May 16th, 2006

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Sprint has some issues

I recently cut my ties with Sprint after a few years of no problems at all (surprising, I know).

I had 3 lines on my plan by the end of the contract. I transferred one line to my sister's account (she lives in NC, I'm in NY with our family) so that she could continue to call my mom for free. I ported MY line over to Verizon, and I canceled the 3rd line.

In April and May I receive statements in the mail saying that I had overpaid because I canceled in the middle of the month. They essentially stated that I would be receiving a refund after the next billing cycle.

Last Saturday I get a call from my sister to tell me that Sprint had mailed MY REFUND CHECK TO HER. The check was made out to me, and mailed to my sister in NORTH CAROLINA. This was no more than 2 days after I received a statement to MY HOUSE saying that I had a refund coming.

What the hell is their issue? I'm contemplating calling them up after I cash the check and inform them that they're a bunch of idiots.
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Vons deli disappointment :(

This is not terrible service, it's not even that bad, but it's annoying so I'm going to rant here and I hope that's okay.

My boyfriend was sweet enough to offer to bring soup and a sandwich from our local Vons to me at work. (I'm a little sick, so he's taking care of me. d'awww).

I asked him to get my usual Von's Signature Sandwich (sooo good) with no tomato.

I don't know if many people are familiar with Vons (grocery store) but their Signature Sandwiches are put together a special way and you can ask to deviate from that if you want.

My usual is (according to the Von's website, and also all the stores I ever go to):
7. Veggin' Out

Danish Havarti Cheese
Green Leaf Lettuce
Olive Mix
Ranch Spread
Served on Multi-Grain Bread

My boyfriend asked for no tomatoes, then went away and got me soup (sooo sweet of him!).

When he arrived with my sandwich, this is what was on it:

Olive mix
Onions ?

That's it. :( No cheese, no avocado and somehow onions appeared? The bf said right before he left to get the soup, the lady almost put mayo on it, but he had to stop her, "Oh, no mayo!" because he knows I gag at mayo. Mayo isn't even on the list of ingredients. If I'd have wanted that, I would have politely asked for mayo.

Anyway, I seriously can't eat it because it's so salty from the olive mix with no other real flavors. Plus, I find it annoying that the things they forgot (avocado, ranch spread, cheese) are the most expensive things. I paid $5 for lettuce and olives on bread?

Like I said, not HORRIBLE. But still sort of wtf. Especially because there are papers right there that tell the employees exactly what to put on each sandwich. Of course, the customer can request things (I ask for no tomato, for example, and maybe someone else wants mayo on their's or whatever) but to just assume to put onions and mayo on it is weird. Plus, what happened to my cheese and avocado?

It’s not like she mixed it up with anyone else’s… bf said he was the only one there.

I did call Vons and very nicely told the customer service lady what happened. She offered that if I brought my sandwich in, they'd add what was missing. (Open it up and put the stuff on it, I guess). I thanked her for the offer and said no. I didn't want anything for free, but I wanted her to ask the deli workers to be sure to check the paper with the recipes when they make the sandwiches. I guess I was sucky on that part, even though I was very nice in tone.

Oh well. :(
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Bad business practices

About a year ago I registered a domain name with - pretty much nothing ever happened with the domain, and this is not so much about Godaddy, but the businesses that troll domain registrations.

You have an option to blow $10 and get a private registration, but I didn't get it as the phone number listed is 1) on the natl do not call list, 2) a cell phone and therefor automatically not a number that companies are allowed to solicit.

My first call came 2 days after from a web firm offering to develop my domain, I asked if they were affiliated with, my credit card company at the time, sprint, or my bank. The guy asked why and when I told him that I was on the national do not call list and basically he had called a cell phone on the DNC without any affiliation with any company I do business with and was therefor in violation, he freaked. That was fun.

My second call came about a week later from someone who sounded like she was in trouble asking for, I thought, "Mildred Aderd or son" - nope, she was from a credit card company calling for a Mr. MildlyDisturbed (and I guess "or something" was the & son I heard. I was about to inform her what the situation was when someone else came on the line and tried getting me to give up information on the president of the company, and I asked if they were based in the US, they said no, I informed them the company did not exist.

3 weeks into the domain registration I started getting pre-aproved business credit cards for about $25K for MildlyDisturbed. I called up some company (don't know who it was anymore) and was told that no credit history was better than bad credit history in the business world. I did not take it.

At month #2 I got some stationary that had the domain name logo on it - wasn't bad, but I really had no use for it.

Month #4 I started getting the neat toys in the mail... squishy products and a pen with most of my handle on it "mildlydisturbe" (no D) - ah well.

Today we enter month 5, and Experion Business Solutions 866-660-6940 - evidently a lot of people get this. Much like the person in this link I explained that I was on the no-call list and the woman kept talking. I'll be reporting them today.

Anyway, these were all trollers of registrar information in violation of the contract terms that I signed up for. As with all WHOIS info, we have the following promise from the registrars

The data in this whois database is provided to you for information purposes only, that is, to assist you in obtaining information about or related to a domain name registration record. We make this information available “as is,” and do not guarantee its accuracy. By submitting a whois query, you agree that you will use this data only for lawful purposes and that, under no circumstances will you use this data to:

(1) enable high volume, automated, electronic processes that stress or load this whois database system providing you this information; or
(2) allow, enable, or otherwise support the transmission of mass unsolicited, commercial advertising or solicitations via direct mail, electronic mail, or by telephone.

eh, that's about it. Just a lot of companies being dumb.
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After a few years of bad_service from Walmart, and avoiding the cashiers whenever I could [thank God for self-checkout], I have finally had enough.

Now, lots of people say that Walmart has bad_service. And that it is idiotic to expect good service from them. Well, I expect good service out of any establishment I frequent. If you're going to work in customer service, you shouldn't be a raging bitch who acts like you were just spit on. I get good service from fast food, and as a person who worked in fast food with many coworkers who continually provided bad_service, it's nice to get some people who don't treat you like the scum of the earth.

Short backstory: I am 19 with a boyfriend. He lives with me and we're eventually getting married. [We don't have the money to move out of my dad's hosue yet which is why we're being responsible and waiting]. My boyfriend and I have SEX. Yes, SEX! OH MY GOD SEX IS EVIL YOU ARE THE DEVIL! PREMARITAL SEX IS BAD!

No. It isn't... but.. you know, at least we're getting married and yeah we're using condoms. Blah blah blah. I went to Walmart because we needed some condoms. On the way out, something in my bag was not deactivated. So the greeter lady grabs the condoms from my bag and holds them up to where everyone exiting and their mother can see them. I've lived here for my whole life and know a lot of people in this town. Kind of embarassing. Especially since I saw a friend of my dads, and my dad's friend saw what she was holding. Kind of embarassing. I've known him since I was a kid.

That's not the really bad part. But besides waving the condoms around she exclaimed to a coworker, "I always have to stop the nasty sluts." They both laughed.

Yes. She said that. I am NOT "nasty" and I am in no way a slut. Hearing this, I had enough. I asked her what she said and she said, "I think you heard me." I said, "I thought that is what you said. And you really need to give me my stuff back now. I'm leaving." [note: I have a high level of patience. I was being nice... I don't know why] "I NEED you reciept. I need to see if you really paid for this stuff." So now, I'm a thief and a slut. I give her my reciept. She scans it over, checks that everything in the bag is on the reciept. "Well at least you're not stealing too" "Excuse me?" "You heard me *in a low voice* Now leave and don't come back. We don't want YOUR kind here."

I almost hit her. I had to really stop myself so I wouldn't. Being embarassed already and now for NO REASON, called a slut and a thief by this woman, I left. I feel bad because I was so shocked and insulted, I actually cried. I haven't ever been insulted like that in my life [which is good, I guess]. I decided to call later instead of asking to see a manager right then, because I just wanted to go home. I called the manager later who laughed and jokingly said, "It's Walmart, what do you expect?" I responded, "Well, you should expect that your district manager is going to hear about what she did, and what you just said to me. Bye!" I hung up, but not before hearing him yell "WAIT!" I'm going to be writing a letter in a few days. And although they sell stuff I like, and they're pretty much the cheapest place around, I'm never going back again.
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Speaking of bad_service at Wal-mart...

You know, I don't expect much when I go to a store. I'm polite, courteous to a fault and patient above all things. I've worked in a store. It sucks, I know.

However, I do not tolerate being overlooked and ignored while I'm right in front of you, in your line.

Yesterday, my mom called asked me if I would go to Wal-mart with her and spend some time with her while she did the grocery getting thing. I said sure. I told her that I was about ten minutes behind her (we were driving home from work) and that I would meet her there, as I had to pick up a few things, too.

I get there and we share a buggy, picking out our stuff. We managed to survive getting barreled over by some horse-playing teenagers (Lots of good customers_suck in there, lemme tell ya.) and made our way to the front. Now, I opted to go through a specific lane because it's the only lane that you can buy cigarettes in. We wait until it's our turn and start sitting our items on the belt, separated by one of those black plastic dividers. I go first, as I have fewer items than my mom. Cashier greets me and then after that,

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Sprint is really pissing me off. It's too bad because I've had a phone with them since 2002 but their customer service has been really bad the last 6 months.

-I called sprint last sunday to find out why I have overages. They got fixed.
-I tried to start a new plan to get a free phone and was told they couldn't do online.  Yet I had just ordered it online.  Add 4 phone calls straightening this out.
-I ordered a new plan with a free phone last Sunday
-My bank account was charged last monday for my order so yes, they can do it online
-I get an email on Wens that there is a problem. I call, sit on hold for 10 minutes, and here that my phone was back overed but now it is fixed. 
-I email them Friday because my balance online doesn't  match the corrected balance.  They fix it.
-I was supposed to have the phone in 3-5 days so I call today
-Sit on hold to one number for 22 minutes
-1st person can't find my order and gets confused.  No help
-2nd person transfers me to rebate
-3rd person wants to find someone to help me and promises to call back.  I get called back and the line disconnects and I can't get the person back
-4th person 'puts me on hold' and transfers me to the spanish customer service
-5th person cannot find the order or my account
Total time: 2 hours 56 minutes

Meanwhile in computer-land:
-I have an email saying the order exists and confirms all my into
-They tell me it will be 5-10 days in a 2nd email
-3rd email says they won't give me the UPS tracking number
-4th email tells me that my order isn't even in the system yet
-emails 5-8 deal with me trying to get some time frame on when my order will be processed, how long that will take, how long it will take to ship etc.  How hard is it to understand that I don't have anyone else to sign for a UPS package and I need some idea of when it will be here?

WTF? I think I'm going to cancel the whole thing and see if I can get my number transfered somewhere else. This is a major waste of time. 
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Screw you, CNA insurance

I was in a car accident two months ago. Car was a total loss. Insurance company (CNA) and I reach a settlement. I still do not have my money.

They sent me DMV forms in overnight service to return to them. I am confused by the forms and call not once, but twice for help completing them. The title administration people are on the east coast and don't know crap about CA DMV forms. Great, I wing it, fill out the forms as best I could.

Flash forward two weeks and apparently I did not complete one of the forms right. Sigh. They snail mail the form to me, but by the time they get it back and process it (looks like it takes them about four days just to get around to it once they have it), a monthly payment has come due on the car for April. ARGH! I make the payment with assurances from the insurance company and my lender that I would be credited back the payment once the lender receives their share to pay off the loan. Also, by the time CNA got around to sending a check to the lender, interest had accrued increasing the amount due. I mostly am angry with CNA for sitting on their asses, but also annoyed with the credit union for not just not taking the money and let me pay the *seven* paltry dollars in interest separately.

I called last week wanting to know where my check is. Supposedly it was overnighted last Thursday, but I did not receive it on Friday. I called Monday and insisted on a tracking number. Oh noes, your check got lost! For real, they told me a batch of checks were lost. I no way believe them, but what can I do? I called again today and wanted a tracking number since they said a new check should go out today. The title administration people don't have any such number, but say a check is on its way to me and the lien holder. I called the adjustor and she said if I call tomorrow, she'll have the tracking number, but that she *guarentees* that I will have it Wednesday. I asked about the check to my credit union for the loan and she said that they would mail it, but wouldn't be overnighting it. ARGH! I told her the lender would refuse it again if they did not send it ASAP since the May payment is coming due.

I am not taking another hit on interest because they can't seem to get the checks out in a timely fashion. I got another car, but I can't make two car payments this month... why is this taking so long? Just so frustrated!
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