May 11th, 2006

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Not so much a bad cabbie as a creepy cabbie

In keeping with today's cabbie theme, Here's dialogue from January, when I visited an ex of mine in New York City. My ex hailed a cab while I ran back into his place to get something I'd forgotten, so I assumed the meter would be running and that my cabbie would be like all other ones I'd had in NYC...gruff, quiet, or making chit-chat about touristy things. No such luck. Well, luck in regard to the meter at least...

It's long because as soon as I got on the bus I wrote it all down to show people.

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One the one hand, free cab ride! On the other hand...holy GOD those are personal questions. I kept mumbling or not answering because if I refused to respond he'd keep asking or assume what my response would be. I'm not sure why he didn't make me pay...that made me feel slightly less weirded out about how personal the questions were, but not by much. In all I do find it really funny, though. It's just so weird!
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are you staring at my ass?

Bad, dangerous service

An earlier post about cars reminded me with an ordeal I had with Tires Plus (now En-Tire) in my hometown, which was Lawrence KS (I've since moved away).

One day a couple years ago, I was driving my dad to the eye surgery doctor (if there's a name for that, I don't know it, lol) to have cataract surgery. Naturally he wouldn't be able to drive afterwards, so I drove from Lawrence to KC in my good ol' dependable Ford Taurus. On the highway, I noticed that my brakes felt funny. I mentioned it to my dad, who advised me to take it to Tires Plus after the appointment. So he had his surgery, we had some nummy nummy Chinese food at Joy Luck (you KC residents may know what I'm talking about), and then we drove back to Lawrence.

Right as I hit town, the brakes failed. Not the scariest moment of my life - that one's still coming - but it shook me up badly. Nobody was hurt and I didn't hit anything (thank God) - I just pumped the break until it started to respond again. I drove my poor, crippled car to Tires Plus, told them what happened, and called my mom.

When we picked up the car, they told us they drove it around and "couldn't find anything wrong", but they did replace a break pad. Fine, great. Give me my car back. As soon as I got in and started driving, I realized the problem was in fact not fixed, but it was improved - and I was too young/afraid to take it back and complain.

A few days later was Easter Sunday, and I remember this because I was in a hurry to get back to Manhattan for church (being a good K-State student). We got on the highway with my parents behind me and took off for happy fun land. I got kind of far ahead, so I was driving driving driving yay.. and the breaks went out AGAIN on the highway. Cue Scariest Moment Ever. I was going 75MPH and I could NOT stop my car.

Long story short, I did stop the car again with no injuries or crashing, my dad drove the car to his office - and when HE realized what was going on, and the breaks went out on HIM, he got very, very angry. We ended up leaving it in his parking lot in Topeka and took my mom's car to Manhattan, and then Daddy drove my car home the next day and took it to Tires Plus.

Needless to say, when he told them what happened, the manager fell all over himself apologizing and trying to make things right - which was nice. The mechanic who blew me off was summarily fired, and I live to tell the story with my car, whose breaks work just fine now. ^_^

Let this be a lesson to you, ladies.. NOBODY knows how your car runs better than you! If something feels wrong, fight with the mechanics until it feels right again, or it can mean your life - or someone else's. Don't let some "manly man" tell you that you don't know jack about cars. Give it to 'em right in the face! ^.~
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Waiters to rely solely on tips??

I came across this article this morning and was wondering how everybody felt about it, and what you all thought?

I've put it behind a cut, but to give you a run down, its an article about a famous british chef saying that they should cut minimum wage and that waiters should strictly rely on the tip system, to promote good service in restaurants. He's also "blaming" foreign waiters for poor service..Collapse )

I've crossposted this in customers_suck to see what the otherside thinks :)

Planned Parenthood

I am moderately irritated right now.

Every three months I get a Depo-provera birth control shot from Planned Parenthood. I normally receive decent service from them. They have appointments available after work, I usually see the same nurse, and they accept my insurance. Usually the appointments last about 5 minutes, since it is such a routine visit for me. I walk in, they stab me in my tush, I go on with my life.

After each shot, I schedule my next appointment. Last time I did the same, making arrangements to get my depo shot today at 6:20pm. I get a voicemail that was left on my cellphone at 2 pm asking me to call and reschedule. I don't listen to the voicemail until my drive home from work at about 5:15. I call as soon as I get home, and basically they say there is no way they can see me this evening, and they don't have any openings that work with my schedule for almost two weeks. WTF. The window for me to get my depo shot is just about two weeks, and toward the end of that window I get a bit... hormonal. I won't get into details, but needless to say it is in EVERYONE'S best interest if I get my shot in a timely manner.

I explain, calmly, that I made the appointment three months ago because I KNOW that evening appointments book up quickly. They claim they are unable to see me today or even make time for me on Saturday, and tell me to call another branch to see what they have available.
So I call the other branch, but they are a Planned Parenthood Express -- which means that they are walk-in only, and I can't schedule an appointment. They do have hours on Saturday, but are only open for a few hours at an inconvenient time. And I know that walk-in clinics tend to have long waits.

I understand that they can have scheduling errors, but I made the appointment so long ago, I can't understand why a) they didn't notify me earlier, b) gave me priority since I made my appointment so long ago, or c) worked to fit me in ASAP since they screwed up.

So now I am stuck with spending my Saturday morning at a crowded walk-in clinic to get my depo shot. Grr.
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