May 18th, 2006

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To update on my bad_service at Walmart post [which got quite a lot of response]

I am not one of those sue-happy people. I am not going to sue a company for the ignorance of one [or two] of their employees. The whole reason I post here is to vent. Not to get legal advice. I appreciate it, but I won't sue someone unless they touched me or hit me... whatever. I will however try to get this woman in trouble or fired... Because there was no reason for her to act the way she did.

Anyway, I decided to call back to the actual store after writing to district. I happened to call when their store manager was in, and the store manager was not the same person as the guy I had talked to. He was just an assistant manager. After letting the store manager know what the woman said, and what the assistant manager had done, he was incredibly upset. He even said, "It is nobody's business what you buy, and I'm very sorry that happened. You can believe me when I say before it gets to my bosses, *girls name* won't be working here anymore. That is unnaceptable."

He said she would not be firing the assistant manager unless her district told her to. He said he would put him on probation. I can understand, because although he was unprofessional, I don't really want him to lose his job. He didn't do anything terrible to me. The woman though? I could care less.

So I'm still going to wait to hear back from district because the manager could have been bullshitting me. I'll let you know when I hear back from district though.

EDIT: I want to basically say something else. And you can say I'm trying to cover my ass. And in a way, I am.

I appreciate every comment I got. I didn't agree with some of them, and I did agree with others. That's just something that happens. Some people don't agree with others. Most people know that that tends to happen. People disagree. Apparently 2 or 3 people told me to sue and the way I responded made it seem like I was a bitch and didn't appreciate what people were suggesting. I did appreciate it.

I also didn't call anyone sue-happy. I said I am not sue-happy. I did not post this with the intention of being seen as a "poor little victim" and I NEVER said the opinions I got were annoying. I appreciated all opinions and took a lot of them into consideration while calling the store manager.

Just trying to put this out there. And if I'm still in the wrong and you still see me as a person who doesn't appreciate comments and you don't think I should post here, that's great. I just didn't mean to sound the way I did. Sorry.
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I. Am. Losing. My. Mind.

Just a follow up to this post.

I got the check. Hallelujah! Praise the lord and pass the damn ham! I deposited the check at my ATM.

I get a call from the insurance company today. *cries* I never wanted to ever talk to them again! Apparently, they "forgot" to sign the check. I thought it odd that there was no signature, but it was a really odd looking check anyway, not like a personal check at all (which is how I am used to seeing checks). Supposedly they are overnighting another one.

My credit union said the bad check would cost me $5. Having already taken two hits on interest for my car loan the insurance company took forever to pay off, I had HAD IT. I am not paying the $5. I gotta make a stand, you know? I phoned them and left a message saying they needed to add that $5 to my check and that I'm not paying anymore for their mistakes.

If that shit is not here tomorrow, I am getting a lawyer. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!
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um... question

if there will be a controlled burn in a wooded area that's part of a residential neighborhood, does the fire department have to tell me before they do it?

because they didn't, and that ish is right across the street from my house.

AND, the fire dept is partially blocking my street.

i'm a little more than upset.

it is NOT COOL to look out the window and see a cloud of smoke and flames across the street from one's house, especially if one happens to be ME.
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