May 17th, 2006

Damnit Joss!  [Firefly rant 1]
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Dear Southern California Edison,
Okay so some poor raven fried itself on a substation or whatever. Not your fault obviously. But did you fix the problem right the FIRST time? No, you decided to half-ass it back together in an hour and a half so that when everyone went "YAY! POWER'S BACK!" and ya know, this being summer in the desert, turned everything back on, FIVE more transformers in a row exploded and we suffered an almost eight hour blackout. In May. With almost 100 degree temperatures.

THAT was your fault.

Hopefully you've learned the hard way not to do it the sloppy way the next time?

a loyal customer

p.s. this occurred to me while trying not to melt Friday afternoon....surely there is some sort of protective something (barbed wire? plastic shielding? metal shielding? boxes?) you can put around these things to protect them from the wildlife? i mean, ravens don't exactly fly at Mach 3....last time i checked anyway. O_o
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scotia bank

i've posted before about my dissatisfaction with scotia bank. last time they allowed a post-dated cheque to go through, which they shouldn't have done. i never even received an apology. my tolerance for their screw-ups was nearing an end, but i figured i would give them one more chance. well, they got that chance and they screwed up, yet again.

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scotia bank, i've come to hate you more and more every time i have to deal with you. no more second chances (well, more like 20th or 30th chances). i'm definitely closing my account this week. way to have outstanding customer service, especially for people who have been loyal to you for a matter of decades.