (of course) and internet access. There were several providers for each, but only one company offered both. So I said to myself "fine, better have it all from one company, will save me trouble later". Boy, was I wrong. Germany´s "Telekom" has a 'daughter' company called "T-Online" which provides the internet access. Trouble is 'mother' and 'daughter' never talk.
As a rule.
So everytime you have a problem you better make sure to call the right firm, because the other won´t help you, EVEN THOUGH IT´S VIRTUALLY THE SAME COMPANY and even though some problems affect both parts.

But that´s not all. Telekom has the habit of charging too much and has a lousy attitude about it. I talked to the people in the service department on various occasions (after waiting around 30-45 minutes for a human to pick up the receiver each time) and it was never fun - although I saved a lot of money with these calls.

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For a while almost everything worked fine.

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All that plus the few times I had problems with the internet and was forced to call their incompetent service line makes me want to puke every time I see a Telekom commercial. I´ll never go back to that company EVER.

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Germany isn´t exactly famous for the way customers are treated (more 'infamous', if you ask most people), but this went beyond everything that had happened to me (so far)...


Now THIS is out of hand.

We're moving out. An agency deals with all the renting and showing people around, etc. They are the same people we went through to get the place. My boyfriend has been in constant contact with these guys, well, one guy considering he is the one dealing with our flat (also the one that showed us through). He told him, under no circumstances, that he was to show the flat to ANYBODY until next week (so we could have a chance to clean over the weekend). He had asked if he could show someone through tomorrow morning, we told him no that the earliest he could show someone through would be Monday.

We've just found out (via an email my boyfriend recieved whilst away on his lunchbreak) that this agent has shown someone through our flat today, about 2 hours ago.

Now WTF? I am so angry about this and I have no idea how to approach it without screaming, beating or even killing someone.

Yes I think I may need anger management, but thats besides the point.

It states in our contract that nobody can enter our flat without a)permission and b) 24 hours notice and that we dont have to let them show it until 2 weeks before we vacate the premises.


Oh, and I'm in England.