May 23rd, 2006

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Why must Verizon suck at life?

My family has had Verizon phone service for nearly seven years. During those years, we had a computer that uses AOL dial-up to get to the 'net (it's outdated, I know, my parents fear change).

When I come home from college, I hook up my computer in my bedroom and use the phone line at night. During these years, there have never been any big charges due to the computers and the phone bill monthly averages about 40 or so dollars.

Today, we got a bill for 430 dollars. Even odder, this was only for a TWO WEEK period. The last phone bill was for 40$ and came in the middle of April. This phone bill was only for May 2 to May 16. The rest of April is COMPLETELY missing.

The computers have NEVER been charged so astronomically before. The access numbers haven't been changed, and the numbers we use are all local numbers with the local area code. My father's computer has been using that number for YEARS and never has this happened before!

Things are made WEIRDER by the fact that the customer service number was DOWN and UNREACHABLE all day.

Does anyone have any idea why Verizon would start charging like this, when nothing has been changed? We're pretty damn sure it's a mistake on their part.

Ideas? Opinions? Help?

[Edit: The main problem is the charges for the time the computers are on. We can't rule out someone stealing our line, but all the times for the huge charges are on the times people are online. Nothing was changed on them, though, and they're charging 50$ for a half hour online...]
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Kind of WTF-definitely bad attitude
I drove up to a Taco Bell/KFC combination (I think its KFC-I get the chicken places mixed up)I went through the drive thru and saw that the combos were labelled T1, T2, T3 for Taco Bell and K1, K2, etc...for KFC. Simple yes? I wanted a combo and a chicken quesadilla for a friend.

The convo went like so

Her-Welcome, how are you today?
Me-I am well, how are you?
**Long stretch of silence**
Her-uuuuhm.oooooookay. What do you want? (Ok, maybe she isnt used to people returning the question, but she sounded annoyed that I did o-O)
Me-I would like a Chicken quesadilla and a T6 combo, beef, with pepsi. (said slowly)
Her-a T6?!
Me-yes, the T6 combo
**long silence**
Her-**sigh** M'am, we do not have a T6. I have no idea what you are asking for.
Me-**long glance at the menu that says in HUGE yellow letters, T6 combo**
Me-Uhm, I want the number 6 combo...from Taco Bell.
Her-oh-A #6! (said like, god you moron why didnt you say so) beef or chicken?
Her-M'am, beef or chicken?
Me-Beef please!
Her-**loud sigh** M'AM-you DO want the chalupa combo, right?
Her-beef or chicken?
Me-beef please
Her-and what to drink?
Her-is the order correct on the screen?
It was completely incorrect. She got the chicken Q, but the combo was completely wrong. Once again I checked the menu-yes, the T6, the number 6 combo, the chalupa combo, all the same freaking thing and confirmed by her and me over the course of our conversation.
I corrected her and drove around-I wanted the hell out of there so I just left, but it was, of course, incorrect when I got home.
I know some of this was probably being unable to hear each other...but not all-like...she had no idea what the T6 combo was? I thought we were supposed to order by the numbers and the HUGE letters said T6. Even if that confused her, she confirmed the #6-wouldnt fast food employees be used to people ordering combos by numbers?! And her attitude was so snappy and sarcastic the entire time-I hate being treated like an insane person! And I am normally very careful to speak up and fairly slowly so I know I wasnt barrelling through it so she couldnt understand (I am figuring maybe the wind obscured it or whatever-or she was stoned)

Oh, and to the waitress who acted like splitting the check was the biggest deal in the world even though we had asked for separate checks from the very beginning and then failed to wait until we left before ranting to a coworker about how annoying stupid requests are-screw you!
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A bad night

My boyfriend and I went to a movie late at night this weekend and since we live on the end of town with nothing open past 10, we decided to stop at the Steak n Shake on the other side. We get there and the parking lot looks a little full but not too bad. We walk in and just see 2 guys hanging out waiting for a seat so we assume there won't be a long wait. We're hungry and willing to wait a bit because the high school prom kids are finishing up their meals there so it's a little crowded.

The prom kids leave and the wait staff ignores us all. Another group of kids come in and a waiter says "OH SHIT!" and hides in the back. After maybe 15 minutes the guys in front of us are seated and the waitress promises to seat us ASAP. Meanwhile, high school group behind us just sits despite the sign saying to wait and they get their orders taken right away. So we attempt to sit and the "OH SHIT!" waiter says "Can't you read!?" so we waited another 5 minutes till the girl came back. By this point, we had labelled each worker on duty. Pregnant manager who just kept going to the bathroom. Waitress who wished she was at prom. Guy with attitude problem. Burger dude who ignored the chaos. And milkshake girl who only made shakes and then sighed if there were none to be made.

We always get the same items so we told the attitude waiter right away. He wrote it down and didn't come back with our chili and coleslaw till the meal came and also didn't give us our drinks. We had asked for shakes and when I went to the register and waited 5 minutes to be helped, they just came by with water. I was peeved and chowed down my food. The fries were still half uncooked and had no seasoning. It was a collaborative effort of awfulness. 

I went to pay and waited another 10 minutes for pregnant manager to come out of the bathroom to help me. I mentioned how the service was not up to par and she rolled her eyes and said as the manager she could care less what some bratty teen thought. I said there was a milkshake on my bill that I never received and she rolled her eyes and murmered something about me trying to get a free shake. For the record, I was there with my 26 year old boyfriend and I'm almost 21. We were well behaved despite the annoyances and I did call the Missouri Division Office about it. They sounded really upset and I let them know I don't usually go to that Steak n Shake and I will go to the one that is more convenient to me from now on. They said to expect coupons and a gift certificate in the mail for my trouble and urged me to not let one experience taint the rest. So that Steak n Shake was awful but corporate was very helpful.
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more taco hell

The KFC/Taco Hell story below reminded me of a previous adventure at the same establishment. I went through the drive-thru and ordered a bean burrito and a large drink. Simple, yes? I pull around and receive a sack so I wait. Window girl comes back and the following exchange occurs:

Window Girl: did you need something else?
Me: yes, my drink please
WG: you didn't order a drink
Me: yes, I ordered a large diet soda
WG: no, you didn't order a drink
Me: um, yes I did, I ordered a bean burrito and large soda
WG: no, you didn't order a drink
Me: look, if I didn't order a drink then you overcharged me for the burrito because my total was $x.xx (I am looking at receipt which clearly shows a burrito and a soda)
WG: ma'am, you did not order a drink
Me: would you like to see the receipt?
WG: yes please
so I hand her the receipt and she stands there staring at it, and I know that she wants to fall through the floor because she is wrong but dammit stop staring at it so finally I yelled* at her (only time I have EVER yelled at someone in service)


She finally gets me my soda and never even apologizes. Argh! I get frustrated just remembering that day, LOL.

ETA: Clearly, "yelled" means a different thing to some people. I wasn't red in the face, veins bulging, spit flying. I just raised my voice. And even if you think I am terrible, horrible no-good, very bad person for getting frustrated I still maintain that I received bad service up to that point. :p
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A quickie update on the hairdye in the eye incident:

It took a full month for the tear in my cornea to heal, I had to go on a new round of antibiotics for it, but now it's healed nicely. I gave up on the lawsuit idea when the salon manager called me back, changed her mind, and gave me a full refund.

Another quick bad service story though:

To keep my job, I have to be in post secondary this fall, because I'm completely unqualified for the position I hold. So I did all that needed to be done, and have a conditional seat this fall for engineering. There were 2 courses that I have to have marks in by July or else my seat is offered to someone else. One of these courses = Math 30 Pure. I can challenge Math 30 Pure on June 19th.

Months and months ago, I ordered all the resources I thought I'd need for studying, online at my province's education resource site, which is basically the only place you can get resources through. When ordering it told me one of the materials, the main textbook, wasn't available but would be put on back order with a shipping date of May 9th. I figured that would give me about a month of studying time until the test, so I didn't sweat the wait any and paid the near $100 for the text. The rest of the materials came, with a shipping notice that the other text would be shipped on May 9th.

So I wait. And wait. And now it's the 23rd, and I figure it shouldn't take this long to ship one text especially since the other material came quickly, so I call.

The CSR tells me that yes, they changed their order date and they're not ordering these texts until second week of June. Reminder, my exam is June 19th.

They didn't notify me of the change at all, and didn't make any efforts to help me out here. Even if it meant ordering just one or one batch a little early.

The rest of the materials I ordered are useless without the textbook, because none of them explain anything, just say to refer to the text.

So now, if I don't find somewhere else to possibly find a textbook, I can't write the exam, I forfeit my seat for post secondary, and I might lose my job over it. I've been here 5 years and without post secondary, there's no way I could find this good a job anywhere else, and without the pay I'm making, I wouldn't be able to afford my mortgage. And they're the province's resource centre, so there's no where else to even get one unless I luck out and find one used (which isn't likely as all HS students need to turn theirs in at the end of the year)

And even though they're the ones that told me twice what date I would get the text, and then changed that date without even notifying me, they're not doing anything to help me out. I basically got a "yeah, that sucks."

Bad service, that could completely disrupt my life.
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I recently got a new credit card that comes with the option of having emergency payment come with it where if you can't pay your bill because you lose you job or die they make the minimum payment for you for up to a year. When I was activating my card I said I would like this option when they asked me because I was half zoning on something I was reading and half just not listening, yeah I suck like that.
So I get a thing in the mail about it telling me that what a good decision I made getting it and just how it works and if I don't want it I can get it taken off before the next billing cycle. So I call the 800 number to get it canceled because I don't really want to pay for it and I'm connected with captain crabby pants.
She does her opening shpeal and I tell her I would like to discontinue this option and she does her thing about what a great plan it is and how everyone should have it and I again tell her that I really would just like to please cancel it. Then she asks me what if I lose my job tomorrow who would take care of my bills and I informed her I had enough built up that I would be able to take care of it for a while. So then she continued to pry well when that money runs out because it's going to who's going to take care of it. I told her that I'm sure my parents wouldn't let me go in to debt and would help me out with the $11.50 minimum payment, to which she responded "gee it must to be nice to have parents who bail you out of your messes". I was shocked. First off this was a fictitious scenario she had created and second how is loosing a job a mess and why is about maybe three or four payments "bailing me out of a mess"? Then she said well since someone will always be around to enable you I'll just take this option off. Have a nice day" and hung up. I was pissed and kept trying to call back but they only take call 'til 5 p.m. eastern and it was already a little after that so I have to do it tomorrow.

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A recent post in a similar vein reminded me of this incident, from when I was still working at the library as a page. Two middle school girls come over to the main desk and ask if they can use one of the study rooms. I've seen these girls around, and I know that they're generally quiet and well-behaved, and use the library to study and read, and I was glad they were considerate enough to ask for a study room to work on their project instead of talking and disturbing the people around them.

The librarian tells them that someone is using the room. Someone (I don't remember if it was the girls or another librarian) says that a man was in there before, but he had left his laptop and had been gone for about an hour. So there was really no reason that the girls couldn't use the study room - if you leave your stuff for that long, don't expect us to save your space. However, the librarian kind of laughs, tells them that they can't use it, and, while they're still standing there, makes a comment about silly kids expecting to use the library resources for adults.

Two things wrong with that: One, probably my biggest pet peeve is people talking about someone, particularly a child, as if they aren't there and can't hear. Two, tell me you're not really saving the room for some moron who thinks we'll watch his unlocked laptop for him indefinitely when people are waiting to use it. Please tell me that.

I'm not good with confrontation (a symptom of my not being a people person in general), so I didn't say anything at the time, but I really wish I had. Kids, especially good kids, don't deserve to be treated like second-class citizens.
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dear Mr. Cab Driver

I do not need to get too where I am going at the speed of light, so please do not do 65 in a 50 zone. Also do not run red and most importantly do not try and take on a street car - just for your own reference they are bigger then your little car. And please also do not fall asleep at red lights, this is only a five min drive.

Oh and then after you almost kill me three times you have the nerve to ask if I want change for a $20 in a $7 ride. Normally I enjoy tipping, however, I do not tip if you almost get me into three accidents and fall asleep. So, no I do not think you deserve a $13 dollar tip, give me back my change - you are lucky I paid you at all.
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