May 31st, 2006


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Because I'm not a full-time college student, I've been dropped from my family's health insurance. However, the medical issues that caused me to drop out of school made it worthwhile to purchase continued coverage on the insurance plan. I'm currently paying about $300/mo. to Conexis in order to stay on my dad's health plan.

We sent in the paperwork in March, and I was fully covered as of April 1. However, my claims since then have recently come back unpaid.

Last Monday, I called Conexis's customer service line and was almost immediately connected with a representative. She said that it might have been an issue if the claims were submitted before my payment was processed, so she sent in a request to have all of my claims reprocessed. I hung up, satisfied that things would be sorted out.

However, this Saturday (5/27), I recieved a new insurance card in the mail. This card has a different policy number than my parents' plan, which explains why all of my claims have gone unpaid. I checked the FAQ on Conexis's website, and it said that I would not be sent a new insurance card, and should continue to use my old information. Obviously, this is wrong. Also, it seems ridiculous that it would take two months to send me the new insurance card that would enable me to actually get the coverage I was paying for.

I also have not yet recieved a new prescription card (my dad's insurance plan has Blue Cross for health and CIGNA for prescriptions; Conexis merely handles the purchasing of continuation coverage). My Wellbutrin prescription has just run out, and I have no idea who to talk to to find out my insurance information so that I can get it refilled. It's an expensive prescription which I have already bought out-of-pocket once while waiting for my new coverage to take effect, and it's something that I cannot just go off of for a while without suffering some unfortunate mental consequences. I can't afford to spent $120 on a prescription ON TOP OF the $300 I'm paying so that I don't have to pay for prescriptions.

I'm very frustrated at the moment.


I was visiting my parents a couple weeks ago when my mom told me there had been a couple of break ins in their neighborhood which was surprising because it's a nice neighborhood they had been living there for years with no problems. So they decided they were going to get an alarm and chose to go with ADT.
My dad called and set up the appointment and they said they would show up on Monday the 2nd. My dad didn't have a calender in front of him so he said ok. When he saw that Monday was the 1st he tried to call back but no answer so I said I would wait for them on Monday since he and mom had to work.
They didn't show up we called and they said well even though he said Monday he also said the second and they have things scheduled by the number date not the day date. Ok I'll wait for them on Tuesday then. Again no one shows up so my dad calls and the guy said he got backed up and they would be there tomorrow. (Yeah thanks for calling to tell us that.) So the guy shows on Wednesday and says he needs to get under the house and where was the door to the basement. I told him I was sorry but we didn't have a basement but a crawlspace under the house and that we had mentioned that when we set up the appointment. Then he tells me no one told him that and proceeded to whine and complain about the fact that this is America and every house should have a basement. When he gets out of the crawlspace he begins to drill a hole in our hardwood floor. I asked him what he was doing and he said that he needed a hole to run the wire though and that we wouldn't ever notice the hole. As he starts to run the wire he notices that there is a board preventing it from fitting through the hols so he STARTS TO DRILL ANOTHER ONE. When I ask him what he's doing no he said that the first one was too close to the wall and not to worry because he was going to putty it up. When he finishes and there are now 2 holes in our wood floor and 3 in the linoleum floor in the kitchen he leaves. He wrote down the alarm code and instruction on how to change it if we wanted to. I left it the way it was for now and went to run some errands since I had been stuck for 3 days waiting for this guy. I set the alarm and go.
When I come back I go to turn off the alarm and when I punch the alarm it keeps beeping when I still can't do it after 3 tries I'm locked out of the system and assume the police are coming to take me away for breaking in my own home. Only they never come because they guy set it up wrong and it never notified the police so basically it did nothing. When my dad came home he blew up over the holes in the floor filled with a grayish putty he calmed down and called ADT to have them tell him I must have tried to change the code and did it wrong and turned off the police notification. What? It took 2 weeks and 4 visits before they got it right.
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  This is an edited version of a really sucky customer service experience from my personal journal.

  Never, ever, ever use Xdrive.  EVER.

  Three weeks ago, I went looking for an easy online harddrive service that I could use to store some files for a few days.  Xdrive had an offer of a 30 day free trial, which of course you had to give your credit card number to use.  A few days after signing up and after trying several different ways to make the stupid thing work, I decided to cancel my account.  After searching fruitlessly through their website for information on how to cancel my account, I finally wrote an e-mail to their customer support asking that my account be canceled.  Nothing happened for the next week, so I wrote them again.  Still nothing.

  So today, I called.  The lady was very nice, and informed me that all cancelation proceedures had to be done over the phone.  Oooookay.  Whatever.  After hanging up with her, I then proceeded to my bank account.  Where all hell had broken loose (but that's part of a totally different story).  In the middle of the mess is a rather odd charge.  From Xdrive.  2 weeks after I signed up.  And, because of the afore mentioned hell, it has caused an overdraft fee in my account.

  So I called my bank, talked to a very helpful lady, got put on a course to possibly help with the mess that was suddenly my finances, and got the charge from Xdrive sent for investigation.  I then called Xdrive back.  According the representative I talked to this time, the charge was a "test" charge.  Which, I pointed out, wouldn't have been needed if the bastards had given me SOME response to my previous e-mails.  So she "initiates the refund" and sent me on up to the next tier of customer support so that I can scream at someone suggest that they change their handling of e-mails requesting cancelation.  After a bare two minute hold time, I was encouraged to leave a message.  I suspected something was up when the rep told me to be sure to leave a message, but oh well.

  After a few hours, someone finally called back.  He claimed that they only started offering the 30 day free trial period a few days ago.  He also claimed that they currently have a "huge" backlog of customer support e-mails.  I pointed out that their website said 30 days when I signed up, and even if it didn't, I still wrote to cancel my account well within the 15 day trial period he claims was up on the site when I signed up.  I also pointed out that their phone system claims that e-mails to customer support would be answered within three hours, which is pretty clearly a longer stretch of time than the three weeks it has been since I first e-mailed them.  And on top of all of that, the website says nothing about how to cancel ones account, which is a serious problem if one's company is only going to allow cancelations a certain way.  He dodged my complaints, reiterated that they had this massive backlog of support e-mails, but apparently didn't have an answer to my complaint about the webpage, because he then HUNG UP ON ME.

  Somehow, I suspect that if I hadn't called back, they wouldn't have refunded the money, and would have tried to claim to the bank that I hadn't e-mailed at all during the supposed 15 day trial period.  Right now I'm just hoping they actually do what they claim, and I don't wind up getting screwed further by these jerks.

Dear Advanced Property Management

When we signed the lease on this house, we were well aware that the woman who owns it has no desire to do any upkeep whatsoever, and we were taking a gamble. Luckily, your agent, Barbara, was friendly, apologetic, and more than willing to help out. When we moved in, the lawn was up to our knees, the paint was peeling inside and out, and there were cockroaches everywhere. A few calls to Barbara, and most of our problems were solved within a week. We had no more problems with the house until a month or so ago.
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As stated in the letter, we DO enjoying living here. We chose it because of the fabulous location, and accepted the fact that we are not living in luxury. We do mow the lawn once a week, but it is still in horrible shape. When we moved in, the grass was completely unacceptable and there was all kinds a debris all over the lawn (kids toys, trash, etc.). I feel like this woman thinks she can talk down to me because I'm young (I'm 23, though I look about 16).

Sorry for the rant but this is the place I can go to vent.