May 21st, 2006

Lily Haloween

(no subject)

Something that annoys me:

A while back, my dad ordered pizza. The total order including drinks and such came out to about 30 dollars. My dad had two twenties. Pizza guy arrives [25 minutes later than estimated time, but we didn't mind]. My dad hands him the two twenties. Pizza guy sighs, then says, "Thanks" in a rude tone, and walks away.

Okay, Mr. Assumes Stuff. First of all, my dad may be nice, but he wasn't going to give you a ten dollar tip. You were 25 minutes late, but I don't blame you. Shit happens. But then you SIGH and RUDELY say, "Thanks"?? Well... What the hell. My dad called you back and actually asked you what the sigh was for.

Pizza guy says, "My tips suck tonight."
Dad says, "Really? So you assume that I was going to tip you 10 dollars and that sucks?"
Pizza guy says, "I've gotten better tips."
Dad says, "Not tonight. Give me my change."

I feel sort of bad for the pizza guy for getting no tip from us. But his attitude was teh suck. Pizza guy walked off mumbling about how a person in such a nice house can afford to tip. Ha. We didn't order from that place again.