May 12th, 2006

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Okay, this is just a minor gripe, but seriously - if I go to the student center desk to send out some packages and paid for them all, I don't expect my mom to call the next day and tell me that a package that I'd sent out came back to the house because there wasn't enough postage on it.

I went, sent out about 4 packages (I was selling some things, BPAL perfume and hats I knit) and one of them was returned to my house, with the 'Postage Due' label OVER the sending address, so my mother had to pry it off to even tell me whose package it was. I sent them with my home address as the returning one because the semester is over this week... and I'd wanted to get everything shipped out this week because I live quite a ways from the post office. Instead of it being easy, I have to wait until the weekend to get the package at home, and then Monday to send it out again, meaning that my friend had to wait a week for what she bought from me.

Just, rrgh. I guess it's bad service on the part of the student center staffgirl, who was chatting with friends while she was totalling my postage and putting stickers on everything.

Just, frustrating.

Is it just me, or....

Now, to explain here, I note that more and more merchants are taking credit card as valid means of transactions, and with that comes ATM.

So why, why, WHY do people insist that they take ATM if they only take the ones with credit card logos? Why not just say you take credit and be done with it? To me, that's much less confusing! Last time I fucked around with that, I was told that they took ATM at a pharmacy, and then got there - and found that no, they did not take it!