May 27th, 2006

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Dear Yahoo,
I have Windows XP, installed barely three weeks ago, that came with what i'm sure is the latest Internet Explorer. yet your precious @#$@#$%$@#ing "Chat 2.0" DOESN'T LOAD FOR ME.

why is this? and why did you get rid of Java chat? some of us, ya know, USED that.

i wanted to see if i could find a scifi chat room. but nothing loads. fuck you very much.

-- an irritated and bored Firefly fan
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Bad service: Two places that stink

Had a double whammy of bad service.
I had a need to use Kinko's, as my printer is broken. All of their computers, all of them, are so incredibly slow they simply suck the minutes off of the refill cards. You can't launch programs in a reasonable amount of time. You can't log off without losing at least a $1.20 or more. I'm serious. You can jam the "eject" button and pray to the deity of your choice, and it won't spit the card out. It's the equivalent of a "clip joint".
When I told the counter girls they stopped their conversation long enough to have a resounding "Duh" and ask me if I knew how to fix their **it. What do I get for it? A hug? Respect? A galaxy of prizes? Yeah, I could probably eliminate the tremendous amount of spyware/adware and who Probably, if I had the password(s). After about two days with no sleep. That's how messed up their equipment is. I'm no IT expert by any means, but I know when something is totally ****ed to the gills.
No refund was offered whatsoever. Another person got up and stormed off without their Kinko's per-minute card.
I went to Taco Bell, right? The same day. The manager herself was ringing register. I got a Ultimate Chalupa, a Steak & Potato burrito, a soft taco Supreme and an Empanada. For myself and others. Everything was soggy. Very soggy. Portions were too small. My dumb friend called the number on the receipt and went through the extremely long, convoluted bs survey that pretty much is full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Even at its best, it's not that good.
Still working on a resolution for both. I imagine I'll get some free coupons out of TB, but that Kinko's needs a complete restaffing.

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Dear Bank of America:

THERE IS NO THOMAS LOAB JR. AT THIS NUMBER!!!! We've told you that several times now, including THREE TIMES in the last day. Calling us back repeatedly will not change that fact. Nor will explaining that you're calling from B of A!!!!

Please quit calling us!!

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This would probably fall under Mildly Obnoxious Service.

I have a Virgin Mobile phone. For the most part, I am quite happy with it. Basically I prepay for my minutes, and I need to put $20.00 on my phone every 90 days in order for it to stay activated. Virgin Mobile helpfully sends me an email when I am getting close to the 90 day mark, and a message shows up on my phone to remind me. I don't mind that in the slightest.

What I DO mind is having a recording call my HOME number (not my cell), on a Saturday morning, reminding me to "Top-up," even though I just put money on my phone yesterday. Oh, and that call woke me up. Considering yesterday was Friday Night, I wasn't exactly a cheerful little muffin to be woken up in that manner.
I also don't like that it wouldn't let me connect to an operator, so I had to call back and try to navigate their recorded options, trying to deal with their voice recognition options, and finally press 0 a couple dozen times to be put on hold for an operator. About 15 minutes after their initial call, I finally reached an operator.

At this point I will fully admit to being a Sucky Customer, because I was slightly hungover, tired, and generally a little cranky. I was able to communicate to the operator in an irritated, but non-swearing, non-yelling manner that I did not wish to be called to remind me to top-up, and that really I was quite content with the simple reminder email.

I think part of the reason this whole situation irritated me so much was that the voice on the recording and their menu options is a very cheerful woman with a moderately heavy inner city accent, probably selected to make the service seem "hip" and "edgy." Instead it just rubbed me the wrong way.
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Pizza Hut

My husband and I ordered a pizaa from Pizza Hut last night and all was wonderful. The bad service came about 10 mins ago when we were called by a CALL CENTER (I HATE call centers with a passion) wanting us to do a survey. I nearly hung up on the guy, I was so pissed, instead I was polite and told him I was not interested in participating in anything and I hung up. I was never told that we would be called, and I never thought in a million years that places could do that, use your phone number and give it to a 3rd party to do a survey without your knowledge or consent. Sheesh I mean the only way they had our phone number was because I called in the order! I just jotted off a message on and I hope they call back so I can bitch them out for misusing our phone number, this policy is just ridiculous. I'm not the type who's against doing surveys for places, if I CHOOSE to and if I initiate the communication (like the phone numbers other places leave on receipts). Honestly in this case our deilvery came early so if I had a receipt with a phone number on it I probably would have given great feedback, but now I just won't go to pizza hut anymore.

I will admit I'm particularly sensitive about call centers calling me because we switched from Vonage to Qwest phone service about a month ago and we get at least 2 telemarketers a week. We have an unlisted number and the only people who have our phone number are family/friends/doctor's offices. Our credit cards don't even have this number yet, so I would love to know how we're being called. If anyone wants to know how to avoid almost all telemarketing, get Vonage, not only does no one call you, but that company has awesome customer service.
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