May 22nd, 2006


Poor treatment at pharmacy

Hmm, a little background would help, so I'll start there. I was working at Rite-Aid as a front end cashier near my home. The Mate is on some really serious medications* because he has had two open spinal surgeries and is permanently disabled. We filled our scrips at CVS, and decided to transfer them to my place, since it would 1.) benefit my own employer, and 2.) be easier to drop off and pick up, since I was there 4-5 days a week anyway.  We had a substitute pharmacist from another store because our regular one was out at some conference.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Ha!  Read on.

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*Just for the curious folk, it was Duragesic 75 mcg/hr 72 hour patch, Zanaflex 4 mg tid, and Neurontin 300mg tid at the time, and has since increased in dose and they've added another medication. CVS has never ever been rude about the meds or given us a hassle.
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This is me.

Just a small gripe, but still...

A small letter to the MacDonald's employee I saw yesterday when getting food with boyfriend cause we were too lazy to cook. Background: when I go to "MacDo" (as we say in France) I usually look at the "sandwich tray" behind them to see which are ready, and choose from there, to avoid waiting and make things easier for them.

Dear Employee,

I'm a good customer. Really. I generally tend to look at the sandwich tray before ordering, to avoid bothering you, and because it's easier for me. Really really really. But yesterday, I wanted to add two "Croque Mc Do" (basically, flat bun, lots of cheese, ham, flat bun) to my meal.

You told me I'd have to wait a few minutes. Hey, fine with me, gotta take other orders and make other sandwiches. 

But, tell me: when you tell my boyfriend you're going to bring him his sandwich... and that you don't, and when I get up to check on *my* sandwich, only to see you have at least three sandwiches like the one he ordered ready, and that there aren't that many people, that your coworker does something, but you don't, I don't like it.

Then I go back to my table, and Boyfriend figures he is going to pick up his sandwich himself. The first time, he gets his sandwich and not mine. It's been at least ten minutes by this point. After fifteen minutes (after my initial order) he gets up again with my receipt to retrieve my missing sandwich.

What pissed me off more, you might ask ? He saw sandwiches like the one I had ordered flying off the shelf (literally: five or six being given to customers) when the people who got there got there wayyyyyyyyyyyy after me. I'm all "WTF" at this point cause, when your sandwich is not ready, they do bring it to you. You just tell them where you want to sit, and they bring the missing sandwich (Plus this "MacDo" wasn't that big : twenty tables, maybe) .

I'm not going to say this ruined a "couple outing" (like the crazy McD's customer I saw on a complaining website... you might have seen that, I don't know) . But to be quite honest, she could see me from where she was working, she knew I was waiting for my stuff... Bah. Not worth a customer complain, lol, but worth a smallish rant, especially since I'm a cheese addict and wanted my cheese XD ...


(no subject)

Dear grocery story employee who couldn't be bothered to stop texting long enough to actually listen,

You know what?  You're right.  I did it.  I went out to the parking lot with my groceries and took a screwdriver/ice pick/etc and punctured the soda cans.  I decided that I wanted to get all of my groceries and my car drenched with diet Pepsi because, you know, it's a slow Monday.

Sorry I got your floor sticky.  My humblest apologies.


Yep - she actually told me that she couldn't let me exchange the 12 pack because she didn't know when I bought them (even tho I was showing her the receipt printed out 3 minutes prior) and didn't know if I'd punctured the cans.  o.O ?  Luckily the cashier who'd checked me out helped me.
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Am I wrong to want to say something?

Maybe a month or so ago, my roommate and I ventured into the next neighborhood over and ended up at a large chain drugstore to get something to drink.

The cashier seemed harried at the short cue of customers (at most 5-6). My roommate paid for her items and when I got to the front of the line to pay my item was less than $2, and all I had was a $20 bill to which she shouts "I can't make change for that!" My roommate loans me the money but notes how "unprofessional" the cashier was.

Yesterday, I ended up at this same store. The same cashier was standing outside the entrance. I'm assuming she wasn't on her break because:
a) There was no one at the registers
b) As soon as a few people walked in, she stepped back inside.

So again, I'm grabbing a snack and got in line. A man wanted to pay with his debit card which she said she couldn't do. He then asks if he can go home and get the money to which she responds she can't void the transaction. She doesn't call a manager to ask for money or even to void the transaction. I can't believe a register wouldn't allow you to cancel a transaction -- with or without a manager. Finally she pages very rudely for register backup.

My friend lives in the neighborhood and I asked her about the cashier, she agreed the woman seems rude, has had to be paged to come to the register a few times and is often seen standing just outside the main entrance.

I almost feel compelled to complain to the store. As someone who's worked retail for several years, I know the service this cashier offered is unacceptable. But I can't help but think this might be her only job, and if getting her in trouble would set off some chain of events. Should I make some sort of comment? Or just let it go?

Collection people piss me off...

So, I was awoken long before my alarm this morning by another annoying digital sound, our cellphone. Usually it's someone I want to talk to, so I don't mind, but today it was someone from a collection agency attampting to get money out of me for an overdue ER bill.

Now, I don't like to be in debt anymore than the next person, but that does not give people the right to make me feel like crap about it. When I explained to her my dire financial situation and that I was unable to settle my debt at this time, she proceeded to ask me how I paid my other bills. I told her that I had the peace of mind to pay my rent a year in advance (which is true), and then she wanted to how I payed my light bill. I'm pretty sure none of this is her business, yet I told her that I got by on the lights and that electricity was more important to me than a good credit score. She then said "Well, what about your health? Isn't that important to you," implying that if I didn't settle my debt, I would not be seen by any health care professionals from here on out. I told her I would cross that bridge when I came to it.

She then got very nasty with me, saying that it was immoral of me not to pay this doctor who had devoted his time to helping me. (For the record, the guy couldn't formulate an English sentance, even though he was as white as me, and he reeked of beer and cigarettes, I kid you not!) I know and you know of course, that the doctor is sitting pretty with his money, because this collection agency has bought my debt, which I did not authorize them to do, but by this time I was fairly agitated, so I said "Well, the doctor makes a helluva lot more money than I do at the moment, so I'm sure he'll survive." Now, I admit that was probably not the best thing to say, but she retorted with "Sir, that doesn't make a damn, you've had the same opportunities to make all the money he does, so stop whining about it."

I'm a 27 y/o ex-Marine who is just now getting ready to finish up my first Bachelor's degree! What chance have I had to make the same money as that doctor? At any rate, at this point, she hung up on me.

My question is this: Do these people realize how many debts go unpaid out of spite about being talked to like an idiot? I'm sure that someday, possibly soon, I will be able to pay the three hundred some odd dollars that I owe, but I certainly don't want to now, for being talked to like I was this morning. If I pay, she wins. What happened to courtesy and politeness in the workplace? When did the customer/consumer/etc. become "always wrong?"

Something should be done.

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This isn't so much bad, as potentially bad.

My mom has a prescription for Vicodin, which she can only refill a certain number of times per year, as it is a narcotic. She usually gets enough to last three months, which is 180 pills.

She went in to pick up the prescription today, and instead of getting the usual two bottles because of the number of pills, she only got one. Mom just thought that they somehow managed to stuff all of them in one big bottle instead of two little ones. I don't know what possessed her to count them, but I'm glad she did. There were only 120 in the bottle. She thought it was an honest mistake, so we went back into the pharmacy to get the other part of the prescription. It probably was just a mistake, I'm not trying to say that the pharmacist was incomptetent or anything.

When we got to the counter, my mom told the pharmacist that she was missing 60 pills. She wasn't rude or condescending, but the pharmacist became extremely rude. She was obviously very upset that we had come back in to get the rest of the medication. She heaved a massive sigh of annoyance and then checked the records. Finally, after much verification (yes, that's her job. Vicodin his heavily regulated for a reason) and slamming down of papers, bottles, etc, my mom got her prescription and we left.

I understand that the pharmacist likely just made an error in reading the script, the cynic in me wonders why she got so upset. Was she trying to keep the pills for herself, and hoped my mom wouldn't notice? I thought about it all the way home, and when we got there I told her that maybe she should let the pharmacy manager know. I'm not trying to get anyone in trouble, but isn't part of a pharmacist's job to be able to read scripts? What if she made a mistake with dosage, and someone became seriously ill or died from it? Or, what if she was an addict who was skimming pills to keep and/or sell?

This probably isn't a blatant example of bad service, but there was no excuse for the pharmacist's rude behavior in the situation. Feel free to delete this if it doesn't belong here.

Update: My mom called the pharmacy manager and was informed that there were 2 Vicodin prescriptions being filled at the same time. Apparently, they got the prescriptions swapped by mistake! Wow. That's comforting . . .
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Um...hell no?

X-Posted to my journal.

I was just approved about 7 seconds ago...and this can not wait to be posted.

Just happened about half an hour ago....

Cut for creative uses of the word "Fuck" and excessive blasphamy.

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Service question

I know there are several grocery store cashiers in this community, so I'm hoping someone can answer my question. I shop regularly at Wal-Mart. Lately, I've been getting quite irritated by the checkout procedure. For some reason or another, the majority of cashiers I've dealt with over the past few weeks have switched their conveyors from automatic to manual. Not that big a deal, I know. I just get frustrated because they will clear groceries a good foot back from the register before they advance the belt at all. This means I am waiting with a half-full grocery cart with no place to put the groceries until the cashier decides to flip the switch. It also causes my bags to start piling up at the other end because I am unable to get the cart unloaded. Does anyone know why they are doing that? If it was just one person, I'd avoid that line in the future. But it seems to be the majority.
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A story to make you laugh

This is from years and years ago. My dad was doing some "family bonding" and telling stories. When he shared this gem, I knew y'all would enjoy it.

A long time ago, my dad solved a computer problem for the very large corp he works for. It was a company-wide problem, and it earned him the title of computer-guru. The funny part was that him solving it was a fluke, and he really didn't know all that much about computers. Cut to him having a computer crisis of his own, so he called *very large corp's* help desk.

Dad: Hi, I'm Joe Smith. My computer is *insert problem here.*

They went through all the standard things, none worked. Dad requested that the help request be escalated. This particular employee was very by-the-book, and gave the scripted responce.

Tech: Okay. First you'll need to consult Joe Smith. We need his permission to escalate it.
Dad: But I'm Joe Smith.
Tech: I know, but I can't do anything until you ask Joe Smith.
Dad: No, seriously, I'm Joe Smith, and I need help.
Tech: Yes, but you need to consult Joe Smith before I can do anything.
Dad: Let me get this straight. I need to hang up, call myself, then call you again before you'll do anything?
Tech: Yes.
Dad: *headdesk*

Dad hung up, waited two minutes, and called back.

Dad: Hi. I called myself, and I didn't know what to do, so I gave myself permission to escalate it.
Tech: Great! *proceeds to escalate call and get computer fixed*