May 30th, 2006

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This isn't a tale so much of bad_service so much as....confusing_service? I don't know, but in any case, I was miffed.

About three weeks ago, I decided to order high-speed internet service from Aliant. I called and placed the order on a Saturday afternoon, and was told that because there was already a jack in my room and I was in the "right service area", I was eligible for the self-install -- a visit from a technician wouldn't be necessary. They told me that my installation kit would arrive in four or five business days.

Fast-forward to that Friday. I'm at work, when the phone rings. It's my dad, who tells me that a technician is at the house to "install my internet service".


That's not the worst part. The technician was at that point on his knees in my bedroom, trying to figure out how to turn my computer on! There are TWO buttons on the front of my tower. Not exactly rocket science, people! I mean, I could understand my father not knowing -- he's not exactly computer literate and is frankly almost afraid to even touch my computer for fear he will accidentally destroy something. But this guy WORKS for the damn company! I was just boggled.

Anyway, he finally gets everything up and running and leaves.

The next day, guess what I received in the mail? My installation kit. Which by then was totally unneccessary, since the "technician" had already set everything up.

I've also had repeated problems with my Internet connection. I've called Aliant's technical support line six times in the past two weeks, and even though I will say that the techs I've spoken to have been absolutely great in trying everything they could for me, they were never able to actually SOLVE my problem. I finally resolved the problem myself just last night (although don't ask me what I did).

I'm still completely amazed at the rigamarole that occurred with the installation, though. Had I know the tech was going to be showing up at my house, I could have arranged to be there and I could have turned the computer on FOR him, since that was obviously beyond his extensive technical knowledge.

Well. As I said, this was more "bewildering_service", but I just felt the need to share the story with someone.

Update: prescription frustration

I still haven't decided how I want to handle the situation with Walgreens.

I did, however, go over to a new supermarket that just opened in the area and while I was there discovered that they have an in-store pharmacy. It's about one block further from my home than the Walgreens, so it's not at all inconvenient. A woman there (I'm not sure whether she was a tech or a pharmacist) answered my questions helpfully and gave me things like contact information and pharmacy hours.

Obviously, this could be a fluke, though they'd really have to work to piss me off more than Walgreens has, especially since most of the meds I take, I've been taking for a long, long time and with those meds I don't need much more than for them to put the correct number of the correct drug in a container. I have the information I need to transfer my prescriptions over to this other pharmacy, and that's what I intend to do.

The new supermarket carries Beggin' Strips, which the Walgreens doesn't, so my dog approves of this decision as well. He seems to regard me coming home with a bag of them as very very good service, although his opinion of me has clearly decreased since he discovered I don't plan to give them all to him right now.
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So.. I went to my new dentist today (new insurance, had to switch) because I managed to lose a filling between 2 teeth. She looks at my x-rays, and informs me that I have 3 cavaties.

You see, the bad service doesn't come from this dentist. The bad service comes from the fact that I was just in my old dentist's office around Feb 1st (of this year) getting a crap load of cavities filled because I let myself go for 5 years without seeing a dentist, and I have cavity-prone teeth.

This just compounds how much a dislike the other dentist. With him...

1 of my surface filling came off a day later when I got my teeth cleaned.
1 of my other fillings came out while I was chewing, taking some of the tooth with it.
And now, apparently, he missed 3 other cavities when I was in there getting extensive work done. My new dentist says that it would take 6 months to a year for these to have appeared.

We're just waiting for my sister to go into the new dentist on thursday. Last time she saw the other guy, he told her she has NO cavities at all.


I look at the sale flyers delivered each week. On sunday I noticed a ladder in the Canadian Tire flyer I could use. The sale ends on thursday so today I went to buy the ladder.

I get to the store and rather then bother a clerk right away I walk around looking for the ladder and check out other sale stuff. After 20 minutes or so looking for the ladder I gave up. I saw an associate unpacking some stock.

Me: Excuse me please.
CL: Clerk

Me: Excuse me?
Cl: *looks at me*
Me: Can you tell me where the ladders posted in the sale flyer are?
Cl: We're sold out.
Me: o.o
Cl: o.O
Me: Oh, ok, can I get a rain check for one?
Cl: I guess *sigh*

We walk over to the counter and she fills out the rain check and hands it to me.

Me: So it will be around 2 weeks to get more in?
Cl: Something like that.
Me: So you guys will call when it arrives?
Cl: Someone should.
Me: Oh, ok, thank you.
Cl: (no you're welcome, kiss my ass or anything)...

I worked for Canadian Tire over 20 years ago when I was in High School. I know they cannot stock a huge amount of large items so I am familiar with the store running out of stock before the sale is over. I also know that WE were told to offer the customer a rain check on these items. The ad will say "Sorry no rain checks" if they won't offer them on certain items. The ladder didn't say that and she should have offered the rain check. Who knows how many sales she let slip by. In my day we would have been chewed out for that. In a way I can't really blame her because I hated working there too, but I still helped out the customer. Not all customers know about a rain check.
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The dentist story from earlier reminded me of why my family left our old dentist.

First, we could never get our money back from insurance. The dentist would make you pay the entire amount up front, then the insurance would send money to the dentist instead of back to us. As our old dentist only "signed checks once a month," according to his lovely receptionist, it would sometimes take us three or four months to get refunded. (The receptionist quit a couple of years later, saying she couldn't stand working for him anymore.)

But the straw that broke the camel's back... our old dentist took his prescription bottle for some medication back to the pharmacy to get it refilled. Only, he'd forgotten to take his COCAINE out of the bottle before he turned it in.

We got a new dentist.
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A bit of 'ew', a bit of 'ha,ha!'

This is more a WTF!? o.O story than bad service, but I thought this place could use a laugh.
My dad has an account with, which if you're Canadian, is the equivalent of Netflix in the US.
Anywho, this story takes place WEEKS and perhaps MONTHS after his account has been in full swing and he has been happily receiving and viewing the DVDs he checked off that he would be interested in.
Well apparently, when you check off certain 'Sci-Fi' and 'Horror' movies together, along with 'Spoofs' and 'Satires', they try to match your tastes with other DVDs they suggest and send along (without you knowing of course, where would the fun be in that!?)
Lo and behold, a few weeks ago my father gets this lovely gem in the mail:

"The Erotic Witch Project"

"No way," he says. "That can't be porn!" I grab the disk from him in its enveloppe and read the description. "Oh," but I say. "I think it is! 'The hottest lesbian encounter ever recorded'? That sounds pretty porno to me!" My mother was in the vicinity when this all came about, and she was floored as well (ha, that was a bad pun.) Either way, we all had a good laugh about it.
So yes, this was more a 'Ew-can't-think-of-parents-watching-lame-porn' moment than bad service, but come on. Porn? My dad's a freakin' British comedy, war movie lovin' kind of man. WTF!

And btw, he didn't ever watch it.