May 15th, 2006

Self bagging

This is not so much truly bad service, as just an annoyance that has been occurring more and more lately. I frequent a grocery store where you bag your groceries yourself. I have no problem bagging my groceries myself, as the prices are lower at this store, and I can bag my groceries the way I want, avoiding squished bread and a single bag weighing roughly a metric ton because it holds all of the cans, which will rip open just as I'm about to put it in the trunk. So when I go to this grocery store, I have a system. First, I put on the belt all of my frozen items, then the merely cold ones, after that it's cans, then dry goods in boxes, then fresh fruits and veggies, and finally the squishables. I place my items on the belt in that order so that the checker will check them in that order, and place them on the opposite belt in the same order. It makes sense, and would be less work for them to do so. But on several occasions lately, the checker has reached beyond the items at the front of the belt to grab stuff out of order. They have also tossed things to the end of the belt in the bagging area, sometimes tossing cans onto boxes which are then smushed. They have also held back heavier items, just sitting next to the scanner, until after they have scanned the bread, then tossed the heavy item down the belt to smush the bread.

Yes, I'm anal. Yes, I like my groceries to arrive at my home in the same condition they were in when I took them off the shelves, is that a bad thing? Why is it so difficult to merely scan them in the order in which I place them on the belt?
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