May 25th, 2006

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just an fyi shoutout to my former place of employment

hi there. :) it's me again. it's been about a year since i worked for you and things are a little different now, but mom and i were hungry and she didn't want to cook and, well, you guys make an absolutely KILLER chicken caesar wrap.

just one thing.

those "sample party platter" things you have in the refrigerated case with the cakes and dessert? you know, the trays with the [party food] and the pretty decoration-lettuce and stuff?



i mentioned it to the friendly neighborhood wageslave who bagged our ToGo order, and he seemed less than interested in it, so i think i'll call in tomorrow.
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So some time ago...about 6-7 years... my mom had ordered this bedroom set. We had just moved into a brand spaking new house, which my mom could now afford because she had just gotten a new job and a tremendous raise!! Well, she orders and pays for this nice vanity mirror/dresser set, 2 night stands, a bed frame another huge dresser and a smaller one. Notice i didnt say get. What she did end up getting was the bed, mirror/dresser, one night stand, and the huge dresser. Now this is nice cherry wood, so its not cheap. Two pieces of furniture are missing and my mom is upset. She calls the comapny she ordered dice. Calls the factory storing the furniture (in Boston, we lived in NH, company was set in NH.). They said they will deliver it in a few months because it went to another order on accident and they have to wait for a new shipment in. They apologized profusley. Why the company never told her  this... I dont know. But my mom was content (NOT happy) with the service and with the fact that she would be getting her stuff.

Fast forward to those "few months later". Still no furniture. Mom tries calling for a refund for those pieces. She doesnt want them a year after she got the others as she is doing just fine with the ones she has now.  The phone has been disconnected for the company and the factory doesnt pick up the phone and no anwering machine. Mom just gives up because well...theres nothing she can really do about a company that no one has ever heard of and now doesnt exist apparently.

 Fast forward two years later. Mom gets an angry letter about some pieces of furniture she never picked up at a warehouse in ....Connecticut? Then she gets another angry letter a few months later with a check in it for furniture that she never picked up which include the vanity mirror, big dresser, two night stands. So she apparnetly had the small dresser, the bed and the dresser that came ATTACHED to the vanity mirror.  No matter, she got refunded on over half her order. ... and banned from ordering from the company for wasting their time, space and money as they put it.
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This happened a little while ago at target and just made me sad.

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A few weeks later, we got a few more target cards and we got another duplicate gift that we needed to return. We've just moved from school to where we have summer internships, so we went to a different target this time. Since I knew the procedure from last time, I went ahead and printed out my registry and had all of my info ready when I went up to the lady at the customer service counter. When she processed the return she asked me if I had a card that I'd like the return amount put on. I said yes and asked if, while we're here, she could also transfer money from our few cards to just one card (like the lady at the other Target did before). She just forcefully said "NO!!" at me. I know that it can be done, because I've had it done before. Still, I understand if she didn't know how or if her store has a policy that doesn't allow her too. I just think something like "No, I'm sorry but I can't do that" or anything polite like that would have been nicer than her barking "NO!" at me like I was a misbehaving child. She wasn't a very nice lady and I'm sure I'll do my best to avoid her whenever I'm at that target this summer.

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A post over in C_S reminded me of why our Wendy's has to be the worst place to eat in my little town. Which is very sad, because Wendy's is my favorite burger joint. I love their burgers. But I've come to expect that what I order at Wendy's, about 75% of the time, is not what I get.

It's become something of a town joke now, actually. One of the girls in my office about a month ago went to pick up three burgers. She came back with one burger, one chicken sandwich and chicken nuggets. Myself, I've learned to at least check that there's something resembling a burger in my bag before I even leave the parking lot.

I don't think my order is that hard. Jr. cheeseburger, mayonnaise only. It shouldn't be that hard, right? Bun, burger, cheese, mayo, bun. But sometims it seems that's just a little too complicated for the crack staff of burger makers at Wendy's.

The last time I went to Wendy's, I'd been on a streak. The previous four visits, they'd gotten my burger wrong. Mustard instead of mayo (blegh), no cheese, veggies on burger (which I can pick off, but can still taste them so it wasn't as enjoyable), etc.

This time, oh the irony. They got it right... by getting it wrong.

I pulled up to the speaker thingamijiggy and give my usual order, jr. cheeseburger, mayo only, medium french fry. The girl repeats it back to me as I'm digging around in my purse, trying to find my wallet, because my purse likes to eat things. I say that's all and look up in time to see on the screen, she's got a jr. bacon cheeseburger. She's already told me to pull up, and I sigh, figuring my streak has continued, and it's not that big a deal, since I can pull the bacon off and give it to the dog.

So I pay, and get home.. only to find that there's no bacon on my burger. It's only a $.10 difference between a jr. cheeseburger and a bacon burger, so I'm not upset about that. I just had a good laugh over the irony of how they FINALLY got my burger right by getting it wrong. (And poor doggy had no bacon. *sniff*)

One time, my mother and I were eating at Wendy's when a torrential downpour came through. It was wierd... you couldn't even see the road because of how hard it was raining. So mom and I are sitting there, chowing down on lunch, when I feel something on my head. I look up and the ceiling right above me is leaking.

And you could tell this wasn't the first time the ceiling had leaked, as there were older water stains on the tiles. So mom and I move to a different table and mom decides to tell an employee about the dripping ceiling. The guy she told, who had been cleaning tables, just looked up at it and said, "Yeah, it does that." and went about his business. No one even bothered to come out and put a bucket under the drip. They just let it drip onto the table and floor.

The bad thing was, the leak was right next to a light fixture. And if I recall correctly, water and electricity don't mix well. And I'd bet the carpet was nice and moldy underneath, if it had been left to get wet like that and no one bothered to clean it up.

It would be simple to just not eat there anymore, but I do like Wendy's. I'm just sad that the people who work there don't seem to be the brightest crayons in the box, and that it's the only one in town.

If Sonic had decent fries, I'd eat there more often. I adore the people who work at our Sonic. And they've never gotten my order wrong.
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First post rant

It amazes me how many customer service 'professionals' are out there these days, especially the ones who fail to provide any kind of service... at least that's my experience.

There are too many telemarketing stories to recount, and I'm sure that you've had your fair share of them too.
What annoys me most about these professionals, asides from their poor service, is that companies tend to be moving towards them in the name of saving money. I'm talking mostly of offshoring customer service centres here, wherever it may be to... it gives the impression that the company is more concerned with saving a couple dollars than providing me the service that I paid that little extra for. Does this bother anyone else?

This morning I had a situation with my car which was very mixed in terms of customer service standards. The second half of the service was impecable (towing), whilst the first half was a nightmare. For starters, how do you explain a technical issue to and then arrange a solution with someone who barely speaks English? This is what BMW roadside assistance expected me to do. Prestige customer service no speak good English - what?!
Mind you, this isn't the first time this has happened. I've had exactly the same problem with customer support departments for Apple and HP and it seems as if there's only one way to get over the problem quickly - the supervisor. In these instances the level of service has jumped from none to the high single-digits, and the problem solved in one fifth of the time.

Thanks for letting me have my little rant. I hope I'm not alone in feeling frustration over this.
I feel like I need to always be wearing a shirt that says 'I demand to speak to your supervisor'.. but like they'd see that over the phone.
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I didn't realize how evil airport security in the United States is until I was frisked in the airport in Germany, and again in Ireland. These friendly people cheerfully patted me down for all sorts of weaponry, lifted my shirt to inspect my belt, and generally stuck their hands in places that would normally get a person slapped by me. But they were jolly, smiling and relatively relaxed in their assumption that this petite girl looking no older than 20 was not in fact a terrorist. Heck, they even made conversation with me.

As a US citizen, to people from other countries who are just trying to visit the States and have a nice time traveling, and accidentally set off the metal detector at the airport...I am sorry. So very very sorry.

This is a general example of service-suckage, not specific. I am scared stiff of airport security in the US. They scowl, they're in a hurry to get you through, but not in so much of a hurry as to not have the time to pull you over roughly and molest you with their metal detectors. What should normally be a routine thing is made humiliating by these bitter guards. I've heard stories about people having to remove articles of clothing other than shoes or jackets, in public of course, and of guards being less than tactful and delicate when searching women. And there is absolutely nothing you can do.

When I was coming over to Germany, I had to naturally go through security at the airport in the US first. I remember being petrified that I wasn't moving fast enough, or that something in my bag would set the detector off, or worse, I would set the detector off. The guy directing me on how to pull out my laptop was rather short with me, even though it was a lazy Sunday afternoon, and there were only a few people in the lines.

I realize of course that the US is all on guard for terrorist attacks, but that's no reason to frighten the regular civilians! We already have to take off our shoes -_- I have metal implants in my head, and I swear one day they'll start scanning people's heads, and mine will set their detectors off, and there will be this huge comotion over what the heck I could be hiding in my nose or mouth, except there's nothing in there....Do you see how worked up I get at the prospect of drawing the attention of the holy US security???

I just don't see why I have to be so nervous about being checked for bombs or guns or pointy objects and such. I didn't even see that it was sucky service until I had the pleasure of dealing with these nice European airport staff :-)
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May MS burn in the fiery pits

OK, actually the experience wasn't that bad, however

I have a drive fail at work on a Toshiba Satelite laptop. I slap in a new hard drive, insert the windows XP install disk, flip the laptop upside down to find the OEM code, and install the system. About an hour later I'm finishing up the first round of updates when Windows Genuine Advantage pops up and says I can't go further until I activate the thing online. I click, it pops up the activate screen, and then tells me my code's no good and to call MS for service.

I called the number, speak the 54 digit long instalation ID that the automated system requires, and amd told 4 minutes later that my instalation is no good. I get transfered to a man who I believe was Pakastani - which I can understand generally, but his phone keeps making loud hissing pops. He asks if I've installed this on any other machines, I tell him no, that I'll take a pic of the laptop's butt along with the screen if he wants, he asks again if I've installed it anywhere else and I tell him no. He then starts typing, and asks me to wait because the system is being slow. He says he will need my product key in a few minutes.

About 2 minutes into waiting I ask if he's still there and he says yes, please wait, it's very slow. I put him on speakerphone and forget about him for a while, I check back at 10 minutes and he says it's still working. I'm working on something else so I don't pay any attention to it. At 28 minutes of hold time I hear him move and then the phone hangs up. Not a big deal for me really, I was working on something else, but I am pretty sure the guy was just dicking around.

I called back, got an ozzy accent, told the guy what the previous guy had said, mentioned it could have been the phones and he said he didn't doubt that the other person had done that on purpose.

I mean, it's bad enough to be treated like a car theif by MS software because of a drive swap or weird-ass Toshiba factory install, but then the next guy doesn't even ask for the product key and took all of 2 minutes.

Think I just got used in a game of "let's see how long we can keep the stupid customer on hold" and conversely they (first rep) got played on the "let's see how high I can make this guy's call times this week"

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Stupid service.

So I had my road test scheduled tomorrow, but for school reasons I needed to reschedule.

Me: Hello, I'd like to change my appointment if possible.
SGI(Saskatchewan Government Insurance): Okay, when would you like to go?
Me: Anytime next week before 3pm is fine.
SGI: Okay, we have an opening on Wednesday at 3:15pm.
Me: I need something before 3pm.
SGI: That IS before 3pm.
Me: What?
SGI: It is.
Me: I said before.
SGI: I know.
Me: What?
SGI: Okay, see you then!

I called back later to confirm my appointment, to make sure I wasn't hearing wrong, but I heard right! Joy!
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