May 19th, 2006

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I swear, I'm never ordering from this company over the internet again. Yesterday was the anniversary of my father's death, and my sister was having a hard time thinking about him. Being that it was payday and I finally had some money, I decided to hop online to and send her a same day plant. The website says that if you order before 2pm on a weekday, it will be delivered by 7pm that night.

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scotia bank update

after my latest episode trying to get the two-week long holds on my cash deposits ceased, and being told no one could help me unless i would get a credit card, i was fuming.

i sent an email to the general customer service contact that i obtained from the website. i was surprised to receive a reply the next day- this woman told me she was concerned about the poor service i had received, and that she was going to forward my email to the branch manager.

today i received a phone call from the manager. she got me to reiterate what had been happening, and she aggreed that there was no excuse for it. she told me she was personally sorry that i had to put up with that for so long. and since i have been a customer for 22 years, she definitely didn't want me to close my account. as an incentive, she increased my cash-back limit to $2000. this way, i should never have an issue with holds affecting my money ever again. she personally promised that my cash deposits would never be held for longer than a day or two from now on.

i was shocked to find out, however, that i already had a cash-back limit of $200. whenever i have deposited money, i was unable to withdraw even $20 afterwards. the manager couldn't tell me why this had happened, but she promised that i would be able to withdraw cash immediately after making a deposit now. and if i had a problem with it, i should contact her directly and she will fix it.

but i must say, i was impressed that somebody was finally willing to take accountability and actually DO something to solve my problem. this is the first time i've received top-notch service from scotiabank. maybe if they treated customers like this in the first place, people like me wouldn't have to complain.

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I just went to get a manicure at a place down the street from my house. Usually they do an awesome job and are really friendly. I really like the fact that they sterilize everything in front of you (they even have autoclaves.) This trip really pissed me off though. I had a 6pm appointment. I show up at 6 on the dot. I tell the girl I'm there for my manicure appointment. She asks me if I'm sure I only want a manicure. Yes, I'm sure. That's when it starts. She sighs, rolls her eyes and asks me to wait. I don't like fake nails and I can't afford a pedicure until I get paid on Monday. Sorry that I only need one of the cheapest services they provide. Some 14 year old girl comes in AFTER me and says she had a 6pm appointment for a full set of acrylics and they seated her immediately and started working on her nails.

I sat there for another 10 minutes waiting. Now I know that if I want to get my nails done when I'm supposed to and get priority, I should get something more expensive done. The girl who did my nails speeded through it. Barely did the hand massages thingy. She didn't ask me how I wanted my nails shaped, and she just made them all flat on top (but rounded on the sides) they looked ridiculous. I asked her to round them and she sighed, but did it, half-ass. She didn't even bother trying to get the polish on straight (or anywhere near my cuticle) and none of my nails are near the same length or even. I still tipped her well and she couldn't even muster up a thank you, she just walked away when she was done. I would've complained, but none of them really speak English (including the owner.)

I don't have time tonight, but tomorrow I'm going to have to reshape them and repolish them myself. It totally defeats the purpose of spending $15 on the manicure in the first place. Time to start looking for another nail shop.
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Story from my parents.

Tonight, they went to Hardees with two friends of theirs. They were the ONLY ones in the restaurant. Just the four of them.

They ordered. Since there was only four of them and I guess it was a slow night, they said there'd be a little wait on the food and to have a seat.

Twenty-five minutes later, Dad has to go up and ask where their food is.

Yeah.... only four people in the place and they LOST THEIR ORDER.

Just... how does that happen?