May 24th, 2006



So, Pizza Hut. Usually great - I'm allergic to dairy and they have so much grease on their crust and in their sauce that the pizza cooks perfectly without it. Tonight m'husband Caleb ordered a pizza with cheese for himself and for me he ordered a pizza with no cheese.

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Cross-posted to m'journal, edited slightly for clarification, am tired and grouchy and am editing it again to include an LJ cut... and am re-posting it properly in bad_service after accidentally cross-posting it to customers_suck. I should not be allowed to use the computer when tired, apparently.
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Wally-world Woes

My wife and I went into Wally-world this weekend, to pick up a couple of small items, and to check out the deals they had on 27" TV's. Our old one died when we moved, and we'd finally found enough slack in our budget to replace it (and move the 24" back into the bedroom).

We picked up everything we needed, and went back to look at the TV's. They had several lined up on the top shelf that would fall within our price range, but the shelves beneath them were taken up by smaller boxed units. So, dragonbabylisa walked up to the girl "working" the electronics service counter (by "working" I mean testing the counter's load bearing capacity and counting ceiling tiles), and asked her to see if there were any of the 27" models boxed up & stored in the back.

Actually, she asked the girl four times. That's how long it took to get the "none on shelf, look in back" concept to register with her.

So Wally-girl heads off to the swinging doors that lead to Never-never-land, but on the way manages to get stopped by a family who needs a game out of the game case. (Now, I've worked sales before, and in this situation we were always told to politely say "I'm helping another customer right now, but if you give me a minute, I'll be right back with you.) I guess that policy must be a bit out-dated. Wally-girl retrieves the family's request from the case, leads them back to the counter, and checks them out.

She then resumes the forward-leaning rest position on the counter, and starts counting ceiling tiles.

So my wife walks back over, slightly steaming, and asks Wally-girl again to check on the TV. She grabs a soda from beneath the counter, and flounces back to Never-never-land in a huff.

Fifteen minutes of door-watching pass. DBL says "Fuck this, we'll go someplace else."

On our way to the checkout, we pass the aisle leading back to Layaway, and Wally-girl is sitting on a chair in Layaway bullshitting with the Layaway-girl. DBL walks back & asks "What happened to looking for our TV."

To which Wally-girl makes a face and replies, "I was jus' fixin' to do that."

SO, while I was playing with the self-serve register, I got to listen to my wife tell a manager in detail exactly why Wally-girl needed to be 86'd. We got the barest of apologies, and an "I'll talk to her." If she's there the next time we are, we're calling corporate.

On the plus sized, we found a lovely 27" flat-screen at Circuit City for around $20 less the next day.

Horrid, horrid telemarketers

So - just to clarify - I'm venting here. I get tired of people trying to scam me, and it makes me angry. Companies that try to get money by being deliberately deceptive and LYING to me irk me, especially when I'm busy and have so many better things to do - like dealing with *actual* problems.

I was so angry at a phone call this morning that I was *shaking* with rage.

Five years ago, this company conned my predecessor into having some sort of listing in their directory, and we paid them some money. They harassed us for two years trying (through whatever underhanded means possible) to get us to renew. Now, FIVE YEARS LATER, their rep calls me and tells me that we owe them money for a listing in their directory, for the last four years. And that he'll send me a proof of those four years in their directory, along with an invoice. I told him in plain language that a.) we don't want to pay for a listing in your directory and b.) we don't want to purchase a copy of your directory. No, no - he assures me - this isn't *new* stuff, this is an invoice for services already rendered (which was agreed to by someone who doesn't work here anymore, so I can't check with her).

So his shipping department calls to confirm our delivery. I smell a rat, and I don't authorize the shipment.

He calls back - and once again, assures me that the thing that's being shipped is proof of their previous service, which we now (after the fact) need to pay for. I tell him again that a.) We will not pay for a listing in their directory and b.) we will not purchase a copy of the directory. He assures me that this is NOT what the invoice is for. I say, fine - send it, and when the shipping department calls, I authorize the shipment.

The shipment arrives, and the CD directory is copyright 2006. Therefore, it can not possibly prove that they've listed us for the last four years, and there's no way in hell I'm sending them $400. So, I wrote a Collapse ) (Names removed to protect the innocent. The guilty can rot in hell.)and returned the CD with the letter and invoice. That was last week.

This week, I've already gotten a fax of our "Past Due" invoice, and today, they called. I told them that I had returned the CD with a letter explaing why, and that I would NOT be paying their invoice. She wants to know why - since I clearly *authorized* the shipment with their shipping department. I told her that her rep had LIED to me on two separate occasions as to what was being shipped to me, and that I would NOT be paying them, and to stop calling me. When she continued, I hung up.


Idiot managers

Inspired by this thread.

When I was a teenager I had my first real retail job with KMart as a cashier.

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Yes, it goes under Bad Service (and can go under co-workers suck) because the man was out of line for calling the customer what he did. He really had no right since she was polite and wasn't pushy.
Eternal Sunshine

Not Ready to Make Nice

I try to conserve gas by making only 1 or 2 trips out in my car a week. I work from home so this is easy to do. Monday I drove to my boyfriend's house and left around 11:15pm. I drove over to the 24 hour Wal-Mart where I worked about 2 years ago. I did my shopping and was there to pick up the new Dixie Chicks CD, one for my mom and one for me, and the High School Musical DVD for my brother. I waited until after midnight to approach the lady working in electronics. I had to interrupt a conversation she was having with another employee because I wasn't planning on waiting another 5 minutes to see if the conversation ended. 

Me: Hi, I was wondering if you had the Dixie Chicks CDs behind the counter or something since it's just now after midnight.
Worker: No.
Me: Well, do you know if they are in the back then? 
Worker: No.
Me: (getting annoyed) Do you carry the CD then? *fearful that bans are in place despite there being a spot on the shelf that is empty with their name on it*
Worker: They don't come out till the 23rd.
Me: Well, it is now after midnight so it's the 23rd. I wanted to get it while I was out...
Worker: Yeah, well I started working on the 22nd.
Me: *Boggle*

I walked away and let this lady get back to her talking while I found my former manager at the front end and let him know what happened. He offered to go in the back and get it for me but I had already checked out and decided it wasn't worth it. Luckily I carpooled with my mom today and we both picked it up. Good listening but bad service.

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Update to my post yesterday about the textbook:

I decided to write to their customer service email with another plea for help and expressed how serious it was for me to get this resource, and they write back, and abracadabra they have one and they shipped it out today. It's weird how that can happen, isn't it.

It doesn't matter anyways though, because when my father heard what was happening he called the Math 30 teacher in every high school until he found one who'd lend me the textbook until August, and plus this teacher is also giving me a copy of notes and workbooks to help me in my studying, and wrote down a list of online resources that'll help as well. Now that, my friends, is very good service, especially since he didn't HAVE to do any of that.

from your friendly neighborhood dept. store.

A certain chain department store had a sale about 2 and a half weeks ago.  So, I bit the bullet, and bought an elliptical machine (an exercise machine- sort of a mix of a treadmill and an exercise bike ??  hard to explain).

I'm not a fan of wasting large amounts of money (as in when I try to put it together and break it!), so i paid the smaller amount to have it delivered and set up for me.  There wasn't a convienant delivery time until Saturday the 20th.  No big deal...  I can patiently wait!  I was nearly jumping out of my skin while I was buying it cause I was caught somewhere between being really excited and really not okay with dropping that much cash...  I am not a spender :)  And wait I did.  I have been itching to try out my new toy, but I waited until the 20th.  Got the call on Friday night saying they'd be there between 9:30 and 11:30.  So, I sat and waited (and did laundry, and other fun stuff) until they showed.

11:25, and they pull up.  Yay!!!!

I let them in and they bring it down to the basement as I asked. 

And then they say goodbye.

Umm...  I said...  I did pay for the set up too.  They informed me that it was a different company that came to do that and I had to call the store for details.   So, I called the store.  I explained that I was unaware the set-up was different, and asked what I had to do about it.  They said someone should have called me, and they would look into it and call me back.

*whistle*  *whistle* 

It's now Tuesday, and no call back.  So... I go back to the store in person, and seek some help.  I again explain that it was probably my fault for not paying attention while I was buying it... but I would like it set up soon, and I'm more than a little disappointed at how the man who answered the phone basically blew me off.  He called the assembly people and left them a message, and assured me that they would call me Wednesday.  It's now 10:30 on Wednesday night, and no call.  Hmm. 

I don't blame the store for the miscommunication... I'm sure that was me being excited.  But when it was discovered, they have done nothing to convince me that they actually care that I get what I paid for.  I don't expect much, but the fact that I've now been blown off twice is a little upsetting.  Especially since I was assured I'd get a call today.  Don't make promises unless you're going to pretend to follow through.  The least I would expect is a call asking if I've gotten anywhere- Since I did make it known I was not thrilled by their service. And I was a good little customer, and spoke calmly and rationally, even taking ownership of some of the responsbility!!!!

I just wanna play with my toy!!!!!