May 29th, 2006

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Anyone here from Toronto?

bad_service is today's illegal TTC strike.

The strike couldn’t come at a worse time. There was little notice for riders who didn’t hear about the impending dispute over the weekend. It’s been difficult to hail a cab in the city as the morning rush heats up, and they’re doing landmark business. The walkout comes on the city’s first ‘spare the air day’ of the summer. Sweltering temperatures in the upper 20s and humidity levels in the 30s are expected, swelling pollution levels across the G.T.A., even as more cars are forced to hit the road. And in an irony of timing lost on few, Monday also marks the beginning of bike week. It appears many more people will be taking part in that event than they expected.

Prescription frustration

On Monday I went to the local Walgreens to get 2 prescriptions refilled. One of them is irrelevant, and we'll call the other one L.

On Wednesday I went to the doctor and she prescribed me a new drug (which we'll call R), which I needed to slowly increase the dose on instead of starting at the target dose all at once. I immediately went to the local Walgreens and handed over the prescription. Turns out the doctor wrote instructions for the first 2 weeks and then instructions for the next 2 weeks and then written (I am not kidding): Then #50. The pharmacist said she was going to call my doctor and figure out what the rest of the prescription should have been, and then call me to let me know I could come pick up my drugs.

On Friday the doctor called back and I get a call saying my prescription is ready. So I head on over, and this is where I encounter bad service.

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